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  1. Peter - was the Skinners bakery at #17 Kenneth St in what is now Victoria Wine on the corner of Kenneth St and Tomnahurich St? My granddad was in digs above a bakers in that shop before WWI in the room above the front door with the crow step gables. my father always jokes that his old man told him that when someone came in for a pie the wifey behind the counter would ask them if they wanted one straight from the oven, and then she'd go through the back of the shop and shoo the cat of a tray of old pies before bringing out a warm pie.......... cruel luck for my Granddad that he started going to watch the Caley around that time. if only he'd found digs above the Skinners on Stephens brae
  2. Thanks to TheMantis for helping me put the names to the faces. Here they are for the history books: Back Row: Robert Ogg (President), unknown, Jock Munro, Tommy Brindle, Phillip Smith, Jock Paterson, Jock Henderson, Robert (Bobby) Reid, Willie MacIntosh (Trainer), unknown Front Row: Kenny McLean (Capt.), Arthur McKenzie, Robert (Bobby) Logie, William (Willie) MacKenzie, William (Oggie) Munro Charlie - I think you should start working on the story of the Inverness teams in the Highland League before it truly becomes ancient history for us all, and in part to remind the ex Caley and Jags fans what they are missing. Maybe more of us should make it a New Years resolution to watch Clach occasionally and to support the local boys while we still can. Happy New Year.
  3. My father sent me a photo of the Citadel 2nd XI from 1928 last week and there is a W. McKenzie listed in that. May or may not be the same person. I have posted it on the photos page: Citadel photo Thanks TBB. Its tough to tell from the 2nd XI picture but I don't think the W Mckenzie in that photo is my GU given that he would have been 20 and the guy shown looks a lot older. Thanks anyways for posting the pic. /es
  4. Is this one of those Ardath cigarette cards? I've bid for them once or twice on eBay but no luck. OK if I use it on the Caley site? You want a namedrop? aye this is an Ardath card. i will send you a better scan and also the back side with the names to the address on your johnblair.co.uk website tonight
  5. thanks for posting the IRA picture - its a collectors items for me as i thought Billy lived in Davie's back pocket. i am closing in on the names for the Citadel picture. apparently there was a 28page booklet printed up by George Campbell in 1990........... i should hear back in a couple of days if the picture is of the Citadel team here is another blast from the past for the old scrotes. enjoy......
  6. Found Willie's obituary online and think that the picture must be a Citadel side of the 30's. Never did collect his medals from my Granny. hohum........ The SQC one belongs in the Hampden museum i guess. for the Highland League historians out there Willie was also crowned the fastest player in Scotland after winning a series of sprints against players from all the Junior and Senior teams in Scotland. The competition was held at Easter Road but again I need to dig out that paper-cutting next time i'm home. would still like to know if anyone get an independent confirmation on the team being Citadel or put some names to the rest of the team. thx /es EXTRACT FROM RJ: L.A.C. WM. MACKENZIE, DINGWALL L.A.C. William Mackenzie, RAF, who died at Aberdeen on 22nd January, 1942, was well known throughout the Eastern seaboard of Ross-shire. He was serving with his unit when he took ill and was taken to the Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, where he was operated upon successfully. Later he had a relapse and passed away as stated. Deceased, who was 32 years of age, was the only son of Mrs Mackenzie, Poyntzfield, and the late Mr Mackenzie, well known in the Invergordon and Tain districts. An outstanding footballer, he gained a wide reputation as a centre forward or outside left. Playing with Citadel, Inverness, he was one of the team which first brought the Scottish Qualifying Cup north, an achievement then, as the whole of Scotland was included in the competition. From Citadel, he went to Ross County and to them was a valuable asset. A keen athlete, he competed in many of the Highland Gatherings in the North with marked success in the sprints, but was probably quicker with a ball at his foot, his breakneck thrusts through an opposing defence being a feature of his play, and thrilling episodes to the crowd. Prior to the war the was employed at Lochinver, where he resided with his wife, a daughter of the late Mr Hector Mackay, and of Mrs Mackay, Scotsburn, Station Road, Dingwall. Much sympathy is extended to his mother and young widow and her young boy and infant girl. Interment took place at Mitchell Hill, Dingwall, when there was a large turnout of people, which included many of his football friends and associates, among whom were the last President of Ross County Football Club, Mr Stewart MacCulloch, and Members of Committee.
  7. no bother. am very impressed with the comedy input. keep up the good work. for the crumblies on the forum that remember Ginger McKenzie and cimbing the trees at Telford street pls put on the snow shoes and walk this photo around the hospice before the sneck runs oot of old scrotes. Cheers. es
  8. My great uncle Willie Mackenzie played for Ross County, Nairn County, Caley and Citadel before WWII so by elimination I'm thinking that this team photo could be the Citadel side of ~1936 around the time the Ardath cigarette pictures were taken. I've convinced myself that the dark shirts are maroon plus photos for the other local teams of the era already exist online. The building in the background was used for a number of Highland League team pictures in the 1930's that can be seen on the current Clach and the Jags and Caley nostalgia sites. Willie Mackenzie is second from the right one the front row. Here is a link to Willie in a Nairn County side in 1933 taken in front of the same building - http://www.forres-ga...unty,_1933.html Any help identifying the picture and any of the players would be appreciated. cheers. es