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  1. Well I don't know if you noticed but he has been working with Robbo for quite some time. He has experience at Elgin and Wick. Experience both good and bad is valid. Robbo has had successes and failures but look at the manager he is for us. He has the shared experience of Ryan and Charlie to draw upon. When you listen to him in interviews after games he is usually spot on in his assessment. I rate him and see his potential. Our club is great at bringing the best out of people who have been thrown on the scrap heap. We do it for players so why not for managerial staff? Or shall we say they are c
  2. McCann wouldn't have been my first choice but he has graciously stepped in to help us out - for that alone we should all be very grateful. He will be putting himself in the managerial shop window so will be wanting to present a professional approach to those watching. He has experience, is knowledgeable, and knows the Scottish game. We wanted somebody to tick the boxes and he does all of that. Life is tough for all of us, not least the senior staff members, even some players. If we keep battering people down we will get what we deserve ... nothing! It's not about happy clapping - it's about ge
  3. Lack of Captaincy. We need one person to be permanent Captain. Carlo wouldn't have taken that from Storey. Hope Storey has a game on the bench and starts to learn valuable lessons. He has moments of magic tempered by long periods of greed. He'll of just about matured by the time he reaches retirement age. Now Carson is back give him the Captaincy. He leads by example.
  4. Our defence well ... Storey well ... Toddy well ... We need a firm, and organised, Captain bossing things. The boys lacked leadership. Carson worked hard again tonight. Great impact by Keatings.
  5. Personally, I would love to see Barry, Ryan & Charlie. Then give one of our senior players like Aaron a bit of hands on experience, particularly as he is injured.
  6. I thought Pele too. That said, it would be easier if Charlie stepped up and they appointed someone to cover Charlie and just keep Charlie in the youth loop. Let's be honest both Barry & Ryan are more than capable. Could Charlie not be Temporary Director of Football? He can use his experience to guide Barry & Ryan but also guide someone else who is doing the academy donkey work for Charlie? I wish I was living back at home ... I have a degree in Sports Science & Development and would have happily volunteered my skills to help. Sadly, I'm away down south as a certain Welsh lassie cau
  7. Football is football and will always be football. But there is only one Robbo - so keep yourself safe and well as one day we would like our Robbo back with us. He maybe away from the club right now but he has ICT family behind him all the way, and the same goes for Scott. We are so lucky to have such a great management team, who are not only managers, but a part of the fabric of the club, it's people, and the community of Inverness, as well as the wider world. Robbo need not worry as we safe in the capable hands of Barry, Ryan, and Charlie.
  8. 2 top draw finishes. Great interplay. Carson bossed it. That's what we are capable of! Hopefully, Queens was just a bit of rustiness. Anyone can take points from anyone else in the Championship so we just have to keep turning up and getting those kinds of results.
  9. I reckon Andy did a top job. Well researched. Great running commentary. Most coverage have a couple of pundits with facts and someone else doing commentary - he did it all on his own! Not just that but the atmosphere is flat as a pancake and he put some energy into it. You could always volunteer if you think you could do better ...
  10. Personally, I don't think it's too bad a signing if he comes at the right price. Let's not forget we are skint and bargain basement shopping. Robbo can turn an average player into a decent player. The guy has SPL experience, Scottish Cup Final experience etc - normally that comes at a price beyond that which we can afford. All in all, considering our situation, Robbo is building the makings of a good squad at a price we can afford.
  11. Absolutely spot on! You should put this to our board. It is the most realistic way of getting us back to the top without breaking the bank!
  12. In Wales they make announcements in Welsh then English. Swansea are very pro-welsh language. Cardiff also do the same. Wrexham will do Welsh only if it is a game between two welsh sides. It's important stuff, the language must be preserved and by adding it into everyday life - it stays alive!
  13. So following that logic, let's do away with disability access because less than 1.5% are disabled ... just saying!
  14. If it gets people through the door then why not!? If it gets us on BBC ALBA a bit more then why not!? Any promotion is good promotion. We can't afford to lose even one person from our meager crowds. I'm a Gaelic speaker, so is my dad, and so was my Grandfather. My dad hasn't been to a game in a few years but has said he will go. Now if that happens a handful more times then the "gimmick" pays for itself several fold. As another example, the Dungwall lot use English for their chosen language - Now half of them can't even string a sentence together in any language but they still use it!
  15. This is what erks me about Robbo. He makes broad opening statements in the press and then does the opposite. Doesn't exactly install confidence in him. I know transfers are a numbers game but what happened to not letting people go a week before deadline day? What about all the bull about players thinking again etc - Fans are beginning to lose confidence in him and his abilities. If he has lost the dressing room already, which is a possibility given our inconsistent form and players leaving like rats from a sinking ship, then I reckon his days are numbered unless by some miracle he pulls his fi
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