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    We are underdogs on Saturday but have a good cup pedigree so we have every chance. Lets hope we get a decent home support, perhaps even some vocal support from the YT, and the team rises to the occasion. Reading the piece on Livingston on the BBC Sport website, they are strong at home but struggle a bit away from home. That should give us confidence that we can compete with them and get a result. If Welsh is fit enough to start, that bolsters our midfield and gives support to whatever our defence ends up being. Hopefully Rooney and McHattie both make it, but if we need to turn to Harper that does not worry me as he has looked good when I have seen him, and Tremarco has covered at centre half before.
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    The main stand side appears to be sorted but the side opposite was not looking great.
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    The more gaelic speakers the better as the players will not understand all the abuse shouted at them - I can just see Brad McKay smiling and waving back to the group of fans chanting - "Tha thu diùid agus tha fios agad gu bheil thu".
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    I remember when I used to teach, you always got people asking "is this in the exam?" No? "Then why are we doing it?" You must have been one of them ? Every day is a school day. If you're not interested in the meaning of the place names all around you, and the history/culture of your country, I can't help you. It's a minor miracle that the language survives at all considering the efforts to stamp it out in the 18th century. Just as an aside, BBC Alba does a magnificent job on its other programmes, e.g. Eorpa and other documentaries. It shows what a small channel can do on what is probably a fraction of Gary Lineker's salary. We've been having a good laugh at the antics of Sweeney Ness on "Air an Lot" as we buy meat from him. Mind you I kind of agree about the stadium announcements being a bit gimmicky. If anything I suppose it will go a little way towards making our mark as a true Highland club which at the moment our neighbours are doing better.
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    In Wales they make announcements in Welsh then English. Swansea are very pro-welsh language. Cardiff also do the same. Wrexham will do Welsh only if it is a game between two welsh sides. It's important stuff, the language must be preserved and by adding it into everyday life - it stays alive!
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    Livi won't need to bother watching us as we haven't changed our style of play since last season.
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    Tin pot defence to concede 4 or 5 and dykes to cigar the while game? Sorry but on current form and personel given the departures and injuries coupled with our lack of goals at the other end anything other than a drubbing will be a good result.
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    If it gets people through the door then why not!? If it gets us on BBC ALBA a bit more then why not!? Any promotion is good promotion. We can't afford to lose even one person from our meager crowds. I'm a Gaelic speaker, so is my dad, and so was my Grandfather. My dad hasn't been to a game in a few years but has said he will go. Now if that happens a handful more times then the "gimmick" pays for itself several fold. As another example, the Dungwall lot use English for their chosen language - Now half of them can't even string a sentence together in any language but they still use it!
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    Five wins on the trot for Livi going into this game so you'd imagine they will be feeling confident although it doesn't look like they've got a good record on grass pitches. The significant majority of their wins have come at home. The last time they won away on a grass surface was back in August against Ross County.
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    In a sense, I somewhat agree. No point doing it when A) They understand English well enough, and B) There's nobody that it would even benefit. Like the gaelic announcements. The only time announcements in another language would somewhat make sense, is if (by against all the odds) we end up playing in Europe against a team from a country that isn't fluent or majority in English. Otherwise, it's completely pointless, never heard anyone speaking fluent Gaelic bar once at Inverness Athletic earlier this year, but he still spoke English, and more than likely, his children who were also speaking Gaelic did too. It's not worth having separate announcements for maybe not even a handful of people. I'd say it's the equivalent of an English National League club making announcements in English and French, hell, I don't even think the Irish/Northern Irish Premiership club's make announcements in both English and Gaelic...
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    That's how wer gonna boost crowds is it speak polish and stand outside the fish factory dishing out free tickets like confetti! Besides the point the Poles are mad for the boxing specially after a few voddies don't think even our sweetie rustling away day ultras will be able to tackle them if they decide they've seen enough of Big J shooting for the stars
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    Is the waterboy Alistair Aquifer ?
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    The Better Together mob would say that, shameless as the UK falls apart, dragging Scotland down with it.
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    So following that logic, let's do away with disability access because less than 1.5% are disabled ... just saying!
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    Would be nice to hear from the Manager about these things instead of him hiding and sending out the waterboy to do his talking.
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    So why the hell didn't we draft someone in to help cover. They are considering using todorov in defence for Saturday. I appreciate we needed the money but FFS.
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    Out of a population of 5 million in Scotland there is around 30000 Gaelic speakers. Pointless waste of resources.
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