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  1. I'm delighted to confirm that the club will be providing live audio commentary of Saturday's game.


    For those who can't attend, a link to a Periscope feed will go up on the club's Twitter shortly before kickoff, probably just after 1450. This seemed to work okay when we tried it towards the end of last season so hopefully it'll go fine again.


    For those who complained I was too loud when Coll Donaldson scored against Ayr in the playoffs, I can't promise that won't happen again :wink:

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  2. Expect Arbroath to play 4-4-2 so our 4-2-3-1 should match up favourably against that.


    Looks like McKay, Rooney, Curry and Welsh are going to miss this.


    Carson has really struggled at RB from what I've seen. I remember Tremarco had to play one game last year (against Ayr I think) at RB and I wouldn't be surprised if we move him there. McHattie presumably would then go to LB though I feel like if Harper is as good as Robbo thinks he is then he should get a shot.


    The key here is going to be finding the best CM duo out of Trafford, Carson, Vincent and McHattie. Trafford has really gone off the boil but he is the most natural defensive midfielder of the lot and his physicality will be important as Arbroath are not short on that. I'd have Vincent over Carson at the moment.


    I'd go with the same attacking quartet that started at Tannadice rather than pitch Storey in.

  3. This is surprising and interesting in equal measure. Scott Burns is an excellent source so I assume its true.


    In his first spell with us I was a big fan. He was certainly streaky in front of goal but his workrate was outstanding and he has pace to burn. He was an excellent fit for Yogi's team because of his ability and willingness to get in behind and chase the ball into channels.


    He's had a dreadful time of it since though. At Aberdeen he struggled to get gametime and when he did play it always seemed to be out wide where his impact was limited. That seemed to drain his confidence and he didn't get it back at Partick Thistle, where they also seemed to stick him on the flank most of the time. His performance for Thistle against us last September summed it up - he tried unbelievably hard but every touch was too heavy, every decision was the wrong one and to cap it all he missed a penalty!


    I'm convinced there's a player there though. I wonder how Robbo intends to use him? If it's as a wide player I think he'll struggle. In theory a little-and-large front two with White or Todorov could work I suppose. Robbo seems to like a big centre forward though so I'm not sure we'll see him as a lone frontman.

  4. 14 hours ago, Alan Simpson said:

    Some of the posts on here are class we sign some completely unknown goat herder from Bulgaria it's and I quote "quite remarkable how Robbo does it" Utd sign the best player in the division but yet him and Neilson are suddenly terrible !  Dark horses for a play off spot get a £10 on it Morton gonna pay for my week in Shagaluf nxt year!


    Firstly, Todorov has been on the books of Nottingham Forest (2014-15), Hearts (2016-18) and Falkirk (2019) and had loan spells at Livingston and Queen of the South. Anyone who watches lower league Scottish football will at least have heard of him.


    Secondly, "unknown goat herder from Bulgaria" has racist overtones and should be called out as such. I'll judge our players on their performances and attitudes, not their nationalities.

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  5. 2 hours ago, northstandfan said:

    my dream team would be the team that won the scottish cup

    It'll be interesting to see how the views of older and younger supporters compare - those who joined the ranks after 2004 and are used to top flight football will be familiar with higher quality players, whereas those who watched the club in the lower leagues will have attachments to those who stood out in the early days...and to the ones who went ballistic!


    My own opinion is that Ross Tokely, Bobby Mann, Charlie Christie, Barry Wilson and Dennis Wyness should be shoo-ins. What that quintet accomplished in our colours is astonishing. Tokely, Christie and Wilson played for us in all four divisions, Bobby is surely our greatest ever captain, and Dennis' goalscoring was astonishing (as were his stepovers!).


    As for the other choices, I like the idea of an exception being made for Alan Hercher, our first club captain and scorer of a hat-trick in our first league game. As Charlie Christie himself put it, “Alan was more than a terrific football player; he was a terrific individual who was hugely respected by all those who played alongside him and against him." Besides, I don't think there is a real standout in the other options to fill the second central midfield spot anyway!


    My own XI:

    Jim Calder - the last Thistle player, a proper cult hero and one of the stars of that night at Celtic Park

    Ross Tokely - more appearances for the club than anyone else by miles - that record will surely never be broken

    Bobby Mann - our greatest ever captain and an outstanding centre-half. His ability to ping the ball to a teammate 40 yards away was astonishing at that level

    Grant Munro - always seemed like the second-best central defender we had at any one time, but a local product who made over 300 appearances for the club and would have been a one club man if Terry Butcher had allowed it!

    Graeme Shinnie - captained us to Scottish Cup glory. Consistently one of the best left-backs in the country while playing for us and has gone onto international recognition

    Barry Wilson - immense in his first spell at the club, and scored two of the most special goals of the early era - vs Celtic and Motherwell in the Cup. Came back from Livingston to help us to promotion and was an important factor in our first few top flight campaigns. Now on the coaching staff

    Charlie Christie - the last Caledonian player, seemed to get better as we went up the leagues and orchestrated the attacks in the gung-ho Pele days. His spell as manager was better than was often acknowledged. Now our head of youth development

    Ian Black (if I can't have Hercher) - the toughest pick to make. I went for a midfielder who always gave everything, who liked a tackle but could also pass the ball beautifully (I would happily pick Russell Duncan, Ross Draper and Paul Sheerin here too)

    Jonny Hayes - the second toughest pick to make, because it means leaving out Barry Robson. But Hayes was my favourite ICT player of the last decade. No tricks, just pace, balance and a work-rate that 99% of wingers don't have. A wonderful player who deserves all the success he's had since he left us

    Dennis Wyness - our record goalscorer, and a technically gifted player who was a joy to watch

    Billy Mckay - could just as easily choose Richie Foran, Paul Ritchie, Adam Rooney or Iain Stewart here but Mckay's goalscoring between 2012 and 2015 was mental.




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  6. Loving this idea, which was mentioned in this article for the club website - https://ictfc.com/ict25-blog-liam-dalgarno


    "fans will also be involved in choosing the ICT25 Dream Team – the best 11 players to have played for the club since 1994.  A short-list of three players per position will be available for fans to vote for.  To make the short-list players must have played 100 or more games for the club."


    So let the debate begin!


    Here's the 47 players who have made more than 100 appearances for the club - please point out any I've missed! There are obviously a few utility players there (*cough* David Proctor *cough*) who could be put in another position.


    Goalkeepers: Mark Brown, Jim Calder, Ryan Esson

    Right-backs: David Proctor, David Raven, Mike Teasdale, Ross Tokely

    Centre-backs: Darren Dods, Bobby Mann, Stuart McCaffrey, Brad McKay, Josh Meekings, Grant Munro, Mike Noble, Gary Warren

    Left-backs: Stuart Golabek, Richard Hastings, Graeme Shinnie, Carl Tremarco

    Central midfielders: Ian Black, Paul Cherry, Charlie Christie, Ross Draper, Russell Duncan, Richie Hart, Liam Keogh, Mark McCulloch, Liam Polworth, Paul Sheerin, Greg Tansey, Iain Vigurs

    Wide midfielders: Aaron Doran, Jonny Hayes, Roy McBain, Barry Robson, Davie Ross, Nick Ross, Danny Williams. Barry Wilson

    Strikers: Martin Bavidge, Graham Bayne, Richie Foran, Billy Mckay, Paul Ritchie, Adam Rooney, Iain Stewart, Dennis Wyness


    Obviously I'm disappointed I can't pick Vetle Andersen or Marius Niculae, but never mind :tongue:


    Who would you have in your ICT25 Dream Team? :ponder:


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  7. 45 minutes ago, ictchris said:

    We've signed two players from clubs who finished below us last season, neither of whom were particular stand outs for those teams last season.  Todorov has scored three or four goals at this level in his entire career.  Vincent underwhelmed at Dundee and didn't stand out at Dunfermline either.  We have to hope that both will do better in our environment than previously.

    The big loss for us is Liam Polworth.  Last season he either scored or assisted 30% of our goals and the season before he scored or assisted 40% of our goals.  We need to replace that contribution.

    This is a fair assessment.


    When we signed Vincent the first time round we had just lost Andrew Shinnie. Whilst Vincent was a different sort of player he initially slotted into that advanced midfield role and gave us a different sort of attacking threat. We weren't particularly worse off as a result. However after he got an injury or two and Yogi came in he spent a lot more time playing wide which never seemed to be a good position for him.

    I wonder where Robbo intends to play him - in the areas that Polworth used to operate in, or in a more deeper 'Chalmers' role like the one he was playing at Dundee and Dunfermline?

  8. I remember Todorov having a blinder against us for Livingston in Autumn 2017...as a centre-back! The fact he can play there too won't do us any harm at all.


    I seem to recall that Livingston were quite fond of him when he played for them in League One and the Championship but he had a loan spell at QOS that was nothing special and spent the second half of last season stuck on Falkirk's bench. He's still relatively young though and Robbo knows him well - and presumably knows how to get the most out of him.

  9. When I saw the 'volunteers required' headline I assumed maybe they wanted a lick of paint on the walls, not something like this.


    I appreciate the club are going through an 'austerity' period just now, but is it reasonable to ask for people with specialist skills like digger operators and dumper drivers to do this sort of work for no pay? Personally, I don't think so.

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  10. I think there was more anxiety in the crowd than on the pitch at 0-1 down. Certainly there wasn't much in the way of panic, though we didn't play all that well. Ayr weren't all that adventurous and couldn't believe their luck when they picked us off on the counterattack. It's hard to think of another clearcut opening for them though. I thought our forward line didn't really click today, and we didn't get enough in an attacking sense from our full-backs until Rooney came on. Ayr clearly identified McHattie as the weak link and McDaid gave him a hard time. I would feel happier if Tremarco were fit on Tuesday.


    It's going to be hard to get past Dundee United - let alone a Premiership team after that - but I still feel we have a chance if we can keep our best players fit and get some momentum up.

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  11. Thanks for all the kind words, folks. Having listened back I got a bit excited when Donaldson scored and I hope I didn't damage anyone's eardrums!

    It'll be back to BBC and BTSport coverage on Tuesday night - not much point in us doing it as well, and the professionals will be using all the tech for their transmissions anyway! Hopefully there'll be more of this next season though, fingers crossed.

  12. Just to give folks a heads up that we should hopefully be transmitting live audio commentary of Saturday's game (if the technology behaves). As with the previous times the plan is to use Periscope. 10-15 minutes before kickoff a link to the commentary should go up on the club Twitter feed.


    Be gentle with the criticism - I'm doing it solo and it's a hell of a long time to talk on your own! ?

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  13. 3 minutes ago, bdu98196 said:

    Tedious link with all former clubs (although not suggesting he was a main protagonist in these occurrences)

    Rangers - Liquidation

    Hearts - Administartion

    Dundee - Administration x2

    ICT in significant debt with losses ....................

    Inverness Caledonian Thistle is delighted to announce the appointment of a prominent figure in Scottish football administration as its new Chief Executive Officer.

    This isn't fair at all. His role at Rangers was as Commercial Sales Manager, so he'll have had nothing to do with their admin/liquidation. He joined both Dundee and Hearts after their spells in adminstration.

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  14. The good news - he has plenty of experience from having worked in significant roles at Rangers, Dundee and Hearts.


    The not so good news:

    Dundee and Hearts fans have not been positive about him...


    While not “officially” its heavily rumoured he was binned for failing to order seats for the new main stand. Changing the Hearts mascot so it would resemble his dog was also a weird, if inconsequential, move. @birkiegary can tell you about this time at Dundee.


    He was let go from Dens when it was apparent at start of season that we had no sponsors lined up, despite big promises from him. Known as spoofer to the fans, talked a good game but it was all just talk.

  15. From the club's point of view, this is just bad luck. I can easily imagine that last summer there was enough reason to believe he would get back to fitness to justify signing him, especially given the reports from his spell at Stranraer were so glowing. It's not ICT's fault, it's not the medical team's fault and it's certainly not the player's fault. Just one of those things.

    Whilst the club got a lot of criticism on this board for the lack of communication regarding the player, I'd say they were right all along to be discreet about the player's fitness issues - better to let Angus deal with such a dreadful prospect in his own time and with a bit of space.

    I feel so dreadfully sorry for Angus himself. It's awful for anyone so young to have to give up their career, and also awful to be left struggling with chronic pain at that age. It's great that ICT and Hearts are going to play a benefit match for him and I do hope he goes onto great things either in coaching or outwith football.

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  16. 38 minutes ago, Shorty said:

    Does that work even if dont have a twitter account

    I think (hope) it should work just by clicking on the link in the tweet. You should be able to access the tweet without a Twitter account, but perhaps one of the mods can keep an eye out and post the link on the matchday thread if I'm wrong about that?

  17. Just thought I'd spread the word that - all being well - the club will be providing live audio commentary from tomorrow afternoon's game against Falkirk.

    The plan is to put it up on the club's Twitter feed during the match via the Periscope streaming app - which means hopefully that it should easily be found either on Twitter or by checking down the twitter feed displayed on the matchday topic. You should just have to open the tweet and press play.

    It won't be much good for people at the game as the broadcast will be about 20 seconds or so behind real time, but hopefully it'll work well for those of you who can't make the game.

    We're still getting the hang of this, so constructive feedback would be appreciated.

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  18. I understand the AGM was last night? I'm surprised that there isn't any talk about it on the forum. Given the less-than-impressive accounts and the recent staff turnover, I was wondering if any interesting info had come out of it?

  19. I know the drainage issues are longstanding and well known, but to be fair the weather has been awful all week and this morning it was like a monsoon when I drove over the bridge. Hard to see how any pitch could cope with this. I also note the forecast is for more rain later so I doubt there will be any chance for it to dry out.

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  20. Given the number of points we've thrown away from decent positions this season, I'm pretty okay with boring 1-0 wins like that one. I didn't think we were particularly special but after we took the lead we were the only team that looked like scoring. Morton set out to suffocate us in midfield and stuck to it until about an hour in. Once they went two up top we had to sit a little deeper but we saw it out very comfortably. Our back four (plus McCart until he got injured) were all outstanding. I feel like I should single out Brad McKay for particular praise given his patchy form this season - aside from missing that chance in the first half he was flawless. In an attacking sense you can see that we miss Walsh because his pace allows him to get up to support White. I did think that McDonald looked very classy and it was a shame he got injured. I imagine Robbo would have liked to get Austin on but for having to use up 2 subs for injuries.


    As an aside, some folk may have noticed that the club were running live audio commentary on the game (with yours truly behind the mic) using Periscope. It was kind of a test run so we didn't make much of a deal of it beforehand but I'd be grateful for any feedback from people who did listen in. It's something we're hoping to do at 3pm Saturday games in the future, so all being well we'll try to do it again for the Falkirk game on 30 March.

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  21. It's worth noting that players can change squad number mid-season if they haven't played. So just because McCauley has got the no. 8 shirt doesn't mean Beith is away. The official website still lists him as well as McCauley; if he was gone I'm sure he'd just have been deleted.like George Oakley has been.

    I think it is safe to assume there is far more to this than is in the public domain. If he was still injured, or had picked up a new injury, I'm sure the club wouldn't have been coy about it and it would have been mentioned before now. Might there be personal issues here instead? I'm going to assume that there's a good reason for the lack of info here.

  22. I thought I might feel a bit less angry about the end of that game after I'd slept on it. Nope, turns out I'm just as angry.

    We've led in sixteen of our last twenty-seven games - and held onto that lead in just eight. That's a dreadful record, and even more so because it's the same pattern again and again. We sit deeper and deeper, we look nervous in possession, we make bad decisions, and we give away goals through individual errors.

    Some of it - Chalmers' idiotic shot from distance in the 90th minute when he had an easy pass on - is either players being panicky or just plain thick. This isn't a team of kids; they really should be capable of keeping their heads under pressure.

    Other bits such as the substitutions are a coaching issue. Either accept you're under siege and bring on a defender (McHattie at LB with Tremarco going more central) to deal with it properly, or bring on a player with fresh legs who will at least cover a lot of ground, chase the ball and maybe offer a counterattack threat (Austin or MacGregor). For the love of god, don't bring on a central midfielder with the turning circle of a bus who neither protects the defence nor offers any quality in possession. It does us no favours at all. And yet every bloody time Robbo seems to think bringing Trafford on will protect our lead. What's did Einstein claim the definition of insanity was again?

    I didn't think we were all that great last night, but we were much better than County. The problem is that I can't see County being that lousy next week, whereas it's very easy to see us being our own worst enemy yet again.

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  23. 3 hours ago, Weekend Hacker said:

    Narey's Toepoker recently compared Polly to Iniesta in a blog and referred to those who booed the MOM Saturday as neanderthal (I maintain the boos were for the bizzare nomination, not the recipient) so it shows what a polarising player he is.  Suggestion was that Polly would go and we - presumably the neanderthals to whom he refers - would get our just desserts.?

    The article you speak of is here: https://nareystoepoker.blogspot.com/2018/12/in-defence-of-liam-polworth.html


    And you appear to have done your best to misrepresent it.

    Anyone reading this can tell that the link to Iniesta is quite obviously tongue-in-cheek. I was comparing how elsewhere skilful players are lauded for what they do, whereas in Polworth's case his good bits (his assist for Walsh's goal, his incredible assists record last season, even that nutmeg of Billy King by his own corner flag) rarely get any praise whereas every mistake he makes comes under the spotlight.

    And the 'neanderthal' description was not used as a reference to the MOTM award (though the people sitting around me were not booing the award because it was 'bizarre', because they were making abusive comments about Polworth at the time too). It was a reference at the end of the article to those who abused his family earlier in the year, who slag him off every week regardless of what he does, who are making him a scapegoat for the team's - and the club's - ongoing struggles. And there are too many of them at home games. Frankly, anyone who thinks that booing their own player will actually improve his performance is not very bright.

    As for 'just desserts', I'm not sure what that even means?


    Put Polworth in a team with a centre-forward who shows any intelligence whatsoever in his off-the-ball movement (we certainly don't have one in our squad currently) and watch him fly. I'm fed up of seeing him driving into the final third with the ball and looking for a killer pass to play, only for his teammates to be tightly marked and either making the same runs they have done all game or just not running at all. And when he is either tackled or tries to force a pass that isn't on it's him who gets the blame every time instead of his attackers.

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