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  1. A new change strip for our 25th anniversary perhaps ?
  2. Adamskibeats


    Also a piece in the P&J (quotes included) saying he's out
  3. Connor Bell has just signed for South Shields after leaving Morton last month
  4. Coming down on the bus 😘
  5. I second this. He;s obviously referring to Jamie McCart 🙄
  6. Highly rated by St Johnstone fans but spent most of his last loan spell at Brechin injured IIRC
  7. Alloa, Dunfermline, QOS and County were all playing in the Challenge Cup yesterday. With Partick and Dundee Utd already out they were free to play their scheduled league fixture. Or something like that.
  8. Aye, was hoping our win would the final nail in the coffin. Ho hum.......
  9. Not sure if I'm going yet but II'm pretty certain a fair section of #CaleyAway will be in Trades before the game . It's about 5-10 mins walk from the train station and right opposite a taxi rank. 👍
  10. Adamskibeats

    Hearts Game

    Nail/head/hammer etc
  11. Adamskibeats

    Hearts Game

    The fact we didn't have an issue with this and NO explanation was given is pretty galling to be honest.
  12. Adamskibeats

    Hearts Game

    Brad McKay is having a nightmare. McCart on at half time please !
  13. Adamskibeats

    Hearts Game

    Agreed , great promotion of what ICT are about from Robbo
  14. Connor Bell signs a 1 year deal with Morton
  15. Given most, if not all, of the games are away they'll almost certainly be cash gates for all of them.
  16. I see Nick Ross has left Sepsi in Romania...... #LookingBackwards 😜
  17. As much |as I rate Gary Warren , he's shown signs that his days are numbered over the last 18 months. Head over heart on this occasion.
  18. Adamskibeats

    New kit? The 1st line in the article : 'The new strip is nearly here! Be one of the first to see it and get your own' So I'm assuming that means you can pick one up at the launch 👍
  19. I wonder who Brian Rice was watching at Alloa v Dumbarton last night ?