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  1. I believe Riccardo Calder has also been released.
  2. Just pointing out that promises of things being close to happening mean nothing where the club is currently concerned.
  3. They spent the best part of 2 years telling us they were close to finalising a deal for the stands. What about the foundation that we've also been close to completing set up for in that time as well?
  4. It's bad enough that the club seems to have forgotten that the majority of the fans are working class and families, without the fans forgetting it also. I'm fortunate that it doesn't impact me, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate that there are a good number of fans who it will impact upon. Families who buy 3/4/5 tickets who need to spread the cost (and there's still no finance option) and/or those who will have budgeted for it being paid after this months payday as they have been able to do in previous years. We should be doing all we can to get people signed up, not throwing unnecessary obstacles in their way. Right now the club board need all the good PR they can get, would it be so bad to honour the prices for renewals even if we do get promoted; by way of a thank you to those who have supported the absolute sh1tfest (off the park) that has been the last couple of seasons? It would certainly look better than the screwing those fans who are least able to afford it. Let's face it, given the grim financial position shown in the last accounts, the serious warnings in there from the auditors and signs that it has only got worse over the past 11 months; they should be thankful that anyone is risking giving money up front for anything right now. Ask the Rangers fans how that panned out for them.
  5. Set the team up to go at them from the start. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give the home fans some of the entertainment they've been starved of all season and get everyone in the mood for the play offs.
  6. Let's start with a miracle and go from there.
  7. I haven't suggested otherwise.
  8. Buster


    Nothing to do with the SFA.
  9. How much if you're 16?
  10. As with everything else this lot do, it's a complete fudge. They've not followed through on a single promise made since they stepped through the door and don't appear to be learning a thing from their endless screw ups.
  11. Push Tremarco into the midfield.
  12. Sorry if I confused you, I've already sorted my travel and wasn't looking to book.
  13. We took more to the final in Perth.