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  1. Great idea, if it's possible could you say what kind of distance from the grounds or where the supporters bus usually parks. Would like to go to more away games but the person I sometimes go with can't walk too far. Thanks for any away day info, it will be so useful. 

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  2. That is such a shame, never knew they didn't receive a medal for Scottish cup final.                                                          We should club together, get them a trophy/keepsake as a thanks for one of the greatest moments in our teams history 

  3. Feeling gutted right now, still a slight chance we can do it. So close today its heartbreaking, you could see at the end what it meant to the players.

    Proud of the whole team, lets hope we can keep as many of the squad as possible and finish lasts games in style and make it to the top next season :ictscarf:

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  4. I always bought a 50/50 ticket at every game but if your in getting a coffee at half time you never found out the winning numbers, so I stopped buying them, they used to have the winning numbers put up inside the ground every game but that stopped, not a lot of money but it would be an extra £20 odd pound from me a season into the club. To buy it automatically and receive the numbers in newsletter or email is great idea.