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  1. Jockdoonsouth

    Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    1000 mile round trip for that pisssshhhhh. I am sorry to say this but Robbo needs to push Rae for the money to get someone to put the ball in back of the net. I don't blame Robbo at all for any of this - he is trying to work with what he has got. I do blame Rae, and the nepitism of employing a third cousin twice removed, who are looking like parasites. Where is the better communication? Where is the seeking further investment? All I see is someone waltzing about as chairman, employing family (a waste of money that could be spent on players) and breaking strings of promises. I am sorry Mr Rae but it is most definately time to go! Let's get a chairperson who is dynamic and prepared to take real action. Sack the board now and let's start again.
  2. Jockdoonsouth

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    Every thread I seem to read has two individuals locked into a battle of one-up-manship with each other. They attack each other, and others,who dare to speak out against their view points and comments. Attacks come in the form of carefully cloaked and worded exchanges - with neither actually coming out of things particularly well. If said individuals put as much effort into supporting the club, not attacking each other, the board, the club, the players, other members etc then I would imagine that the club would be much better for it, and this forum would be much more bearable for all who wish to catch up on the latest coming and goings. Gents, may I suggest you meet up behind the bike sheds to resolve your petty squabbles and perhaps leave the forum to postive exchanges based around the good of the club and not the good of yourselves.
  3. Jockdoonsouth

    Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    Sorry but there was me thinking that the idea of a forum was to open things up to discussion. Winding yef neck in FFS is not really being open to discussion but censorship. I left Inverness to join the military - why? I used to struggle with Teucterism's of many locals who were too busy looking backwards to see what was coming upfront. I had thought that this "backwards" aspect of mentality had died a death. Sneck becomes a city, ICT rise up to be a club to be proud of, but then it seems the teucters take over once more. I cringe at some of the comments and commentators on here. It's fecking embarrassing, smats of jingoism and cliques, newcomers are often shot down in flames with comments, you are often left feeling about as welcome as a fart in space suit. Responses aren't always fair and measured. People are entitled to their own opinions and if they share them and others dont' agree then that is where dialogue kicks in. I get frustrated that the mentality that has held sneck back is alive and well and prevelant on here as well as burning ever so brightly at the heart of our club. I believe that there is no smoke without fire - what happened the other day is just another embarrassment and just serves to make us look like a bunch of teuchters all the more. I stand by my opinion that i gained through experience. I see a failed player gone into management who has been embroiled in more than one incident at the club - his tenure has been one through several managers from triumph to downward spiral - it continues to spiral. I believe that he, and to a degree Rice, have had their day and should perhaps be let go. Money saved with any luck. At the moment the "I worked with him" - "I worked with his brother" brigade are failing to see that actually losing Polly is more costly to us than a failed ex-player coach, who quite frankly, made no difference to performances until Malpas arrived. How many of the dross we have signed recently were scouted by Kellacher? He has failed to make a difference. Censoring statements with wind yer neck in FFS - is merely proving my point that many are stuck in teucterisms and happy to look backwards. Only one way this club will get it's **** together and that is by cutting out the rot. it's more the pity that the same can't be done with some of the deadwood that masquerade as "fans".
  4. Jockdoonsouth

    Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    I have a raft of those - generally used for the Civvie fuctards that I have to deal with. A better one is a Hookwanking Thundercunt.
  5. Jockdoonsouth

    Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    How is speaking the truth an outrageous personal slur? Pull your head out of your arse and see what has happened - a player comes off the pitch and thinks I know I will smack one of the "reputable" coaches for no reason. Having heard him from the dugout - he is not so angelic as some might think. **** me are you so stupid as to believe that Polworth was totally implicit in the scenario and Kellacher did nothing wrong? This is the problem with this club, in fact this forum, half the time the fucktards in charge are in a state of denial - it's all to do with cliques. As soon the club, and a few people on here, realise that cliques are toxic and destroy - the sooner things might actually start to get better. The club is a running ******* joke. Half the whinging and whiney ******** on here a ******* joke. Wake up and smell the coffee people. Sometimes I do feel the term Teuchter was coined for the mentality of Caley supporters and the club. It's plain ******* embarrassing.
  6. Jockdoonsouth

    Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    I am not making assumptions. I am highlighting my own personal experiences of Kellacher from the dugout. It's not the first time he has been involved in a mini drama with comments made. It's not being a keyboard warrior if you are asking questions and relaying your own personal experience. i am sure Scott is a lovely bloke most of the time, and he cares deeply about the club, but his passions perhaps get the better of him and he maybe sometimes takes a step too far. A keyboard warrior would be calling for his head. I am merely playing devil's advocate and questioning if the club perhaps needs to move Scott out of the public gaze for a while.
  7. Jockdoonsouth

    Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    Personally, I have heard Kellacher mouthing off from the dugout. It was never positive or encouraging. It is not deflammatory if it's true. I am not alone as other fans have heard him too. I cannot condone Polly's actions as he is as much to blame but just how much of it was down to Kellacher or Polly we will never know. Dismissing someone else's opinions as BS because of a personal friendship is understandable. I would do the same. That said, I have witnessed Kellacher in a dour rant. Maybe the dugout isn't the place for him. Perhaps coaching the U20's is the best place. Let's be honest his credentials aren't going to light up the world. He was an under-performing professional player who ended up in the Highland League. As a coach he has had a charmed life. There are many others out there with far better playing experiences, the same coaching awards, and they don't get the opportunities that he has had. First team football is not the place for Kellacher at the moment. And before you go jumping down my throat, shouting BS, etc ... please remember that other fans have witnessed some of these remarks and outbursts ... and yes fans were appaulled and did cheer comments in his general direction. I do think that action needs to be taken against Polly but I can also see that in public the club needs to move kellacher out of it's scrutinising gaze. Clearly, kellacher said something out of turn, and clearly Polly reacted. Both parties were unprofessional, and brought the club into disrepute. Robbo and Rae need to get a grip of this situation quickly.
  8. Jockdoonsouth

    Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    Yes that's what i am afraid of. He appears to be not the nicest of people and I can see how he could rub players up the wrong way. Sadly, Polly is more likely to help get us out of the mess we are in than a hanger-on like Kellacher. Guess stupidity will reign and Rae will no doubt support Kellacher. If we don't get rid of him then the least we could do is make life easier for ourselves by sticking him on a final written warning - then when we do want rid we can easily put a few bits together, refer to this incident, and sack him for gross misconduct. No payments - just a P45. He obviously antongonised Polly with something he said. A couple of seasons ago I managed to get a seat behind the dugout and his mouth does seem to run away with him. He is obviously passionate, and caring about the club. Lord knows we need some of that from the players on the pitch. My observation is off one single event that I witnessed but there have been chants in the past, and there is no smoke without fire. Perhaps Scott is better in a less public facing role.
  9. Jockdoonsouth

    Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    Polworth was unprofessional in his outburst towards Kellacher. That cannot be denied. I am wondering if Kellacher is the bad apple though. He seems to have been present in the various reigns of our managers where backroom fighting has gone on. Is he the viper in the nest? Should we not take this opportunity to get rid of him. Personally, I don't rate him as a coach or scout. Maybe it's time to clear out the dross in the managment department starting with Kellacher?
  10. Jockdoonsouth

    Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    As a former elite athlete I can concur with Alex's statement. We used to spend all week training and preparing for the next fixture and once completed we were allowed to eat high carb and high protein foods to help with recovery. Chicken and Chips was always my favourite. The carbs help to recover energy levels and the protein helps with muscle recovery. We even got a day off on a Sunday with no training! We are all human and despite what people think, elite athletes are not machines.
  11. Jockdoonsouth

    St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Inclined to agree there. Esson would easily be better than Ridgers but to be fair a kid with no legs from a blind school would be better than Ridgers. He is absolute dross that would struggle to hold his place in a Highland league side. Get Esson in now.
  12. Jockdoonsouth

    CLUB STATEMENT : Supporter Behaviour at Brechin

    Once they behaved the way they did they were always on a hiding to nothing. Once the SFA got involved the club had no where to go other than do what they have done to avoid a big fine. Brechin may well have jumpred on the band wagon but there is no defence for the behaviour. They left themselves open and will have to live with the consequences. Hopefully they will learn from it and move on - or alternatively take it over the bridge where I am sure Cunty will be only to pleased to welcome them in lol
  13. Jockdoonsouth

    Brechin City -V- Inverness CT

    Other clubs operate a zero tolerance policy when it comes to smoke bombs and flares ... they follow it up with 12 month bans for those responsible with the following ban being 5 years and then life. Think we should implement this as a club too. As for damage on the bus ... well those repsonsible should be banned from accessing the cheap subsidised transport for the season. Can't see them paying out £60 a time to get to some of the away games so that would deal with that element of the undesirable supporters. Everything we do while supporting the club, wearing club colours etc reflects directly back on the club. We can barely pay the wages of the players we have without having to fork out money for needless fines from the SFA. By all means bring an atmosphere of support but don't act like a bunch of NEDS - we all lose out in the end.
  14. Jockdoonsouth

    Brechin City -V- Inverness CT

    SFA warning letter received ... what exactley is he supposed to do?! Seriously you need to do some serious growing up.
  15. Jockdoonsouth

    Transfer in and outs

    It's more a case that he is a Championship level player and will do well at this level.