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  1. 11 minutes ago, Row S said:

    What ever happened to the potential for Caley Jags TV taking over the stream, commentary etc? The current service is worse than ever.

    Obviously I'm biased because I commentated for their audio stream last season but it is just bizarre. They even ran a successful test broadcast of the Dundee game to prove they could do it - with on screen graphics and in-game replays to boot!


    And yet the club still chooses to pay for Pixellot instead of using skilled, experienced volunteers...even though they're filming the game anyway. Then they use the CaleyJagsTV highlights too, which just emphasizes the difference in quality.


    It is a really, really strange decision by the club.

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  2. I'm worried.


    We were the only club in the Championship not to sign anyone in January. It's not like we have a bloated squad - we have just 15 players aged over 21 on our books. Having lost Kai Kennedy, we were a player down from the start of the month. And ever since the summer Robbo has talked of signing a striker. And yet, nothing.


    I don't agree that there are loads of free agents out there - certainly there aren't many whose previous club was Scottish.


    We are still able to loan players from the Premiership, but aside from Kennedy we do not have a good record of signing loan players under Robbo - and we have barely signed any in that time period. I appreciate that for most players finding them somewhere to live is an issue but Ayr and Morton managed to bring in loanees from English clubs so why can't we find any?


    At the moment our best hope of reinforcement seems to be that Yogi might lend us a couple of guys that he doesn't want at County? But they don't really have much in the way of wingers and strikers to spare now.


    My biggest concern is that we can't afford to strengthen the squad; if that's the case and everyone else is managing to do so then we have a big problem. Lose to Arbroath tonight and we're probably in a position where we're more likely to be in a relegation playoff than a promotion one.

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  3. 2 hours ago, RiG said:

    It wasn't a very dynamic team that we had out there on Wednesday. Solid, disciplined and any other bland cliches you can think of yes but a midfield triangle of Vincent, Welsh and Allardice is fine for knocking the ball around and protecting the back four but it won't pick a pass through a tight midfield and unlock a defence. 

    I like Danny Mckay and he took his goal very well but again he isn't a particularly creative wide man. Doran should offer more but it's a big task to ask him to be the main, if not only, creative force in the team. There is a massive Kai Kennedy shaped hole in the team already such was his impact when he was here. At the very least a Tom Walsh type would be very welcome as it would offer some attacking threat on the opposite flank from Doran.

    No pressure Robbo...


    This is spot on.

    With Kennedy having left we are already down a wide player compared to where we were at the start of the window. Robbo has also previously said he wanted another striker, and I can understand why.

    If anything, the defence is the biggest problem. We continue to concede too many soft goals, especially from set pieces. The trouble is that a chunk of budget will be taken up by McHattie and Toshney who have spent the whole season injured.

    I appreciate finances will be tight just now, but the trouble is that in football you have to run just to stand still. In this window already Alloa (Innes Cameron), Arbroath (Jack Hamilton), Dundee (Jason Cummings), Hearts (Armand Gnanduillet) and QOS (Dapo Mebude) have brought in forwards who I fancy are better than any we have. If we end up not bringing in any reinforcements then I cannot see us getting anywhere near the playoffs.

  4. A wee bit of positive news, I hope - Andy and his team (who do the highlights filming from the A9 side of the ground) invited me along on Saturday to act as the 'commentator' for a test run of their new software which allows them to live stream the game with those cameras with some graphics (not Sky Sports-esque, but still pretty decent looking) and also run instant replays of incidents as part of the live coverage. They even set up a monitor so I could actually see the stream and the replays during commentary.


    Everything seemed to work great and as far as I can tell there's no reason why their cameras can't be used as the source of the live stream for matches moving forward rather than the Pixellot camera.

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  5. Well, that was a joy to watch. There was a little too much last-ditch defending for my liking at 1-0, but we were the better team in the first half and absolutely turned the screw in the second. According to the BBC, QOS didn't even have a shot on target.


    I particularly love the way the forwards are swapping positions and causing havoc with their movement. It was the same against Raith and is a sign of a very well-coached team, I think. It was also clear that we had a plan for how we we could hurt QOS, so more kudos to Robbo.


    Its unreal to think Kennedy and MacGregor are still only 18. Hopefully the amount of action Kennedy is getting will convince Rangers to let us keep him past January because he is some winger. Putting a 36 year old emergency full-back up against him just seemed cruel. I thought last season was too early for MacGregor but he clearly belongs now. That finish was stunning, especially given the ball sat up in front of him.


    Great stuff lads. Bring on Dundee!

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  6. 1 hour ago, Moogthurso said:

    Done a back to back comparison of these cameras recently on a live stream. 

    The west cameras streamed quality was much lower definition for the duration but the camera was zoomed in 200% more and tracked effectively. 

    The autotracking and lack of zoom on pixielot was the major problem but clarity and definition much better.

    So there did seem to be streaming issue with that feed. The ICTFC highlights later were glorious and sharp so definately a live stream issue at that time. 

    How did you manage to get to watch a game live on the west cameras, and how do the rest of us get to do so as well?

  7. 38 minutes ago, RiG said:

    I can only imagine there must be some reason that the cameras on the A9 side can't be used for streaming games. What they would be I don't know but it's a question that's well worth asking the club because the difference in quality is night and day.

    The cameras on the A9 side can definitely be used for streaming games - I know because I commentated on one that was being streamed live as a test run last season. 


    Have the club got some sort of agreement in place with the providers of the Pixellot system that requires them to use the camera for every live broadcast?


    It's a shame because Andy and his team do an amazing job with the highlights and I expect would be able to put together a fantastic package for live coverage as well if given the opportunity.

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  8. Our attacking play looks really terrific. Keatings, Storey and Sutherland look like they can swap positions at will, while Kennedy is clearly a player. Its certainly more pleasing on the eye than playing with a more static target man.


    Also looks like the midfield didn't miss a beat, even with Welsh not fit to start. McGregor clearly did a good job in a deeper role, while we need to sign up Allardice on a long-term deal pronto.


    There's still weaknesses that will be exploited by better teams, but there's some very promising signs here.

  9. 29 minutes ago, Scotty said:

    First impressions are that camera is a bit shaky/jerky and on one occasion it reset and took me back to the start of the game just as there was some action in the box. Other than that not completely terrible. I still think @ANDYCAM does a better job from the other side of the park though. 

    commentary is a bit flat but he is doing his best I think. Better than most of us would be able to do in the same situation. Can hear the rustling of pages as he checks things and to be fair he did admit to having difficulty working out the EF players due to their strip colours. Also think commentary is always better when you have a second person to do the colour commentary and so that they can feed of each other. 

    The trick for working out who the opposing players are is to watch footage of/read up on previous games (so you know what likely position each player will be in), to check photos online beforehand and to watch the warmup and identify players with distinctive haircuts/boots.

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  10. Devine was never anywhere near the level of Warren or Meekings in his first spell with us, and has been lousy at Partick and then Dunfermline for the last few years. I wouldn't trust him as a starter at this level at all. We now have three players - McKay, Devine and Toshney - competing to start alongside Deas in central-defence, but I wouldn't trust any of the three of them (in Toshney's case, because he is made of glass).


    We didn't need another centre-back. We need a right-back. Really badly.

  11. 19 minutes ago, hislopsoffsideagain said:

    Me yesterday:

    "It's fine that we're not signing anyone because there's still two months left in the transfer window, there's going to be lots of players available at cheaper rates come October so we'll be in a strong position".


    Me today after hearing Tom Walsh has signed for Ayr United:

    "IT'S THE END OF THE F*****G WORLD!!!"

    That said, Robbie Deas was great for Alloa last season, and he's only 20. Really pleased with that move. If we're handing out three year contracts we can't be too short of cash...right?




  12. Me yesterday:

    "It's fine that we're not signing anyone because there's still two months left in the transfer window, there's going to be lots of players available at cheaper rates come October so we'll be in a strong position".


    Me today after hearing Tom Walsh has signed for Ayr United:

    "IT'S THE END OF THE F*****G WORLD!!!"

  13. 52 minutes ago, Kingsmills said:

    I am not convinced that, good as consistent as Ridgers is, that goalkeeper is ever the best position for onfield captain.

    If Doran is up for it  I would be inclined to hand him the armband.

    I would be disappointed if a modern football team still relied on one individual to be the team leader on the pitch. I would be expecting several experienced individuals to take leadership roles as and when required.


    Outside the UK it's very common for the captain to either be the star player or the longest serving player at the club, because it's more of a ceremonial role. Doran fits the latter and I'd happily give him the armband on the assumption that plenty of his teammates would also provide leadership on the pitch.

  14. On 7/11/2020 at 1:04 PM, RiG said:

    The only team in the league making any real signings is Dunfermline and that's because they sold Nisbet to Hibs. Everyone else seems to be very cautious and I think we are hedging our bets to see what league we might be in. I seem to recall Gardiner saying something along those lines?

    Anyway, we are in a better position than someone like QotS who have three players signed up for the coming campaign.

    Indeed. By my reckoning, Dunfermline still have fewer players aged over 21 (12) than us (13). And yes, Queen of the South have just three players. Ayr, Morton and Raith are still furloughing their squads but I expect a lot of players to leave the former two clubs at the end of July. 

    We are starting from a pretty okay position, at least in terms of numbers.

    This is definitely going to be a buyers market. There will be a lot of free agents who will have to accept much cheaper contracts this season than they normally would have done. The loan market is also going to be important, especially if they cancel the reserve league this year and Premiership clubs need to find somewhere for their youngsters to play.

  15. 1 hour ago, RiG said:

    This was the thing that puzzled me. Tremarco, IIRC, was still on a contract from our final season in the Premiership (I'm not sure if he signed a new deal after relegation?) so a new deal on those wages was clearly a non starter. I don't understand why we didn't offer him a new deal on a reduced wage, maybe saying this is the most we can offer you and see if he would take it. That article appears to confirm that it was simply a case of the club were letting him go and ho no interest whatsoever in retaining him which seems quite strange. His performances last season were still of a good enough standard to warrant one more season at this level. Not offering him anything at all seems an odd move. 

    For one thing, I believe the club is very, very big on Cameron Harper. If they fancy him as the starting LB next season then it's not good value for us to hold on Tremarco even on a reduced wage, when that could be used on another part of the squad (the rest of the defence, for example!!!)

    Whilst Carl is very bullish about his own ability - and to be fair he was very good last season - he is nearly 35 and is already clearly a bit slower than he was at his peak. He's only going to slow down further and he's at an age where the legs can go very quickly...and plays a position where athleticism is vital.

  16. The 7-3 against Ayr and 4-0 against Airdrie are two of the most memorable matches I've ever been to.Thank you so much for putting these up.


    The Ayr game was just absolutely mental. David Bagan scored two worldies in the second half. I think Dennis Wyness had only started scoring regularly a month or so beforehand, but he was on fire. That turn and shot for goal number six is, frankly, a bit sexy. It's not in the highlights but I swear Davide Xausa missed a sitter for an eighth goal. It was also so cold that my hands were blue despite thick gloves. Totally worth it though.


    As for the Airdrie match, their team of Spaniards really weren't up for the Highland winter. Javier Sanchez Broto (who 2 and a half years late would keep goal for Celtic when we beat them in the cup) spent the whole game being taunted by our fans for looking like a porn star and then gave away a penalty by trying to amputate Mike Teasdale's leg at the knee. Charlie Christie's dinked finish was the pick of the bunch.


    Ah, the good old days (I'm only 36!!!)

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  17. I'm not sure exactly what folk expect Robbo to accomplish. His first season back was a write-off because he inherited an absolute clusterf*** of a club and its remarkable that we came so close to a playoff spot. Last season we finished third, behind two teams who had enormous budgets in comparison to us. And this season we finished second, behind one team with an enormous budget (United) and ahead of another (Dundee). 


    He's also managed to turn Chalmers, Donaldson, McCart, Rooney and White (and possibly Walsh and Trafford) into Premiership players. Ig you'd said that when these guys signed for us you'd have been laughed out of town.


    He's doing all right, I think. Certainly I think that, were he to leave, we'd be far more likely to end up with someone inferior than someone superior.

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  18. Our starting XI as it stands is probably Ridgers, McKay, Toshney, McHattie, Harper, Vincent, Welsh, Storey, Keatings, Doran, Todorov. Obviously there's plenty of room for improvement there, particularly in defence. But I reckon that puts us in far better shape than any other Championship side bar Hearts and Dundee at this point. 

    Scot Gardiner's interview on The Wyness Shuffle was pretty bullish, given the circumstances. He pointed out that getting seasoned pros in their late 20s up to the Highlands was tough and so we're more likely to be targeting youngsters with potential (like Walsh and Rooney two years ago), or players from the English non-leagues like David Carson. But it does sound like we have some irons in the fire...and like our budget hasn't been cut too drastically.

    Robbo was very positive about Curry when he left and I can understand why. You can't teach that sort of pace. Curry's spell here was dogged by injury and he never got a run of games. Like Storey, he's probably also better as a striker than a winger. I wouldn't be surprised if we went for him again.

    Frank Ross has basically been injured for 2 years and would be awfully high-risk. If we were to take a gamble on a player coming back from long-term injury, I'd try for Calvin Miller of Celtic.

    Other youngsters I'd like us to have a punt at signing:

    Adam Frizzell - little winger released by Kilmarnock who shone on loan in League One

    Kevin O'Hara - has left Alloa to try and get a full-time contract. Was sensational last season

    Anton Dowds - has scored a lot of goals for East Fife and is trying to find a full-time team

    Dario Zanatta - wasn't that great for Partick last season but was amazing for Alloa the year before

    I expect we'll end up signing lots of players we've never heard of...but that's worked for the club plenty of times in the last decade or so...

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  19. Obviously it's a huge shame to let go a club captain and stalwart. In an ideal world we would hang onto him as a squad player, dressing room presence and possibly a future coach.


    - even before Covid we were not exactly rolling in it. It's hard to believe that our club captain wasn't one of our higher earners. If this helps us retain Doran and/or Walsh I would say it is worth it

    - We have a young left-back in Cameron Harper who the club seem to think highly of, and who will be much cheaper

    - Age is a bigger issue than it ever was in football. Given the pace of the modern game and fitness requirements too, it's not exactly common for players to keep going into their mid-to-late thirties even at this level. The only outfield players at full-time Championship clubs who are older than Tremarco: Mark Kerr, Christophe Berra, Brian McLean, John Sutton, Darian MacKinnon and the mighty Stephen Dobbie. Only MacKinnon plays a role that involves a lot of running up and down the pitch, and he's regressed rapidly in the last year or so. Tremarco has still put in great shifts this season but he's already a bit slower than at his peak

    I do wish the club could have kept this under wraps until they were ready to announce it, rather than it getting to the press first. Carl certainly deserves better.

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  20. Thoughts:

    - the SPFL's priority seems to be to get the 2020/21 season starting as close to normal time as possible. This is because of the new Sky TV deal; presumably delaying the implementation of that would cost them more money than paying back Sky/BT for the remaining 2019/20 matches not going ahead.

    - there is no plan that is totally fair here - as stated above there are plenty of faults with each plan. Therefore the mostly likely outcome is the one that appeases the most clubs

    - relegated clubs - particularly Hearts - are likely to call in the lawyers. Whether they have a case or not, a legal challenge could hold up things for a long time, especially with a backlog in court cases as a result of the current situation. Not being able to start the league at all as a result of this would be a nightmare

    - therefore it would seem that the best way to prevent this would be to have promotion but not relegation, therefore expanding the top flight

    - the nugget about reconstruction in the SPFL statement suggests they know that reconstruction (at least for 2020/21) will be required to ultimately keep clubs sweet and avoid legal challenges

    - I suspect Rangers are bleating mainly to keep their fans happy (they have someone on the SPFL board that put together this plan, after all!) and may try and bargain for Colt teams in exchange for agreeing to this


    Or, you know, the SPFL could just be making it up as they go along. They do have a bit of a record of doing that...

  21. I imagine the story is rubbish but its fun to speculate...

    If they were looking to buy a Scottish club, they would I presume want a Premiership one if possible so the players were playing at as high a level as possible. But I'm not sure many of them would be candidates for this - Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs would surely be too big to want to become feeder clubs, while Motherwell and St Mirren are fan-owned/on the way to being fan-owned and Uncle Roy surely wouldn't sell Ross County. That leaves Hamilton, Kilmarnock, Livingston and St. Johnstone.

    Aside from being in the Championship, we are probably as good an option as any of those four, and our financial issues surely mean that our board would be more open to selling the club. And we play in (mostly) blue, which would fit with Chelsea.

    I'd be open to this to be honest. It's not like it's easy to attract players here anyway - they may as well be Chelsea youngsters as central belt journeymen. And surely it can't be any worse than our increasingly likely fate of being stuck outside the top flight indefinitely.

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  22. Morton have put up highlights on YouTube.


    All five goals are defensive shockers. Morton's centre-backs don't seem to realize that the heading ban only applies to under-12s. Their keeper made some fine saves, particularly the double block from the White deflected shot then MacGregor on the rebound.

    Both Morton's goals came from Rooney getting skinned by Cadden (?). For the first one the cross really shouldn't get through McHattie to the back post, Nesbitt is unmarked because Storey wasn't tracking back, and Ridgers makes a hash of the shot and lets it through his legs. For the second Tremarco thinks the ball is going out and clearly doesn't realize Tumilty has nipped in on his blindside - otherwise he would surely have made more of an effort to shield it. Everyone has gone to sleep as a result, so Carson doesn't expect the cutback and it ricochets off him to give Lyon a tap-in. 

    Still, Morton have been in good form recently and are still in the playoff race. That's three points on the board on a night where everyone else was dropping points.

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  23. Not sure about the "dogs in the street" line (🤣🤣🤣) but otherwise I thought the club statement was pretty damn good. I particularly liked the description of the referee's input about the incident. Its clear that Greg Aitken gave the panel perfectly straightforward grounds to uphold the appeal (ie there was actually clear contact) and it is simply inexplicable that they still felt the red card was justified.

    I think its unlikely the panel will be outed by journalists - its not like we're Rangers or Celtic, so they won't be fussed enough to do so - but I wouldn't be surprised if other clubs are indeed backing us here, if only because they have their own interest in overhauling the disciplinary system.

    It'll be interesting to see what the SFA do next. I think its pretty certain that Keatings won't suddenly get a reprieve. However the statement probably does enough to question their integrity that they could act against the club. On the other hand, they could probably do without keeping this omnishambles in the news for any longer than absolutely necessary, so my bet is that they'll quietly wait for it to all blow over.

  24. I was surprised that we'd had as many as 23 shots - it didn't feel like that, mainly because the Alloa keeper wasn't tested too often. It was a strange game where we had Alloa hemmed in almost from start to finish and yet they not only scored but missed at least three great chances (two of which were superb Ridgers stops. His block from Trouten near the end was as good a save as I'll see for a while).

    It's tough against a team like that who keep nine men back whenever we have the ball. We actually worked it into lots of good positions in the first half only for the finish or the final touch to let us down. Walsh looked really sharp in the no.10 position but ran out of legs after the break. We were so dominant out wide I wish we had moved Storey more central to offer another option in the box; Rooney had control of the right flank on his own.

    The biggest disappointment for me is that we ran out of ideas in the last 15 minutes and resorted to hoof ball when Alloa were tiring and struggling to keep their shape. I'd have liked us to keep doing what we were doing. It didn't help that MacGregor failed to have anywhere near the impact Walsh had and so we strugged to pick our way through.

    Glad to see Welsh back. We are infinitely better both going forward and defensively when he is on the pitch. I'd have him and Carson as the starters next week.

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