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  1. Hi everyone. A while back I posted that I was making a football board game...well, now it's arrived! (I'm an Inverness CT fan by the way, which is why I'm posting here) Check out the photos of my game, Counter Attack, below. It's a multiplayer football strategy game - the world's first, as it happens ? Find a few pals, draft a team and then play every move on the pitch. I even made an ICT team as an optional add-on. What could be better? Order now in time for Christmas at Use code SCOTTISHFITBA for a nice wee £8 discount ?
  2. Hi, I'm an ICT fan and I made a football strategy game you might be interested in. Counter Attack is a two-player football strategy game that you can play at your kitchen table. You and a friend each manage a team of players. You try to outwit each other on the pitch by making passes, runs, tackles, shots, doing everything you can do in a game of football! I'm delighted that the game has had great reviews! I've been working on this a lot since last August, gathering people's opinions and sending it out for review. The game is currently on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter where it'll be for 12 more days. I'm really pleased that I met the funding goal for the game quite quickly, but I feel I need a few more sales to help me deal with any unexpected bumps in the road... Check it out here: The game has kept me so busy I've barely been to any Inverness matches this season. In fact...I've not been to any :( My girlfriend is a Dundee Utd fan so we hope to go to the playoffs together! Here's a couple of photos:
  3. I'm available most Saturdays and every Tuesday night. I have a golden career in Football Manager and I'm a dab hand at Subbuteo. If the board want to approach me, please message me on Facebook.
  4. Cheers for the info and the offers....the Scotrail offer looks good, so I'll go for that!
  5. I've lost my car and companion for the game tomorrow...anyone going through from Edinburgh with a spare car seat?
  6. I'm driving through from Falkirk at 6pm. Picking up a pal from Falkirk High train station. There are two spare seats in the car if anyone facies a lift. Email me [email protected]
  7. Since it's supposed to be on Alba later, here's hoping no-one at the game swears...
  8. PerthICT's solution works..although it does assume you have a tablet. Best of luck; hope you manage to watch
  9. To the tune of Robin Hood Yogi Hughes, Yogi Hughes Leads the Inverness Yogi Hughes, Yogi Hughes Making them the best If you take us on, You're sure to lose Yogi Hughes, Yogi Hughes, Yogi Hughes
  10. I'm not happy we only have seating behind a goal. I'd much rather we were allocated one of the stands along the length of the pitch. Anyway, moan over! Can't wait for the big day!
  11. I'd put money on it having been Robinson. recording of the match stops in the second half of extra time. Typical, huh?
  12. 1st half was terrible. I thought we looked mildly dangerous on the few occasions we got he ball down. Lovely shot by Doran, and I'd be keen to see Shinnie's effort again - thought he could have laid it off to Doran. 2nd half we walked it - a real turnaround in performance. Ball on the deck, some lovely touches in the final third and a decent amount of composure from the lads on the wings. Nick Ross impressed me most, I would say. Having said that, though, Billy McKay took his goals so well, in particular that first goal. Saw on Twitter there were scouts from Swansea (really?), Sheff Utd and others at the game - no doubt McKay was the main attraction. Now, that would be the first real test for Hughes, wouldn't it? PS Really looking forward to seeing that rugby tackle on Watkins again!
  13. I'll be going. Having seen Hibs v Hearts, we've got to win this one!
  14. Hi folks Is anyone watching the Partick game in an Edinburgh pub tomorrow? Colin
  15. After some sweat, snotters and tears, I managed to convince my dad and brother to come to tomorrow's game in Perth. I told them we'd be presented with the league trophy after winning the game...we'll cross that bridge when we cone to it. Now we could do with knowing which pub the ICT fans will be congregating in Perth pre-match. Any idea?