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  1. I like how the mod said that this thread is likely to get closed if dicks keep getting personal yet when this ridiculous post comes up, that said mod hasn't acted!! You mods don't give a **** do you or otherwise the dickhead who posted it would get told off. What odds on it me getting banned yet this above poster doesn't meaning he can get rude to other posters!! Tbh, I don't care because this forum is run by donkeys who don't care and is used by pricks who don't like it when their view isn't in agreement with theirs!! I used to like IHE and Caley D but even they, one who is a so-called mod can be rude to me. So mods, ban me all you like, I really don't f***ing care.
  2. The best place for you Mr IHE is the scrap yard because your an old ****** who is getting deluded!!! Stupid ****.
  3. I know this may not go down well but I don't give a **** because I'm entitled to my opinion. Its time for Kenny Cameron to act and sack John before its to late, Graeme Bennett would have acted my now. Before anyone mentions our injuries, I'm not going to accept that because it's no excuse and is frankly, a lame excuse. In my opinion, we can't afford to go down so its time to act before its to late. Time for Graham Alexander or Stuart McCall to come in and save us.
  4. Even better, get rid of both Brian Rice AND Mr Useless, John Hughes!!!!
  5. What the **** is happening this season!! I don't give a **** what you guys say, this useless dud needs to GO ASAP because we are useless this season and its all the managers fault, no strikers in during January when it was clear we were in DESPERATE need of one, which is being proved right now!! We are as ***** as Newcastle and that's saying something. The best thing we can do is, sack John "mr useless" Hughes, get in Richie Foran as interim manager then appoint a new manager as soon as, then completely rebuild during the summer, starting RIGHT NOW by signing players on pre contracts!! I am very pissed off right now because I know that we are much better than we're proving right now!!
  6. My very reliable sources are telling me that we are likely going to sign Michael Higdon and Victor Zapata-Caicedo in the next couple of days on free transfers until the end of the season. I am also very reliably informed that Barry Robson is coming to us next season after he gets released by Aberdeen at end of the season.
  7. Oi, don't put Immortal Squid onto this because I am not he, stupid dick!! Anyway, I fully expect we'll sign Michael Higdon or Victor Zapata on a free sometime soon. Oh and to an earlier post, I mentioned Storey and Fisher but that is the only 2 strikers we have, we need at least one more, if not 2.
  8. Well, its after midnight yet we've only signed 1, possibly 2 (Hughes signed?) yet no sign of a striker, unless there is late news! This club is a shambles and bothour chairman AND manager need questioned as to why no striker was signed when we are in desperate need of one!!!!!!! So this window only saw us sign Ryan Williams, Miles Storey and Alex Fisher, that is a disgrace!!! Only positive is that nobody left but tbh, he probably feels he should have.
  9. It's gone very quiet regarding a loan move for Yann Songo'o so I think an apology is needed because, I told you guys he wouldn't be coming but, as usual, I'm the bad guy for saying that !!
  10. The lack of transfer news or rumours is getting me irritated and tbh, is quite worrying!! Anybody got anything? I have one bit of news which is that, a) Abdul Osman is very close to signing a pre contract with us and b) Yann Songo'o has no interest in coming up here so that deal is OFF! Oh and DEANO96, Aidan Connolly would be a great signing for us but would he come?
  11. Shaun

    Abdul Osman

    I see the Inverness Courier link us with a pre contract move for Partick's Central Defensive Midfielder, Abdul Osman. It also says that we are looking to sign a few players on pre contracts ahead of next season which is very good thing for the gaffer to be doing in my opinion :). Certainly can't fault the club or gaffer on that. Not sure if he is worried about losing some of the out of contract players or he's just looking ahead to next season.
  12. What about Nicky Clark then? He has been told he's free to leave Rangers. He was a very good player for Queen of the South and scored a barrowload of goals for them but couldn't do it at Ibrox, I reckon he would be worth a shot :). Jason Cummings, Faisal El Bakhtaoui and Dominique Malonga would be great signings but unlikely to happen because our useless manager not keen on paying for players! God knows why though!!
  13. If we can't get Stokes or Hippolyte in then I'd like Darren Murray to be signed because he is on the transfer market by Shamrock.
  14. I can confirm that a bid of £250,000 has been made to Livi for Miles Hippolyte.
  15. With January only 3-4 weeks away, I thought I'd start a thread for the January window, only for players we know of so no rumours as that is what rumour section is for. It looks very likely that Conor Henderson will be signed up as he had a successful trial period. Also, its imperative that Miles Storey gets signed up. Not too sure about Tobi Sho-Silva so will leave it to you guys to discuss lol. For me, we need 1 or 2 strikers but if Henderson is signed, then it will be 1 striker due to fact only 1 or 2 players are rumoured to be all John will be allowed. Wouldn't mind seeing Darren Murray signed up eiti but he is contracted to a club so is unlikely to happen :(.