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    Incidentally - until the migration is complete and we are reasonably sure that normal service is resumed we would recommend that you perform a CTRL-A/CTRL-C or equivalent to select all and copy on your content before posting ... that way idf the site does burp, fart and fall over as you post you can simply paste that response into another window.
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    We had scheduled some maintenance for last night that was supposed to take maybe a couple of hours overall with an expected downtime of maybe 30 minutes or so during the process. Fast forward 17 hours and as you will have figured out things didn't quite go according to plan ! We are still experiencing issues as our host had to put us on a temporary server while they reconfigure our main server. This was the agreed maintenance and the temporary migration was supposed to take the 2 hours with the downtime happening while they tweaked our settings. They havent quite figured out why we are still having an issue but are working on it. normal service will (hopefully) be resumed ASAP.
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    If true, I wish him all the best. Even in his loan spell I was impressed by him. Yes, he had a slightly rocky spell earlier in the season and has been on the bench recently, presumably due to the transfer speculation, but he has been a consistent player for us. If we are offered decent cash to release him now, I’d be inclined to take it given we have McHattie as cover.
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    Great guy Jamie - I wish you every success and will follow your future career with interest. Good luck.
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    A devastating affliction that came close to ruining the life of an ICT legend. Well done to Brian Rice for self reporting and, whilst the football authorities will obviously have to take appropriate disiplinary measures, I hope he also receives the support, treatment and understanding he requires. Like any addition, there is the potential to ruin lives and, whilst there is always scope for responsible gambling, I'm sure that a lot of us enjoy the odd flutter, football needs to cure itself of the toxic relationship it often has with the gambling industry.
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    That's more like a nightmare
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    I've heard that the Jai Quitongo deal is off (if it was even on in the first place) and instead we are looking at taking Jake Mulraney and Jack Hendry in on loan ???. Jack would be a replacement option for Jamie McCart if he signed for a club in January and Jake Mulraney just wants to play more first team matches and feels he could offer us something different to what we have already. That's a dream I had last night lol.
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    Wouldn't trust them tbf, they're saying that Alfredo Morelos is a top priority signing for Barça...
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    I was just going to say that (the bit I've put in bold) but was going to say it'll have to be an imminent offer because, if it's not done by end of this week, then we will reject because I recall the gaffer saying that offers will have to be made before the last week to 10 days of the month so we can get replacements in. I'm wondering if we could possibly get someone in exchange but I can't think of any, unless Tommy offers us young Chris Kane or possibly Michael O'Halloran. What do you peeps reckon?
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    Reported in The Sun (and possibly others) that he has signed a PCA with St J. Their defence has been pretty poor this season, so an offer this month would seem very likely. Amongst the gloom, had a wee laugh at the Sun article’s headline referring to the “Ex-Celtic ace”. One appearance!
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    Dreadful news. Absolutely gutted.
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    Looks like Mccarts off to St Johnstone
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    Aye we can afford to wait half a season to get someone match fit
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    Would rather Beith back than Mulraney! Heard dunno how true it is big Paul Quinn and Islam Feruz are been looked at don't shoot the messenger!
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    Islam Feruz ?? guy hasnt played in like 2 years
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    Exactly our kinda player my man cost nothing play for a few quid more than his dole him and Quinn
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