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  1. Jason Leitch has been asked about this and the explanation he gives is that assessments of risk consider the total exposure and not whether one aspect of one sport is greater than that in another. It is then about avoiding additional aspects of risk which are not essential to the game as these would add to the total exposure to risk. We also need to understand the significance of the new variant being around 50% more infectious. The maths of this are really quite scary. If the previously dominant variant had an R number of 1, that means that on average, each person catching Covid wo
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  2. I’ve just seen Robbos news feature on STV tonight and on the back of this I thought I’d start a thread for positive messages to Robbo, here’s mine; Robbo, I think you are a very good manager and a great match for our club. From my experience, our fans believe you are elevating our club higher than resources permit and in that regard you are adding good value and that makes you one of our best assets. Your approach to youth players is so encouraging and our club feels like more of an Inverness club than it has in a long time. We can’t be there in person at the Caledonian Stadium to give yo
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  3. Keep up Jack, thats old news now. Not trying to postpone because of Robbo, but they listened to what he said. Inverness/Robbo have said they have misinterpreted what was said. Needs to be taken in the context it was written. Who buys the Sun anyway.
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  4. With today being the day of Ian Broadfoot's funeral, it is perhaps a day for a bit of reflection. Thinking of Ian today, I picked up my copy of 'Milestones and Memories" and looked back on some of the great days and wonderful people associated with the club. I also had Robbo in mind and I don't think I had really registered before that it is now over 18 years since he first came to the club as Manager. To be here now as Manager so long after first coming here is a testament to what he means to the club and how much of a fit he is for the club. Robbo may not have been here when the club enj
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    • Dundee 2-1 Inverness CT - Report
      Dundee manager Jake McPake looked to have tightened his shoogly peg as first half goals from Max Anderson and Jason Cummings put Dundee in at the break two up. Nikolay Todorov pulled a goal back with fifteen minutes left. Inverness mounted a mini-comeback but fell just short as Dundee held on for all three points.
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    • Alloa Athletic -V- Inverness CT - Preview
      At the Crossroads: With our season gradually disintegrating, we head to Recreation Park Alloa to face The Wasps @ the Indodrill Stadium. It's a 3:00pm kick-off on Saturday with both sides lingering at the wrong end of the table, games in hand or not.  Our games in hand are dwindling away and there's little improvement in our league position. Four wins from sixteen games is not the form of a team challenging for a play-off slot to the premiership. This is now a crucial game in our season which is at the crossroads. Which way do we turn?
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    • Dundee -V- Inverness CT - Preview
      The Scotty Gardiner grudge game: Some Dundee fans are still seething after some twisted information on Dundee's last visit when their chairman was left hanging by a thread according to some bitter Dee's. Good enough given the way their own club has handled some of the recent votes regarding possible league reconstruction. Short memories. Anyway, they have never really forgiven us for overturning a 15 point deficit to win the Championship by 12 points in 2010. Happy Days! 
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    • Inverness CT 1-1 Hearts - Report
      Virtual game ends all square: Neil McCann's 'tenure' got off to a tremendous start when Miles Storey made amends for his penalty miss in midweek. He opened the scoring after muscling Michael Smith off the ball to drive it behind Gordon
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    • Inverness CT -V- Hearts - Preview
      Virtual game time: It's been a hectic week for the Caley Jags. An away day at Ayr, midweek game in the Highlands, a temporary manager installed, title favourites Hearts visiting the Caledonian Stadium and Neil McCann's first match in the Caley Jags dugout in front of a massive virtual crowd. Welcome Neil and haste ye back John Robertson and Scott Kellacher.

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