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  1. Caman

    Season Ticket

    Thank goodness for that. I have been worried all week about it.
  2. Caman

    Liam Polworth

    Polly was a bit out of sorts today I must admit. But he did get his usual assist to his credit. I won't mention the 1st half free kick that bounced off a passing easyjet plane (oops I just did). 😀
  3. Caman

    Cove Rangers Match

    Agreed. Midfield did not control the game. V##### infleunce and bite clearly missing. Walsh looked lively when he came on, but more of a last 3rd type player than a midfield general.
  4. Caman

    Cove Rangers Match

    We won easily against a Cove (or was it Nairn County) side who make Brechin City look like Barcelona. Could have been 6-0. Nobody was particularly bad, and nobody was particularly brilliant. Some are stll on holiday/friendlies mode me thinks. Need to be sharper, but I'm sure it will come. I think £5 for everybody would have been a better price given the 'entertainnment' provided. 😀
  5. Caman

    Cove Rangers Match

    Try saying that whole 1st sentence without taking a breath. No chance lol.
  6. Caman

    Cove Rangers Match

    Ticket sales not great for tomorrow I believe. Apparently there's something on the telly at 3pm tomorrow? 🤣
  7. Caman

    Liam Polworth

    OFW back here later in year after his loan runs out. Wiil effect January transfer window budget.
  8. Caman

    Liam Polworth

    Will this be his last season as an ICT player? If he gets the undeserved grief he has in previous seasons then I think it will be. I am anticipating a PCA in January with the likes of Dundee or Motherwell tbh.
  9. Caman

    The Pre-Season Thread

    The future's so bright I've got to wear shades. 😎
  10. Caman

    Russia - The World Cup

    Fact - Scotland have played Croatia five times. Beat them twice and drawn the other three.
  11. Caman

    The Pre-Season Thread

    No. He's a man. Unlike us women he can't multi task. 😀
  12. Caman

    Cove Rangers Match

    I agree. Time this was shared with us so we know.
  13. Caman

    Cove Rangers Match

    That's the friendlies out the way. Saturday sees the start of the new season. Wonder what the starting line up will be?
  14. Caman

    Season Ticket