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  1. Duku gives us something in attack we haven't had for a while - a danger going forward, and currently he is top of the tree for assists, along with Shane. Personally, I don't care who scores them just as long as we are creating them!
  2. All threads are on when it comes to ripping the p*ss out of C*unty!
  3. Agreed, however, I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to rip the P*ss out of C*unty!
  4. We may have lost but there is always a silver lining to be found. We only have to look north of the bridge to find our entertainment ...
  5. Sadly, as we have seen season after season, a poor pre-season marks a poor season ahead. I'm not going to hold my breath. Dodd's signings so far have proven to be less than inspiring ... the proof of the pudding is in the eating ... and at the moment anyone eating that pudding has dose of the shites.
  6. A few weeks ago I was very vocal about my concerns regarding Broadfoot and Gardyne, and held my reservations about Dodds. After Broadfoot's performance against Peterhead I happily rescinded my viewpoint - not anymore. Sorry but Broadfoot and Gardyne need to start doing something very special or we have wasted a years contracts on the pair of them and two years on Dodds. Let's face it Dodd's is out of his depth. I'm going to hazard a guess and say McCann was the one with nounce in their partnership.
  7. Dodds out. Clueless and toothless. I thought we were getting a strong new manager but without McCann we are looking like a side fighting for relegation in the new season. No heart, no fire, no idea!
  8. So far, happy to be wrong about Broadfoot. His interview didn't come across well. His age seemed to be a bit high ... but he let his feet do the talking and was impressive. Gardyne looked sharp although concerns about how well he will gel with the youngsters as he looked a bit frustrated with them tonight. Manny looks to be a find, and then King Doran does what he is good at ... pure class. Looking bright for us ... and as said I am happy to be wrong!
  9. Thing is Brad, albeit a car crash, was at least playing for the shirt ... Kirk is hanging onto his career for one more year and the money. In his interview he really didn't seem that bothered.
  10. I'm of the same opinion Jack. What we need to do is start to believe we will be back in the SPL next season and build the squad ready for that. Not try to do it and settle the team in 3 games once we get there. I reckon Kirky boy is trying to extend his career one more year but is only playing for the money and not the badge! Not a great signing - even his interview showed he wasn't that bothered. Complete disaster in the making!
  11. Surely it has to be better to recruit younger players with experience who have longevity within our team? There is no room for settling a team in the SPL as you hit the ground running!
  12. We have done it with Gardyne as well haven't we? With Doran and others on short contracts it is a genuine concern.
  13. Jury is out on this one. Experience yes, but then I look at the other clubs around us and see their younger signings that I suspect will give him the run around. I hope to be proven wrong and it is indeed an inspired signing. Time will tell. My other worry is building a squad with one year contracts in the hope of promotion doesn't bode well. If we do get promoted then we will be rebuilding again and trying to do that whilst trying to stay in the Prem. It feels a bit short sighted. Don't think we would survive a yo-yo two seasons.
  14. Broadfoot ... Noooo. That smacks of desperation. He is past it. That shows a lack of ambition if he is a player we are realistically looking at. I would rather have Carlo back.
  15. Vaccination does not prevent people spreading it. There are people with second, and even third cases, of Covid even after the jab. The reality is it is here to stay so we have to get used to it. Don't let your guard down even if you have had the jab. The jabs may only be effective for a year or so and are less effective as time goes on. It's not a quick fix for any of us.
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