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    How many times does a person have to post after quitting the forum before they're officially recognised as returning? Asking for a friend ?
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    The most flat atmosphere I can ever recall at home. No wonder.... same old predictable, boring, slow-build-up play! Are players allowed to use their imagination anymore, or is that frowned upon by the coaching staff? Football should be entertaining. Feels like a chore to sit through 90minutes these days!
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    Dog walked Hat & Scarf ✔️ Season Ticket ✔️ Pre-Match drink ✔️ Game of darts with the lads ? Off to the Match ⚽ Gaelic phrase book dè am feck
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    I know that we should not bring back players who have performed for us in the past but I am reliably informed that this old timer signed forms at 23.59.
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    The explanation is clear and obvious. We have been in the Championship now for three seasons and have lost the best part of a million pounds in each of these seasons. No point in blaming the board who have, in general terms, worked hard to keep us afloat and out of administration and maintaining full time football albeit with a squad much diminished in terms of numbers and quality. The mistakes were made not so much recently but in the immediate aftermath of our Scottish Cuo triumph.
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    We really should've strengthened from a position of reasonable strength as Yogi asked for after the cup win instead the core of the squad bolted on freebies Yogi was left with buttons to replace them probs said a few choice things to the board and things went downhill for him! Hindsight would've been better giving him a few bob to sign Storey and the boy Motherwell got can't mind his name would've still been an SPL side we were well established till Foran came in mad how a few crazy decisions can set a club back possibly years
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    Sorry, I don't speak Gaelic.
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    We gave Alloa two of their best chances , one in each half with defensive cockup and a misplaced pass. The worst thing you can do to a team like that is gift them the first goal. Been disappointed with McGregor the last few times he has come on, but it proves you can't develop a player by benching him....he should've gone out on loan with the rest. Welsh is a cut above , brought a calm head to the headless chickens when he came on... injuries aside get him contracted up before he joins his good mate coll overthebridge. Almost happy at a point against relegation fodder, at home. Tough times.
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    I was surprised that we'd had as many as 23 shots - it didn't feel like that, mainly because the Alloa keeper wasn't tested too often. It was a strange game where we had Alloa hemmed in almost from start to finish and yet they not only scored but missed at least three great chances (two of which were superb Ridgers stops. His block from Trouten near the end was as good a save as I'll see for a while). It's tough against a team like that who keep nine men back whenever we have the ball. We actually worked it into lots of good positions in the first half only for the finish or the final touch to let us down. Walsh looked really sharp in the no.10 position but ran out of legs after the break. We were so dominant out wide I wish we had moved Storey more central to offer another option in the box; Rooney had control of the right flank on his own. The biggest disappointment for me is that we ran out of ideas in the last 15 minutes and resorted to hoof ball when Alloa were tiring and struggling to keep their shape. I'd have liked us to keep doing what we were doing. It didn't help that MacGregor failed to have anywhere near the impact Walsh had and so we strugged to pick our way through. Glad to see Welsh back. We are infinitely better both going forward and defensively when he is on the pitch. I'd have him and Carson as the starters next week.
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    It's obviously disappointing not to win but I'm not as negative as some. Alloa may be part time but they are certainly no mugs and have now taken 11 points from their last 5 games which is better than any team in the division. It was a game we certainly should have won given the chances we created but as is so often the case we failed to win both because we don't capitalise on the chances we make and we self destruct at the back. The penalty was soft. It looked like a perfectly fair shoulder to shoulder from Rooney but it was also totally unnecessary. He was in position to get to the ball first and shepherd it out of play without using the shoulder. He asked the referee a question and the referee got the answer wrong. From then on, we were chasing the game and for the most part did that reasonably well. Tremarco and Doran were getting balls across from the left and Storey and Rooney were doing the same from the right. What is encouraging is that according to to the BBC we had 23 attempts on goal which was 5 more than any other team in Scotland. Surely that's a positive! It isn't that we aren't creating, it is that we need to be more clinical in front of goal. Despite all our attempts at goal the Alloa keeper was never seriously tested apart from the one goal. Any saves he made were routine. White again had chances where he should have done better, but the worst misses today were probably by Storey who demonstrated why playing him as the main striker would be unlikely to solve our problems. According to BBC stats he has scored just twice from no less than 29 attempts at goal this season. It was good to see Sean Welsh come on in the 2nd half and it was a cute ball from him which played White in for the goal. There were other opportunities for more dinked balls to be played in behind the defence, and whilst White seemed to be alive to the opportunity, some of our midfielders just don't seem to see that kind of ball. It'll be interesting to see what we can create against Livi next week. Motherwell only had one attempt at goal against them today so we are going to need to create a lot more than that if we are going to progress to the next round.
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    Nice one Robert. Keeping the pressure on at the top.
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    Seriously? Do you honestly believe visitors are going to flock to the stadium to listen to gaelic football announcements? The word deluded springs to mind.
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    So Jord the Donkey saves a point then fecks up at the end... by feck he's pysh. So up till the last 20 mins ICT were devoid of ideas of how to break down a well organised defence...where have we heard this before? 24 shots 8 on target? FFS it's dire really dire, How on earth does Storey deserve a start? Because we have nobody else? An awful result again against a part time team who looked more organised than we did, It was from where I was a pretty soft penalty, Rooney went to challenge and said striker fell over like he was shot 7.62 round..? Bad day at office and I'd like to hear what positives Robbo will come out with...
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    I really don't know how much more people can ask from Robbo considering what he has at his disposal and the budget he has. Dundee fans must be wondering what we are complaining about. We are still in second place ffs! short memories, don't forget this team took the runaway leaders to bits.
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    Apart from our one goal the best bits of the day were Peat and Diesel pre match and at half time.
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    Just not good enough, how we are sitting in second place I have no idea. Have to agree that Ridgers earned us that point today with an outstanding save right at the death. Absolute pitiful where we are at nowadays, struggling for a point at home to the part timers of Alloa(no disrespect to them)in a soulless empty stadium.
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    Inept performance and once again thanks to Mark Rodgers for two excellent saves which kept us in the game. The Alloa keeper didn't have one decent shot on target to worry about apart from our solitary goal and a last minute header off the bar. We desperately need someone who can shoot straight and on sight.
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    Always rated the Traffic cone top striker! Who needs Shankland
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    Was that Jordan who blazed it into Row Z?
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    Mrs S and I were both pretty depressed yesterday, as the reality of it actually happening sank in. No celebrations that we were aware of here in St Albans, which voted 63-37 to remain. Scotland, NI, and most of the wealthiest cities and urban areas in England all pulled out against their will. Was going to suggest that this thread could be closed down now. But maybe its name should be changed to "Scotland In or Out"
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    Yes we really needed this badly. What a difference this will make to our season.
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    Partick v Ayr draw @3.75 please
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    Then giving the said manager a three year deal and then extending it by another year. For a club so skint, that's no bad deal, a 4 year contract for a guy who had been out of management for the best part of a decade.
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