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  1. Try it in Flemish Alex!

    Don't speak Flemish but as its a mix of french, german and dutch I'm sure french will be understood. Can't even find a flemish translator online.

    Could always put it it Dutch as well......Er is genoeg te doen om uw tijd in Inverness te bezetten......and add.........Geniet van het spel en dont worden verstoord als je verliest.

    And just so as the german part is not neglected I could add......Sie finden viel, um in Inverness zu tun, bevor und nachdem Sie dieses Spiel verlieren

    Maybe you can use altavista babelfish :020: :lol:

  2. Hello :)

    My name is Katrien and I'm antwerpsupporter.

    I'm really looking forward to visit inverness, maybe one of you can suggest something that we can do there :P

    we are coming with probably 10 persons :P


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