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  1. Very possible Gumbo, very possible.
  2. Aye, point being that unacceptable behaviour leads to a reaction no matter what the circumstances. I crossed a line and I would expect now that if I went near that line again on this website I would suffer some sort of reprisal. The same should apply when a section of the crowd at a football match do similar.
  3. Guys maybe I was a wee bit OTT sorry, thats what happens on football forums though, you'll forgive me. Won't you? I kept the conversation flowing over the past couple of days.
  4. I am just surprised there are any red dots left on the system today, I thought I must have collected them all by now.
  5. You think if we use the "Section Gumbo" thing enough it will catch on? I might just have to join pie and bovril and have a wee word with the County fans and Caledonian108 they should help the cause.
  6. Those red dots have made it harder to score, your post would have gotten a goal once but now all you got was a red dot. Equivalent to hitting the woodwork I'd say.
  7. Fair enough, the guys know what they have done, they know they have acted unacceptably again, how they perform from now is their business.
  8. Sorry to get involved again, you guys really do improve the atmosphere as far as I am concerned and are a welcome part of the crowd, but how many slaps do you need on the wrist? There have been bans handed out to some of you, some of your number have ended up in court (wrongly but the sheriff did state that he had no doubt sectarian songs were sung that day ) I would have thought that this would be warning enough that you are pushing it. Recently your behaviour has been without fault, until the Dougie Imrie stuff, can you guys not just toe the line all the time?
  9. We'll call that two in a row, one more and I have the hat trick
  10. Fail. It got you to reply, I would deem that a success.
  11. Will the Shadwell Dogs be making the long trip North to reunite with Gumbo?
  12. Thank you Scotty, just what I was trying to say. If everyone who has had a pop at me would care to look back at my first post on this subject it was as follows, I was only trying to get the point across to people like Kilda who think that the family section should be moved to accommodate excessive behaviour that this viewpoint is wrong, it is the behaviour which needs to be brought back into line for the singers to remain in the place they are. 99% of the time there is no problem but now and again there is, if it comes to the stage when action has to be taken then it should be
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qGBmN84I4Y&feature=related
  14. Why have you not hauled your lad back to the family section for the paedo chants then? Is it to give him and his mates another chance to go over the top again so that they can learn a valuable lesson when the national press pick up on the behaviour of our fans? Gumbo I am loving that picture you have posted, you and your wee quirks make it very hard for me to hold any other psuedo hooligan in such a high regard as I do you. Should you not be on duty at the pickle factory though? FAHKIN love you Gumbo.
  15. That is the main point, Section Gumbo have been fine up until Saturday but they seem to think they can get away with what they want, they can't there are laws to protect people who do not want to listen to the bile they are capable of. They have not learned, even though people have been dragged through the courts, banned for chanting abuse at stewards and removed from the ground for failing to follow the regulations. My suggestion is that section Gumbo stick within the rules, there is a complaint in the system now and I would expect that stewarding of matches wo
  16. The feeling is mutual I never realised there were so many Gumbos amongst our support.
  17. This paragraph proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are an idiot who has no idea of the law of the land.
  18. Not at all, there was a suggestion by one poster IHE that section G should be cleared of season ticket holders and the seating made unreserved, there was a suggestion from one poster Kilda that the family section should be moved so that any offensive songs would not affect young children. What season ticket holders are getting worked up about is the suggestion they should move, nothing else. Examples of why they should be moved are being argued over a bit too hotly but it all boils down to the fact that existing season ticket holders should not be forcibly removed from their current seats.
  19. Well if you would read what was written and try to understand why it was written then there would be no need for tempers to become raised and I would not have possibly instigated action from the club which may well see section gumbo become the focus of heavy handed stewarding in the future.
  20. 1 I sit in the family section, I am entitled to my opinion and to voice my concerns. 2 If you had read and understood that A/ I am not overly concerned normally but as someone has made the suggestion that the family section is moved it then becomes my concern B/ I was asking Kilda why the family section should be moved not you then we would not be discussing this now. Dan the Dougie Imrie songs, the famine song, and any other which may arise.
  21. I never said you did say that I should be moved. Regarding the famine song the Sheriff said that he had no doubt the song was sung but it could not be proved who sung it. Now just because you and you alone cannot read and understand what I have said many times I am off to write an email to the club with my concerns about the language and content of some songs coming from the section next to the family section. They are duty bound to answer my concerns, you can deal with any flack from section gumbo about over stewarding.
  22. It is only the vast minority of songs which there are a problem with, eg Dougie Imrie paedophile, the Famine song and some others Cut these out and everyone is happy. Jaggie1994 it has been suggested and that is where my problem lies, then folk like yourself chirp up and add to the discussion taking it deeper than it ever needed to go. Why should I be moved to a worse view to accommodate the singers and the fact that sometimes they might come out with an offensive song no matter how rare an occasion that might be?
  23. More like Gumbo from ID, get your tools out Gumbo. SECTION GUMBO ICT's finest.
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