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  1. Is it really £100 a head for a couple of pints, a pie and a plate of stovies for hospitality?
  2. Heard that Robbo has frozen Machado out due to some fall out with him and his family over circumstances surrounding an offer we had from some European team.
  3. I think you've mistaken me for someone else.
  4. Sorry have I missed something? Why do we need a bus if everyone is boycotting the game?
  5. Yes but don't beat yourself up over it as nobody's perfect.
  6. Maybe it would be better if people put all the energy from hating on the SFA & Rangers into positively supporting the team on the day instead.
  7. Kingsmills is king of the pedants, but don't expect him to admit he's wrong. More likely to make a big announcement about leaving the forum before making more comebacks than Phil Mitchell in Eastenders.
  8. There is more than one way to skin a cat and it would appear that Keatings is now paying the price for Robbo's ill-advised rant.
  9. They also told us we wouldn't sell any players in the last week of the window.
  10. Lot of surface water on the roads around the stadium. Also just seen that the A9 is shut in two places due to flooding. Will need to take my waterwings for the game tomorrow.
  11. Before we sign General Apathy we need to know what position he plays in.
  12. Good win and nice to see that it was enough entice Robbo back out to do the interviews.
  13. I think we have enough to compete with Livingston and remain confident, but ffs Gregor. Maybe if you didn't spout the whole "Jordan is a God" position (when he's clearly not) the whole fecking time then people wouldn't push back so hard in the opposite direction. Give it a rest for everyone's sake, you're starting to sound like one of those embarrassing parents you happen upon down the park when the kids are playing.
  14. I can't wait for the release of "O Inbhir Nis, mìorbhuileach" and "Thoir dhachaigh e". I reckon it could be the catalyst we need to boost attendances and justify building the fourth stand.