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  1. Attractive football doesn't change the scoreline (all the time), but it should be something that teams aim to do. It's interesting though that over the course of time, it's often the case that teams that play the best football seem to get the better results. Rinus Michels' Netherlands and Gusztav Sebes' Hungary being too prime examples. It'll be interesting to see how well Chile do this World Cup. Apparently they play a very exciting game, heavily based on the 3-4-3 formation. I'm sure they would have swapped silky football to have won the World Cup, something those teams have never d
  2. Football is not about the attractive football though, is it? Football is about the passion and the emotion, it's like comparing sex with a beautiful prostitute to making love to the one you adore, always better when there is some sort of feeling involved.
  3. Mine too, how did I miss it?
  4. When we are good no-one remembers, when we are bad no-one forgets. Fly with the crows, get shot with the crows. There are plenty of reasons for people of other countries to "hate" English fans, not so many to love them. I am not saying it is right but it happens. I think you will find that the word hate is banded about willy nilly and very few actually do hate England in the true sense of the word but English fans have a certain reputation over the world and the arrogance that goes with it is not very endearing, sorry to disappoint. The fact that you, and your fellow fans, rise to th
  5. Alex MacLeod, no mention of your age on the board announcement, have a guid day my fellow old salty sea dog!!
  6. I am really dissapointed by how poor the Socialist Parties have done. Yup... I see Coamrade Foaxy only polled about 300 votes. Was Coamrade Toammy even standing or is he still in that swingers' club? And whatever happened to Sister Rosy? I suppose moderate Socialism has sort of been a victim of its own success while extreme Socialism simply got rumbled as the ultimate oppression of the Proletariat. After a steady build up, moderate Socialism came into its own in this country post 1945 due to special conditions prevailing as a result of the war which had just ended and also to mee
  7. You don't really do yourselves many favours now, do you?
  8. Whatever happened to this? Looks like the type of thread which has sprouted a few times, manufactured by (probable) alt accounts to cause problems for our board of directors. Reliably informed? Someone was saying seldom wrong but if you look at these quotes- maybe seldom right would be more apt.
  9. Barry signed for the first time in 96. My mistake post was meant to read '03
  10. Since our first fixture will be a League cup match, Ross C*unty in Dungwall please!
  11. My father was born in Andover, of Scottish parentage, my wife was born in Ross-shire from English parentage, of course I will have doubts but I had a tattoo done in 1993 so that I could always remove my thoughts from these lapses in reason. It reads, around the SRU thistle, "British by birth, Scottish by the grace of god"
  12. So....why is it ok for you to hold this view regrding Internatioanl Football.....yet when i express simmilar views about Ross County, you struggle to comprehend my stance? Hypocritical?
  13. 90's Calder because whilst we were in Divs 3 and 2 and much of our first spell in the first I always felt we would score more goals than he would allow to pass him, '00s Wilson because when he re-signed for us in '93 I was told the following day by a C*unty supporting mate and my first words to the news were "we've won the league" that alone tells me that Wilson is my favourite ever player in an ICT shirt.
  14. At least if they do win it we will hear something different, we will hear all about 2010. Come to think of it, feck 'em, Anyone but England! My mind is made up, the brain fart has diminished.
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