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  1. Would be delighted if we signed Tumilty. He was very good for Raith in 2020/21 and started last season well too; his form went off a cliff in the second half of the season with the rest of the Raith team but I thought he had a chance of a move to someone like Livingston this summer. Certainly Raith are disappointed that he is likely to leave. He's a very attack-minded full-back and would surely free up Carson to go back into midfield (FWIW I think Carson has been generally very good at RB)

  2. Club accounts for 2020/21 are tough to analyze because of Covid losses - and also because of the funding clubs received from the government as a result.


    As regards ICT's own situation, I would put forward this question - How many full-time clubs in Scotland are not running either at a loss or close to the wind, year-in, year-out?


    At the top end you have Rangers and Celtic. Rangers have run up extraordinary losses since 2012 and probably require Champions League football to make a profit. Celtic either need Champions League football or to see a player for an eight figure fee to cover the shortfall.


    In last season's Premiership there was also Aberdeen (wealthy American backer), Hearts (fan-owned but getting more than £3m a year in 'donations' from a wealthy supporter), Hibs (wealthy American backer), Dundee United (wealthy American backer), Dundee (wealthy American backer) and Ross County (uncle Roy). That's six more clubs not really living within their means. The other four are St. Mirren, Motherwell, St. Johnstone and Livingston, each of whom are very frugal and each of whom could quite conceivably end up stuck in the Championship for a sustained period like us.


    In last season's Championship there was Kilmarnock (who will have run up a big loss to get back into the top flight). The other full-time clubs in our league with similar budgets to ours were Hamilton, Partick, Raith and Dunfermline, none of whom are raking it in. Ayr, Morton and QOS I think had even tighter purse-strings.


    Below us were Queen's Park (wealthy backer), Airdrie (who have a hybrid of PT and FT players) and Falkirk (who are a basketcase).


    My belief is that unless you have a lot of outside money coming in, then a club of our size can't currently turn a profit unless they are in the Premiership and probably punching above their weight (ie in the top six). It's also my belief that the only way to make a small fortune out of a Scottish football club is to start with a big fortune.


    The two concerns going forward for us and clubs like us are 1) that directors at some point can no longer be persuaded to cover the shortfall (which seems unlikely but can never be ruled out) and 2) that we get overtaken by smaller clubs who do have money. Queen's Park are a potential example; Cove Rangers (who are currently part-time) could be another in the future.


    The only answers to our problems are 1) getting promoted or 2) getting our own Roy MacGregor. 

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  3. 37 minutes ago, RiG said:

    I feel like that statement was updated after it was posted. I didn't see Hardy mentioned in it at all... 

    I feel like you're being nice because you know I'm now worried I'm going senile!

  4. Hardy isn't mentioned as having left - I wonder whether that means he may be joining permanently - Yes he is, I'm clearly blind

    "a run which saw us not win a match in 3 months, following some horrible circumstances that quite honestly, no decent person should have to deal with"...if that's referring to what I think it's referring to, that's certainly an interesting way of putting it...


  5. Given how few players we have signed up, losing Deas or Carson would be pretty grim even if we got cash for either.


    The situation with Sutherland is tricky; we really should be looking after him but on our budget can we afford to pay a player who may not play at all, especially since we will probably be light on numbers as it is?


    Sounds like Devine and Welsh are coming back, and it would be a surprise if Cammy Mackay and Hyde didn't stay too.


    Doran has been a wonderful servant to the club but certainly seems be trending downwards. Hard to justify keeping him on. Is he not entitled to a testimonial by now?


    I remain unconvinced by Duffy and I suspect the management team are too.


  6. Signed up for next season:

    Mark Ridgers

    David Carson

    Robbie Deas

    Cameron Harper

    Scott Allardice

    Roddy MacGregor

    Tom Walsh

    Billy Mckay

    Austin Samuels


    Definitely leaving:

    Reece McAlear (end of loan)

    Logan Chalmers (end of loan)

    Joe Hardy (end of loan)

    Kirk Broadfoot

    Ryan Fyffe (signed for Buckie Thistle)


    Out of contract:

    Cammy Mackay

    Danny Devine

    Wallace Duffy

    Harry Nicolson

    Lewis Nicolson

    Aaron Doran

    Lewis Hyde

    Sean Welsh

    Shane Sutherland

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  7. I'm going to stick my neck out and say that Samuels could be a really good signing. I was very impressed with him against Kilmarnock, where he proved a decent physical match for Ash Taylor and he has pace to burn. He's clearly not a winger - we learnt that from the games at Hamilton and Partick earlier in the season. But I think with a run of games he could do really well. Obviously Sutherland's wonderful cross was the main factor in the goal but Samuels' instincts to attack that area of the boss, to get the jump on Akinola, were very encouraging.

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  8. "Robbie Crawford - The Globetrotting versatile Midfield player has transferred to Partick from Motherwell FC. The one time Rangers FC player has had spells in Iceland, Finland and in the USA with USL Championship club Charleston Battery."


    It's not the same Robbie Crawford who came through the ranks of Rangers. It's the one who came through at Ayr and more recently played for Livi and Motherwell...

  9. Kilmarnock need to go up this year, otherwise they are going to be in massive trouble financially. Therefore they are throwing everything at this. I expect even their loan signings are costing them some cash - they won't have been the only club looking to get in Daniel Mackay for example. Their budget is the highest in the division by miles and we can't possibly compete with it. Ash Taylor will be on crazy money.


    I'd like to think Dodds has a plan for all these attackers he has signed, but it may well be the case that he's taken a punt on several players who have plenty of upside (Hardy was good enough that Liverpool signed him as a 22 year old; Chalmers has been heralded as a star in the making for a few years at Dundee United) and if even one of them turns out to be a goalscoring machine then that will make a huge difference to us.


    I feel like we will be massively short in midfield when Welsh inevitably gets injured though...



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  10. 1 hour ago, Kingsmills said:

    Far from convinced that he has any more potential than our own young forwards and I would still like to see another defender.

    I mentioned my concerns about the signing on Twitter, but a lot of St. Mirren fans have been quite insistent that this kid is a talent and they think he'll do well for us. Fingers crossed.

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  11. On 7/2/2021 at 2:49 PM, Scotty said:

    think out of the box - season long loans for Luke Singh and Rocco Romeo from Toronto FC! With football still somewhat restricted over here, and former feeder teams in Ottawa and elsewhere not able to accept players, TFC do seem to look further afield for opportunities for loanees ..... why not us ! 


    Luke Singh (20) - decent (6'2") centre back who was called up from TFC II to the first team as a squad player for the CONCACAF Champions League match against Club Leon from Mexico. Got an unexpected start in that game and was then kept in the first team squad on an upgraded contract after doing well in the Champions League. Has made 2 additional first team starts for TFC in MLS and scored 1 goal. Currently loaned back to TFC II. Looks like a good prospect. Was on trial at Brondby at one point but made no appearances due to an injury. Recently called up to both the Canadian and Trinidad & Tobago national training camps as he is eligible for both until he decides who to represent. 

    Rocco Romeo (21) - another centre back (6'4" and solid) who looks like a decent prospect. Has not made any first team starts as he has spent most of the last two seasons on loan at HB Koge in Denmark. Another who was recently called up to the international camps and is currently trying to get into the Canadian Olympic Squad.  


    Neither would have a realistic chance of getting a work permit. 

  12. If Storey is away, we've lost eight first team players since the end of the season - Brad McKay and Kevin McHattie in defence, Scott Allan and James Vincent in midfield and Nikolay Todorov, Daniel Mackay and James Keatings in attack (I don't think Arron Lyall contributed enough to be called a first team player)


    I'd argue that we need to replace all eight. I think it would be ambitious to rely on Nicolson, Fyffe and Hyde to have the same impact that Harper, MacGregor and Daniel Mackay had last season.


    We've brought back Walsh, so that leaves another seven holes to fill.


    The current squad (only players who have played competitively for the first team listed)

    Goalkeepers: Mackay, Ridgers

    Defenders: Carson, Deas, Devine, Duffy, Fyffe, Harper, Nicolson

    Midfielders: Allardice, Hyde, MacGregor, Welsh

    Attacking midfielders: Doran, McDonald, Walsh

    Strikers: Sutherland


    We certainly need reinforcements at CB, either RB or CM (depending on where Dodds wants to play Carson), and up front and a guy who can play the no. 10 role as well.

  13. 43 minutes ago, RiG said:

    Miles Storey has posted on social media that he is assuming he will be off as no contract offer has been received and no one from the club has been in touch with him. Really poor to leave players in limbo like this and it wouldn't take much to reach out to them. There are plenty of rumours swirling around who has gone and who might be gone but some clarification from the club would be welcome. 

    That is pretty grim.


    From what I can tell, ICT are one of only four clubs in the whole SPFL who haven't confirmed player releases yet - the others are Celtic (whose player contracts run till the end of June), Annan (who have announced releases in dribs and drabs) and newly promoted Kelty Hearts. It is just downright weird that the club haven't said anything yet...and even weirder if they haven't bothered to tell the players either...

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  14. Gardyne is 35 but you wouldn't have known it from watching him last season. Whilst I imagine he doesn't have the same pace he had ten years ago he clearly keeps himself in excellent shape. He's also an extremely intelligent player and uses his experience to compensate for slowing down a bit. There's always an element of risk with signing players of his age but a guy who started 21 Premiership games last season is not to be sneezed at.

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  15. I was a huge fan of Walsh during his first spell with us. His ability to get half a yard on the full-back and whip in a dangerous cross with either foot is not to be sniffed at, and he offered a decent goal threat himself too. His spell at Ayr was wrecked by injuries - as was his second season with us - so the key here is keeping him fit. The thought of having two of Walsh, McDonald and Doran (if he signs a new contract) playing wide for us is pretty exciting.

  16. Think it's safe to say that both Gardyne and Vigurs are well past their best and are only going to decline further. Draper seems just too injury prone now. Mckay is an interesting one but I'm cautious about signing a striker who will be 33 in October and whose game is primarily based on pace and movement.

    I could see us showing an interest in Callum Morris, who has done well at this level before. Jermaine Hylton would be an excellent signing as a wide player but I don't expect he would be interested.

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  17. An updated list after today's news of new contracts and yesterday's news of Daniel Mackay's impending exit.


    Contract expiry dates:

    End of 2020/21 season: Cammy Mackay, Kevin McHattie, Brad McKay, Aaron Doran, James Vincent, James Keatings (already signed a PCA with Raith), Miles Storey, Shane Sutherland, Nikolay Todorov

    End of 2021/22 season: Mark Ridgers, Daniel Devine, Wallace Duffy, Ryan Fyffe, Cameron Harper, Harry Nicolson, Lewis Hyde, Anthony McDonald, Roddy MacGregor, Sean Welsh

    End of 2022/23 season: Robbie Deas, Scott Allardice

    End of 2023/24 season: David Carson


    With Keatings leaving, there are eight players whose status at the club for next season remains up in the air.

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  18. 14 hours ago, Satan said:

    The commentary was poor, but the actual video package/picture & camera quality added to the lack of replays made the commentary seem semi professional. 

    The club have had the ability to broadcast the game live with the cameras they use for highlights and with replays too since December (presumably with no added expense). However whoever it is that makes the decisions has decided that the Pixellot system, which the club is paying for, is the better option. Presumably they know best.

  19. What we know:

    - Raith Rovers' Iain Davidson got sent off against us on 16 March for a foul on Todorov.

    - There was a bit of a melee afterward in which Davidson grabbed Sean Welsh by the throat. The referee showed a second red card for that.

    - On 24 March Davidson was served a notice of complaint by the SFA for Excessive Misconduct. The hearing is on 15 April. It was reported in the press that this was related to "discriminatory comments made towards an Inverness player".

    - Today Nikolay Todorov was served a notice of complaint by the SFA for Excessive Misconduct. The hearing is on 29 April.

    - Aamar Anwar is the solicitor acting for Todorov. Anwar is representing Glen Kamara in the case of Kamara being allegedly racially abused by a Sparta Prague player.


    According to the ICT statement:

    - "it is alleged that Nikolay was subjected to racial abuse which left him shaken and upset. The alleged abuse was witnessed by others"

    - "Nikolay chose to follow SFA procedures and immediately reported the matter to the match referee and accordingly a tribunal hearing into these allegations is to take place on the 15th April 2021."

    - "The present allegations are viewed as cynical, in that it has taken nearly one month for them to appear after an original complaint was made by Nikolay"


    What we don't know:

    - What has Todorov allegedly done that constitutes Excessive Misconduct?


    According to the SFA, Excessive Misconduct "Means the commission of an offence listed in the Schedule of Offences in Annex C where there is an aggravation of that offence. Such aggravation may include, but is not limited to, (i) prolongation of the incident involving the commission of the offence and/or (ii) where a combination of different offences listed in the Schedule of Offences in Annex C have been committed and/or (iii) the continued use of offensive, abusing and/or insulting language and/or behaviour and/or (iv) calling a match official a cheat and/or implying that a match official is a cheat and/or calling a match official’s integrity into question and/or implying that a match official’s integrity should be brought into question and/or (v) failing to comply with a match official’s request and/or (vi) adopting aggressive behaviour towards a match official and/or (vii) the existence of any racist, sexist, sectarian and/or otherwise discriminatory element to the offence and/or (viii) the degree of any physical violence (ix) committing Unacceptable Conduct"


    - Why has it taken nearly a month for them to cite Todorov?


    Let's see how this pans out...

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  20. Contract expiry dates (I believe):

    End of 2020/21 season: Cammy Mackay, Ryan Fyffe, Kevin McHattie, Brad McKay, Harry Nicolson, David Carson, Aaron Doran, Lewis Hyde, Anthony McDonald, James Vincent, James Keatings (already signed a PCA with Raith), Miles Storey, Shane Sutherland, Nikolay Todorov

    End of 2021/22 season: Mark Ridgers, Daniel Devine, Wallace Duffy, Cameron Harper, Roddy MacGregor, Sean Welsh, Daniel Mackay

    End of 2022/23 season: Robbie Deas, Scott Allardice


    Here's the article confirming Welsh is with us for next season



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