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    Nice of you to refer to me as an Orc and of low intellect. Not sure where this nonsense comes from but it says a lot about you. Do you still go to Ross County games? Makes your outrage somewhat laughable if you do. How exactly do the club make players sign contacts be they staggered or otherwise? Also a ridiculous statement, what club tries to stagger contracts for certain positions? They try to get the best contract they can per player surely. Regardless, I'm not sure if you realise this but the club can't tie players down to contracts that they won't sign. Simple fact is that if players are offered more money elsewhere than the presumably paltry amount we can then they will likely go. It's hardly a new thing, I don't want to lose these players either but unless we get more money or more fans that won't change.
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    Let's put this in perspective, it's just a very small damp patch that's affecting the pitch. If it never rained overnight it would have dried up quickly, aquifer or no aquifer.
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    It's called Futbology. Mainly a groundhopper app, so you can put in all the games you've been to and it shows how many times you've seen each team and how many times you've visited each ground. Also has a Nearby Fixtures bit, which'll show you any game in a 50/150/300km radius of your location, all the way from the Prem down to the North Caledonian League, as well as nearly all of the other football leagues in the world.
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    Three games off in championship, with a further inspection for United v Partick at 2pm. Doesn't seem so outrageous calling off yesterday does it now... Much ado about nothing.
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    I know Orcs have very low intellect but here goes. Maybe this has escaped you but we are possibly going to lose our entire defence, Coll to County, Jamie to Partick and Shaun to Dundee. These three along with Ridgers are the sole reason we are currently second in the championship and in a play off spot. To be in this position is an absolute outrage and the board are 100% guilty of not tying these guys down on longer contracts or at least have them staggered so situations like this can’t happen. Im starting to question whether the board really want us back in the top flight also the fact that two of the players seem willing to transfer to two of our present rivals at the moment I wonder do the players think so too. Dougal
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    Could put a Walrus with a lung infection up top be better than what wev got the now my man! Aye he might get goals big risk tho wev already got a handful of non scoring strikers what is it with Robbo and strikers he's got the opposite of a Midas touch when it comes to spotting a goalscorer
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    Thought we were a bit hasty in letting him go. Hopefully he's lived up to his potential.
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    Our greatest ever Tinkerville reject
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    Hate to get all smart ass again, but ?‍♂️
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    That's right, and thanks to climate change its level is rising. If you take a deep divot at the wrong part of the pitch, you get a cold shower.
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    The strip in front of the main stand at the home end has been a problem in the last two home games, particularly the Arbroath one when the ball stuck when it landed there. Someone told me they had started to cut the grass and it damaged the pitch, but don’t know if that is the case or not. I was surprised to hear of the call off at lunchtime due to the pitch being waterlogged and it does not bode well. Hopefully it is only the one part that is an issue and it can be sorted but if it is the whole pitch we have visions of two years’ ago and all the call offs. At the time of writing, only two games off across all leagues, including the Highland and Lowland leagues: ours and Fort William’s! As Clapham Park is unplayable whenever it rains, the Fort William call off is no surprise, but is our pitch really worse than all the other home grounds tomorrow. If so, that is not good at all.
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    Given the weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning I thought the game would be in jeopardy. However I assumed the call off was in anticipation of this (and to save the QOS players from travelling up today as they'd planned). The weather in the last day or two has hardly been extreme. It does raise questions about the state of the pitch. I understand that there was one area during the Dunfermline game (which I wasn't at) which looked very dicey and perhaps this is the problem. That said, every time I've been to the ground this season I've been impressed by the surface which has looked the best it has for years and seemed to be holding up well after being relaid in the summer.
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    Yep we never had so many postponements back then - and as for location, being near the sea doesn't seem to cause the same problems at Arbroath, still the only ground I've been in where I've been soaked on the terracing by sea water rather than rain water!
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    Pitch was fine, one of the best before the undersoil heating was put in. Location wasn't an issue then.
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    What utter s***e ! Like many before him, the guy is in the death throes of his current contract and has chosen to look further afield as he can make more money doing the same job elsewhere. The 'guardians' of the club as you so derisively call them can no more make him sign a new contract than you could. It is the player's choice, or in some cases, the choice or advice of the player's agent. We have been down this road in every division we have been in, including the premiership and with every board and chairman who has ever been at the helm for more than 5 minutes. As for the player, I cant say I blame him ..... The gulf in income between premiership and championship is massive - even before you consider Uncle Roy's deep pockets - so its no surprise that a player would look to go there for a bigger payday in what is a short career compared to other occupations so whilst we may not like it, any sane and intelligent human should be able to understand it.
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    This continuous transfer movement north over the bridge is a deeply worrying trend and in my eyes an absolute outrage. Cant believe how many home fans see this acceptable behaviour from the so called guardians of this club. Maybe it’s time for a name change ICT to ICR would be appropriate as we have basically become Inverness County Reserves. I don’t even think Donaldson will be that great acquisition for County but he’s far better than the likes of Lewis Toshney who is a proven county reject. Never have I been more disillusioned Dougal
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    Noted CB and I'll try to make it happen more often. I usually leave it to Thu (sometimes later depending on seriousness of the brain fart) as it saves me filtering out any mid-week fixtures. That in itself isn't hard its just that I'm lazy
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    Sadly this is a sign of the times and our inability to compete financially with Uncle Roy's, permanently open, cheque book. I guess these guys have short careers and need to maximise their earnings but the laziness of Donaldson, Chalmers, Draper et al trooping over the bridge is more than a little depressing. Coll in particular is someone we rescued from the Tannadice scrap heap and essentially revived his faltering career. If Coll moved on to a bigger club elsewhere I would bear no real grudge but joining our neighbours, knowing full well how this will be viewed by the fans who've welcomed him as a bit of a cult hero - despite his undoubted shortcomings, feels like a bit of a kick in the nuts. Wouldn't it be amusing if he joins the judas colony, they slip to 11th and we relegate them in the play-offs. Call me childish but I think I'd enjoy that almost as much as 30th May 2015.
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    "The Lower Cretaceous Captain Sandstone Member of the Inner Moray Firth has significant potential for the injection and storage of anthropogenic CO2 in saline aquifer parts of the formation. Pre-existing faults constitute a potential risk to storage security owing to the elevated pore pressures likely to result from large-scale fluid injection." (John D. O. Williams, Mark W. Fellgett and Martyn F. Quinn - Petroleum Geoscience, 22, 211-222, 13 July 2016) "A total of 39 groundwater samples have been interpreted to investigate the groundwater chemistry of the Old Red Sandstone aquifers in the Moray Firth area. Of these, 17 were collected in 2007 specifically for the Baseline Scotland project. These were augmented with a further 22 samples collected during separate BGS projects since 2001. The sites were chosen so that the data would be representative of groundwater across the Old Red Sandstone aquifers in the area." (Ó Dochartaigh, B É, Smedley, P L, MacDonald, A M, and Darling, W G. 2010. Baseline Scotland: groundwater chemistry of the Old Red Sandstone aquifers of the Moray Firth area. British Geological Survey Open Report, OR/10/031. ) The Captain Sandstone saline aquifer has been “widely hailed” in recent years as having the potential to store 15 to 100 years of carbon dioxide output from Scotland’s power industry. However new research from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh suggests the geology of the area would make it prone to gas leaks which would weaken the case for CO2 storage there. Data also indicates the saline aquifer is cut by several faults, some of which breach the seal of the Captain Sandstone aquifer, rise to the seabed and increase the risk of seabed leakage. (The paper (2017) is published in Interpretation, the peer-reviewed, international publication of the Society of Exploration Geophysics and American Association of Petroleum Geologists.)
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    who loves a smart ass? CaleyDoom and gloom man
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