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  1. Personally, I don't think it's too bad a signing if he comes at the right price. Let's not forget we are skint and bargain basement shopping. Robbo can turn an average player into a decent player. The guy has SPL experience, Scottish Cup Final experience etc - normally that comes at a price beyond that which we can afford. All in all, considering our situation, Robbo is building the makings of a good squad at a price we can afford.
  2. Absolutely spot on! You should put this to our board. It is the most realistic way of getting us back to the top without breaking the bank!
  3. In Wales they make announcements in Welsh then English. Swansea are very pro-welsh language. Cardiff also do the same. Wrexham will do Welsh only if it is a game between two welsh sides. It's important stuff, the language must be preserved and by adding it into everyday life - it stays alive!
  4. So following that logic, let's do away with disability access because less than 1.5% are disabled ... just saying!
  5. If it gets people through the door then why not!? If it gets us on BBC ALBA a bit more then why not!? Any promotion is good promotion. We can't afford to lose even one person from our meager crowds. I'm a Gaelic speaker, so is my dad, and so was my Grandfather. My dad hasn't been to a game in a few years but has said he will go. Now if that happens a handful more times then the "gimmick" pays for itself several fold. As another example, the Dungwall lot use English for their chosen language - Now half of them can't even string a sentence together in any language but they still use it!
  6. This is what erks me about Robbo. He makes broad opening statements in the press and then does the opposite. Doesn't exactly install confidence in him. I know transfers are a numbers game but what happened to not letting people go a week before deadline day? What about all the bull about players thinking again etc - Fans are beginning to lose confidence in him and his abilities. If he has lost the dressing room already, which is a possibility given our inconsistent form and players leaving like rats from a sinking ship, then I reckon his days are numbered unless by some miracle he pulls his finger out of his arse and makes some serious signings in the next 3 days - otherwise promotion will be purely a pipe dream. Somehow I doubt it ...
  7. Aye, all of the above but drop White and start Toddy. Tell him he has till half time to make an impact then bring White on second half. Tell both they need to start making an impact and see who surfaces on top.
  8. Hopefully he gets the help he deserves. That said are there any possible ramifications for us? He admits to have been gambling on football for the last 5 years.
  9. Dick is a manager worth considering if we can ship robbo to the jambo's.
  10. We have shipped 6 goals in 2 games ... a little more than cause for concern. We haven't really performed well since the financial concerns have come to light. Quite a few players taking their eyes off the game and considering the end of the season. Might be time to start giving the youngsters more game time because to be fair we can't get any worse with the current crop of jobbers.
  11. I can't wait to hear Robbo's enlightened response to this one ...
  12. Let's be honest he has been out of touch with reality of games for a few weeks now. Listening to his commentry after games differs greatly to what is happening on the pitch. It just isn't good enough.
  13. Wish he would take the jambo's job because we then get compo and can look for a more tactically aware and imaginatve manager. Would be worth looking at today's opponents manager - bags of experience, good track record, gets results from very limited budgets ...
  14. A part of me is thinking it would be a good thing if Robbo gets offered the jambo's job. We get compensation and then we can look for a manager who is tactically more astute. Daft as it sounds Dick Campbell would be worth a punt. He has a decent record and has a track record of turning jobbers into winners ... and let's be fair we have a team of jobbers at the moment. Think Robbo has had his time and I don't think he is the man to take us up.
  15. Why does Robbo persist with White? Out of form at present. Robbo only seems to want to push attacking play when we are down instead of out of the blocks from the start. Hoofing long ball to an out of form striker ain't going to win games. Toddy should be on from the start. I'm beginning to wonder if Robbo is the man to take us up - he seems to lack ideas and imagination. It's the same sh1te each week. Poor and getting worse.