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  1. Buster

    Music for the team to run out too

    Whatever happened to the big guy in the questionable shirts? His music and patter wasn't really my thing, but he engaged with the crowd and provided a bit of entertainment. The music in the past couple of seasons has been very drole and it feels like we're just tuning in to hospital radio.
  2. Buster

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    I've been told this was the contracted cut for players and some took a bigger cut. A lot of the bonus and appearance money has also been removed and not just for players. I was also told that our standard dismount payment for managers is 8 months pay unless there's less than that left on their contract and it then reduces accordingly.
  3. Buster

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    Having just read the post aimed at CaleyD earlier in this thread it would appear that Charles Bannerman slings more mud than most. CaleyD isn't shy about giving his views but he always backs them up with information and evidence. If I say a player has a bad game because they weren't doing something right, that's not personal. If CaleyD reckons the board aren't doing their job right and gives reasons, then that's not personal, even if he was sacked by the club. He stands accused of being up the arse of an ex chairman, by someone who appears to be up the arse of the current one. Hypocrit springs to mind.
  4. Buster


    Saw the manager on sky sports promoting the edinburgh derby, but no mention of any of our upcoming games.
  5. What old caley girl says the stuff that was in the statements when looking for people to get season tickets.
  6. Buster

    ICT Travel Club

    Seem very little hype about the game from the club so far, but hopefully that will pick up when tickets are on sale. Free U12s is great and we should be encouraging schools to take buses by subsidising tickets for teachers who take them.
  7. Buster


    Any hospitality packages announced?
  8. Previous board made mistakes, but always carried the cost of that. Current board making mistakes and expecting everyone else to carry the costs. Talk is meaningless. It's time for them to 5hit or get off the pot.
  9. Buster

    Christmas Greetings

    Merry Christmas everyone. Have a good day and take a moment to do, or plan to do, something kind for someone else. Slàinte mhòr!
  10. Savage and the McGilvrays are looking like a bunch of raving lunatics. The question now is, which group of lunatics will be controlling the asylum after the AGM?
  11. Buster

    Caley Jags Together

    Disappointing that the committee don't appear willing to communicate with fans. How can they expect to sort things out if they do not speak to people to explain what's wrong and how others can help? It all seems very closed shop. Why?
  12. Buster

    Caley Jags Together

    For the sake of balance it would be good if we could hear from one of the committee. Who is on there now?
  13. Buster

    Caley Jags Together

    How did this go?
  14. Buster

    Average attendance

    The club handled relegation better last time. They made a commitment to get the team straight back up and made funds available to back up the promise. All we got this time was a howler of a renewal (more like begging) letter that insulted the intelligence of the fans. A lot of promises made to try and play to the crowd, but little actual substance and people (rightly) didn't buy it. They still don't.
  15. The way I remember it, it was MacGillvray who was at the wheel when the club ran up crippling debts that could not be sustained and would have ended ICTFC less than 10 years after it started. He then went to support Ross County and, having fallen out of favour there for trying to stick his nose in, has now come back to do the same here. Bit rich for him to be playing the 'best interests of the club' card. Are people really trusting the words of a man with that history?