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  1. IF OFW was a top keeper the yank league would have kept him. He was injury prone pissshhh and I for one am glad to see the back of the useless ****. As for up top - Big J has scored a fair few goals for us this season. He has been one of JR's best signings and one of our stand out players. You go back to looking pretty in the mirror and quit spouting your utter pissshhhh in here. **** me if you ever get a brain you will be dangerous!
  2. He is a grafter. Seen him play once and he was very impressive. A good solid replacement for Polly I would hope - albeit without the sulks, occassional stupid decision making, and complete lack of interest when things aren't going his way.
  3. Inclined to agree with others sentiments. Having watched the highlights Austin made himself look like a dick. Anthony made a cracking run and didn't have much in the way of options until Austin arrived 20 minutes after the ball had gone. It says a lot about him. He gets odd goals but he is hardly a goal machine. He can be lazy, fails to read the game at times, and also seems to be a couple of seconds off the pace with his decision making. For me young Anthony is a way better player who is sharper, quicker, and offers much more than Austim - just wish we could keep him. I would happily say goodbye to Austin to give the lad Austin's wages.
  4. Let's hope I am wrong ...
  5. Christ, Coco the clown has employed the fecking joker as CEO! A very chequered past has our Mr Gardiner with other clubs - not too much favourable to say about him. Could this be an all new low for Coco's, so far appaulling, judgement?!
  6. Great fight from the boys considering they were playing 13. One of those nights where everything was against us but we kept battling until Robbo made 2 ridiculous substitutions. Austin was ineffective as per usual - why take off arguably our most influential player on the park for our most ineffective when chasing a lead? Why take off our captain and one of the most experienced players? Sorry Robbo but you got those horribly wrong! You can't blame the players for your poor judgement and decision making! Football association have got ot be embarrassed by the ref's display and on tv too! I wouldn't let him ref an under 2's game!
  7. If you get chance take a wee peek at the highlights from the U18's v Ayr. Our final goal from our Brazillian is an absolute cheeky peach! Do we reckon he isready for a first team debut? Do we reckon it might be time we saw a bit more of some the youngsters who are coming along leaps and bounds?!
  8. I can see why Robbo has included Mateus in the last couple of squads. The finish for the 5th goal was sublime. Really promising youngster. We really need to get him and Dan more game time.
  9. Don't fancy a job as our Chairman do you? I'm asking for a friend ...
  10. I applaud you Lizi. Hope is not enough. Like hoping we don't go part-time or worse go into administration. Hope won't stop that from happening. Attending games is only going to keep the current board in place and will lead to problems sooner or later. Better to take action than live in hope becuae only actions will make the necessary changes. The board need to understand the levels of dissatisfaction with the fans ... the ones who make the club what it is.
  11. Would you travel a 1000 miles at a cost of £300 a time to know your money is being frittered away by board members intent on feathering the nests of themselves and their family members at the cost of the progression of the club at pitch level? I doubt you would be feeling too enthusiatic. The current board, well some of them need to go. We don't have the capacity for dead weight including our current chair, Graham "coco the clown" Rae. "By supporting the players you are papering over the cracks which then allows the board to continue in such a bad vein. People keep asking why we are haemorraging supporters and why the stadium is always so empty ... well there you have it! We need to cut the rot out of the club before we can begin to grow. Happy clapping our way along will only lead to part-time football or insolvency. It really is that simple.
  12. Very true. Have they got us out of the Championship? ... no. Does it look like it will happen soon? ... probably not! Would we have stronger players if the budget was there? ... absolutely! Why hasn't extra investment been found or sourced? ... the clowns on the board (well some of them). A good tender for catering could have brought in much needed money but instead it goes out to a family member ... dodgy? Absolutely. Good people in the backroom leaving like rats from a sinking ship spell issues with the board? ... absolutely. We can all be happy clappers until the club folds or we go to part-time football or we can begin to address the issues at the heart of our current status. What happens in the boardroom affects what goes on whilst on the pitch!
  13. Spot on! If Rae doesn't want to be there he should step down, and take his nepotism with him. Most other clubs wouldn't put up with this kind of amateurish crap so why should we?! We have lost some really good people to these clowns and the ring leader is Rae. I wish he would F£$k off and join the circus.
  14. And so the plot thickens. "It is with regret ... " my arse. It's more like " You saw off the wife of my cousin from her job acquired through nepotism ... so you can do one." Bloody shambles. Normally you cut out the rot from the good stuff but we seem to be cutting out the good stuff and leaving the rot.