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  1. Hi Iain,

    I was 15 in 1953 and so I must have been at the Academy at the same time as you. What age would :smile:you have been in 1953?

    And what mutual teachers do you feel we may have had?

    And what street did you live in? I lived at that time in 46 Dunain Road ands a Sandy Maclean lived right opposite us -he was a taxi driver .


    Cheers, Roderick

  2. For Scarlet Pimple: I joined the Academy in 1953 prior to going to Canada. Should I know you, do we have mutual friends? I am in Belleville, ON. Feel free to contact me through Royal LePage Belleville. Regards, Iain
  3. In the late forties I recall Clayuck and Forty Pockets. There was also a fiddler who often played at the Greig Street Bridge but I cannot remember his name.
  4. First time I ever tasted Coca Cola was in Bianco's on Church Street. It was at room temperature and best of all it was free! He wanted to stay in my good books because he was courting my cousin Mary MacLean at the time and she was living with our family on St. Ninian Drive. They later married. I recall Scottie Bernardi had a barber shop across the street from a chip shop on one corner and Rossleigh garage on the other. I believe he served in Italy in WWII and was almost captured there. The story went that he was with two lads from the Western Iles who spoke Gaelic to the Germans and were released. Enjoyed hearing of the places I frequented as a wee boy. Small world though, I was in a pub in London , Ontario in 1981 and met a lad who was in my class at the Central School. Dr. Bob Lindsay. Shares in Tennents Breweries got a real boost that night I can tell you! I had left Inverness for Canada in 1953. Got back in 1967 while on leave from Germany and managed a week in Inversnecky but could not find any old pals. They are all in their seventies now! Lads like John MacDonald, Robbie Barron, Donnie Stewart, Donnie Cameron, Arthur Butchard and Duncan Chisholm.
  5. BM I am virtually certain that the Serafinis had the West End Chip Shop opposite the Tarry Ile. I've been trying to pair Inverness-Italian families with their establishments with only partial success. Can anyone help? Serafinis - West End chipper. Salvadoris - Greig St cafe. Coffrinis - Ness Cafe. Pagliaris - wee blue ice cream van with the Harry Lime tune. ????? - Locarno Bernardis - shop at the bottom of Stephen's Brae. Turrianis - ?????? ????? - Rendezvous. Guibarellis - Bught then the Hilton chippie. Also, was the Locarno the one on Adacemy St that opened through into the market as well or was it the one up nearer the Phoenix? In that case, what was the "other" one? And who owned the Academy St chipper? Were the local branch of the Rizzas also active in the business in Inverness? As far as I am aware, the only Italian family still in the food retailing business is the Guibarellis at Hilton because after Mike died last year the son took it over. What a loss all these establishments are to Inverness culture and what a huge part they played in the middle years of the 20th century. When I was in the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden a few years ago I came across an audio interview of I THINK Scotty Bernardi describing playing football whilst in internment on the Isle of Man during WW2. In 1940 Churchill simply said "collar the lot" and every single British resident of Italian and German extraction was interned on the spot, including, one supposes much of the Inverness Italian community who had been here for years. Forgot this lot: The Bannermanis - various supermarket caffs, e.g. Lipton's, Coop (Montague Row), Presto's, Safeway (Academy Street--sadly missed). When ye think about it, the Italians introduced a whole lot of junk food to town--wonder what the Sneckites did for quick foods before that?