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  1. Rangers have now signed the five Newcastle lads on loan so, I wonder what that means for Clark ?
  2. Francois Zoko and Craig Reid released by relegated Stevenage. Also, West Brom release Scott Allan, worth a punt on loan? I wouldn't mind Zoko or Reid either tbh.
  3. I am in favour of closing this thread because I WILL say something that I regret, especially seeing as I am being talked about, it is getting ridiculous how I am now public enemy number 1, and you wonder why I feel hated :-(!!! FWIW, I won't be posting much during off season which means you can talk about me behind my back!!!!!
  4. The lad Izale MacLeod been released by Milton Keynes Dons, he is a goalscoring tall Striker. Worth a punt?
  5. I see Kirk Broadfoot has been released by Blackpool :-P :-P.
  6. I have a feeling we could see a few loan signings. I wouldn't mind seeing Fillip Twardzik on loan.
  7. Yep, just press red button on sky remote and text comes up. I am on it everyday to keep updated on Football and Tennis news :-), French Open in 2 weeks so I won't be stuck during pre season, I know IHE likes his Tennis lol.
  8. We don't need to do much business but a Striker is a must, Lee Miller been released as has Ben Hutchinson. Maybe could do with a couple of Defenders too due to goals against column, may need a few more depending on who gets released. I would look to lower leagues in England for these signings, hence why I mentioned these 2 players, I keep updated on who has been released in England, through Sky Sports News and teletext.
  9. How much do we net for finishing 5th? Very satisfied with end to season and good to see Young Christie on scoresheet again :-). Bring on next season and a push for Europe lol :ictscarf:.
  10. **** this forum, enough is enough!! Nice work people.
  11. See, now your mocking me, how the hell can that be acceptable? You wonder why I feel hated, well you and IHE are prime examples of why I feel that way, it is ridiculous and still no action taken! I used to repect and like IHE but now I am getting fed up of his abuse. As I said, being called an "********" is abuse.
  12. So you are going to let IHE get off, nice work, he is just going to post more abuse, how can he get away with that ffs and I don't keep my PMs, I delete them after reading them. I am actually disgusted at this action re IHE!!
  13. Mahonio, i can't speak for everyone but I dont really pay much attention to who posts when I reply to it. However if it looks like tripe I'll voice my opinion on this. Now you've moaned a few times that you're getting treated unfairly, and as such I have noticed what you post to see if you have a point..... you do post a fair bit of, lets say, ill informed points with little factual back up. I don't think its a vendetta. I just think your posts perhaps leave themselves a little open to counter argue. Have a look at IHE post and tell me that isn't abuse and, as usual, nothing is done abo
  14. I am allowed an opinion but you guys have started a witch-hunt ever since day 1, but enough is enough ffs! This forum has favourites and no matter what they say, they get away with it yet you also get posters who are hated, ME, where criticism is aimed at EVERY ******* TIME I POST, yet nothing gets done. A great way to keep as many posters/members on this forum, NOT!! A piece of dirt gets treated better than me and it is making me sad because I like using this forum but until I get treated better, I am refusing to post!!!
  15. No, you don't. It is posts like this that are driving me away from this forum now **** OFF FFS!!
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