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  1. If it was the boards priority instead of wasting money on co tract renewals for players managers didn't or need but were fan favourites.
  2. Where did it all go wrong? When a Premier league team in 2012 had the training facilities of a league 1 part time team . Our injuries and strains are a testament to a club that puts moving the ticket office at the stadium ahead of building a shower at Fort George. Why should any player choose caley thistle over any league 1 or championship side today when our record of destroying players careers and legs is there for anyone to see . Our league 1 facilities have an inevitable gravity that restricts our youngsters development and our first teams performance. How many league 1 and championship teams have worse facilities than caley . This is why Robertson was so focused on this.
  3. Everyone but macgregor as a sub. Dunc needs to give his head a wobble.
  4. Good luck to him. He's been a good player for us . Did we get any money for him?
  5. How long is Lewis Nicholson out for?
  6. 2 -1 to inverness with roddy supplying the second after coming on as a sub. #InDuncWeTrust #AnythingCanHappenInNext45min
  7. Maybe because boyes is being recalled.
  8. Would 3 defenders up front score less goals?
  9. Doubt it. Didn't realise we were all CEO fans rather than football fans. The team the results the experience that's what we support. Wouldn't even know Scott's name if we winning. Who was ceo with Pele? With butcher? With Robertson first time round? I don't know but I remember baltacha and foran as managers.
  10. How was Adam Brooks. I still think there is a player there or was this just his level?
  11. At least we can interview Welsh on the podcast now....it should be a mission to track down every squad escapee if they don't let us talk to the current squad..
  12. We are in so much trouble... I hope I am wrong but I see Queens Park winning by 13 goals today and arbroath sneaking a win .
  13. Without weatherspoon are we a relaxation risk. With sherrif are we a promotion candidate
  14. Sad we lost. But happy Brooks got his goal. We need more from the impact subs and maybe this is a start of a run for him. I think he has real quality that we have not seen yet.
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