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  1. That's neither here nor there though. It is getting ridiculous that so many are going. What can't be denied is that all of this is happening under his tenure. It's a joke. He made lots of noises about things improving yet you only ever hear from him when he his reprimanding. He was happy to employ a family member whose husband gets the catering contract to boot. He can't take credit for the signing over of the stadium as that was already underway before he became Chair. Sadly, the club cannot afford to lose people of Danny's calibre. The whole thing stinks and as far as I can see, and apparently by his radio silence, Mr Rae is to blame - a small club like ours has no place for nepotism, and bordering on fraudulent mismanagement, as is the trademark of our current chair. It's no wonder the stigs over the bridge are fairing better than us when we have such a clown heading things. I have to be honest, until this tit has been removed I can't see me being arsed to do the 1000 mile round trip to watch a game. Maybe when people stay away he might get the message and FO. I would like to see someone like Ross taking the Chair. Someone whose heart is in the club. Someone who could really push things forward and gain the support and respect that our current chair doesn't have. #Rant over.
  2. Complete lack of transparency from the club again. No surprise. Nest of vipers. Come on then Mr Rae let us hear the latest glossed over response for this little lot. It seems the ivory tower is crumbling but the man at the top doesn't seem to want to engage with the very people who pay his wages. Sorry but nepotism and a holier than thou attitude seems to be the character of our current Chair. Maybe time to go Mr Rae! We have very little to show for your time in charge and we are haemorraging good people left, right and centre. The buck stops with you so do the decent thing and step down. What we need is someone at the top who is a person of the club not the current model of management that is Mr Rae.
  3. Absolutely. It reeks of the underhand which is sadly how I am beginning to view the tenure and activities of our current Chairman. Not good at all!
  4. Just sent an email Ross but it's been bounced back as undeliverable. It would be good to get some points over to you to get across to the board.
  5. I guess a little more regular updates from the board wouldn't go a miss but sacking the board is a bit extreme. There were promises made just over a year ago and noises made about improving things on the comms front but they seem to be a little slow to materialise. The ground deal has hopefully now gone through so that's one box ticked. Hopefully that can help us attract a little investment? It's been mentioned before about using the stadium for gigs etc - surely worth a punt if it helps pay a few wages and it gets people into the habit of going to the stadium? Seems to me that to get bums on seats we need an improvement in performances on the pitch - this needs money obviously. Sadly, at present we seem to be in a downward spiral - poor performances, less bums on seats, less interest from possible investors, leading to less money for players, and subsequent poor performances. We have to find a way to break the vicious cycle.
  6. Just watched the highlights and we were pissshhhh. There was nothing of note from us at all. In games like that Robbo should've cut his losses and given the youngsters a run out. Perhaps then some of the "seasoned" pro's might get a wake up call. We never really looked like winning and after the goal went in a loss was on the cards so he had nothing to lose and much to gain. If one or two of the youngsters put in a bit of a performance then it creates a little competition for the established names, who if I am completely honest, look too comfortable as if they are unlikely to be dropped. There is no motivator there so until Robbo does do something, or becomes a bit more ruthless, these pissshhhh performances will continue.
  7. All done. Reminds me of my Sports Psychology Diss that I undertook with the club in 1999. I got to spend a few weeks around the club profiling players and their attributions towards performance. Fond memories of Bobby Mann - his profile spiked through workrate attribution. Charlie Christie had a spike through team performance. It was the best time of my whole undergrad career. Good luck with it Ross!
  8. We got Angus in an exchange with Mulraney but he has zero appearences for us. So, we swapped a player that occassionally turned up for one that doesn't and maybe a couple of peanuts thrown into the bargain. Anyone know what is happening with him? Has Robbo wasted a wage needlessly? Players are few and far between and it seems Beith is a drain on resources.
  9. But he has the ability to finish. A very similar player to Walsh but a little more quality. These two paired up will really open the wings up, allow White etc to finish the stuff in the box, and free Polly (hopefully) to start to boss from Midfield. As much as I hate to say it we are missing a player like Vigurs in the midfield and Polly hasn't filled the void left by him completely - he is getting there slowly but we need urgency now if we are to make the play offs. On the whole though, the squad has some real potential.
  10. McCauley is well worth a punt if he can do this for us ... perhaps teach the donkey's up front to finish ... if we sign him he may well save our season.
  11. 1000 mile round trip for that pisssshhhhh. I am sorry to say this but Robbo needs to push Rae for the money to get someone to put the ball in back of the net. I don't blame Robbo at all for any of this - he is trying to work with what he has got. I do blame Rae, and the nepitism of employing a third cousin twice removed, who are looking like parasites. Where is the better communication? Where is the seeking further investment? All I see is someone waltzing about as chairman, employing family (a waste of money that could be spent on players) and breaking strings of promises. I am sorry Mr Rae but it is most definately time to go! Let's get a chairperson who is dynamic and prepared to take real action. Sack the board now and let's start again.
  12. Every thread I seem to read has two individuals locked into a battle of one-up-manship with each other. They attack each other, and others,who dare to speak out against their view points and comments. Attacks come in the form of carefully cloaked and worded exchanges - with neither actually coming out of things particularly well. If said individuals put as much effort into supporting the club, not attacking each other, the board, the club, the players, other members etc then I would imagine that the club would be much better for it, and this forum would be much more bearable for all who wish to catch up on the latest coming and goings. Gents, may I suggest you meet up behind the bike sheds to resolve your petty squabbles and perhaps leave the forum to postive exchanges based around the good of the club and not the good of yourselves.
  13. Sorry but there was me thinking that the idea of a forum was to open things up to discussion. Winding yef neck in FFS is not really being open to discussion but censorship. I left Inverness to join the military - why? I used to struggle with Teucterism's of many locals who were too busy looking backwards to see what was coming upfront. I had thought that this "backwards" aspect of mentality had died a death. Sneck becomes a city, ICT rise up to be a club to be proud of, but then it seems the teucters take over once more. I cringe at some of the comments and commentators on here. It's fecking embarrassing, smats of jingoism and cliques, newcomers are often shot down in flames with comments, you are often left feeling about as welcome as a fart in space suit. Responses aren't always fair and measured. People are entitled to their own opinions and if they share them and others dont' agree then that is where dialogue kicks in. I get frustrated that the mentality that has held sneck back is alive and well and prevelant on here as well as burning ever so brightly at the heart of our club. I believe that there is no smoke without fire - what happened the other day is just another embarrassment and just serves to make us look like a bunch of teuchters all the more. I stand by my opinion that i gained through experience. I see a failed player gone into management who has been embroiled in more than one incident at the club - his tenure has been one through several managers from triumph to downward spiral - it continues to spiral. I believe that he, and to a degree Rice, have had their day and should perhaps be let go. Money saved with any luck. At the moment the "I worked with him" - "I worked with his brother" brigade are failing to see that actually losing Polly is more costly to us than a failed ex-player coach, who quite frankly, made no difference to performances until Malpas arrived. How many of the dross we have signed recently were scouted by Kellacher? He has failed to make a difference. Censoring statements with wind yer neck in FFS - is merely proving my point that many are stuck in teucterisms and happy to look backwards. Only one way this club will get it's **** together and that is by cutting out the rot. it's more the pity that the same can't be done with some of the deadwood that masquerade as "fans".
  14. I have a raft of those - generally used for the Civvie fuctards that I have to deal with. A better one is a Hookwanking Thundercunt.
  15. How is speaking the truth an outrageous personal slur? Pull your head out of your arse and see what has happened - a player comes off the pitch and thinks I know I will smack one of the "reputable" coaches for no reason. Having heard him from the dugout - he is not so angelic as some might think. **** me are you so stupid as to believe that Polworth was totally implicit in the scenario and Kellacher did nothing wrong? This is the problem with this club, in fact this forum, half the time the fucktards in charge are in a state of denial - it's all to do with cliques. As soon the club, and a few people on here, realise that cliques are toxic and destroy - the sooner things might actually start to get better. The club is a running ******* joke. Half the whinging and whiney ******** on here a ******* joke. Wake up and smell the coffee people. Sometimes I do feel the term Teuchter was coined for the mentality of Caley supporters and the club. It's plain ******* embarrassing.