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  1. Alan Simpson is immune. Rumour has it that Covid-19 has had to go into isolation having had contact with him.
  2. Has the forum caught a virus? I've got posts disappearing.
  3. There's a few people on here need to wake upnto just how nice and loyal most footballers are. Guys like Tremarco, Warren, Raven etc. where/are the exception and it wasn't that long ago that we were being told that a sizeable number of the squad were refusing to extend contracts which would have offered them and the club a bit of security going forward. Nowthere's an expectation that clubs keep players on in order to protect their income beyond the contract expiry dates? Tell them all to do one and perhaps they'll learn the lesson that you reap what you sow.
  4. I take it you're no longer of the view that this is just people making mountains out of molehills?
  5. Precisely that kind of slack attitude that has the world in the mess it's in now.
  6. Maths not your strong point I take it?
  7. One who's need to put food on the table is greater than the need to subsidise the inflated wages of many within football?
  8. Hopefully the Football Manager, CEO, Operations Manager, Stadium Manager, Commercial Manager, Safety Manager and any of the other growing number of managers at the club are leading by example and being the first to take a cut.
  9. Before we start preaching about mindless idiots, I think the club might want to make sure the manager and players are setting a good example by practicing proper social distancing and only leaving the house for the reasons laid down by government. It might be a nice thing to do, but as they say "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".
  10. I expect to see a pro rata discount for the games it doesn't look like we'll get this season or at least the offer of a refund so people can choose whether they want/need it or not.
  11. Not often Brad Mckay gets close enough to the opposition to pick up a red card, so positives and negatives there. Thought the team gave a good account of themselves. Consolation is that we now have one less thing to distract us from league priorities. The CEO is Robbo's best mate, so not a chance he's being sacked even if he merited it.
  12. Is it really £100 a head for a couple of pints, a pie and a plate of stovies for hospitality?
  13. Heard that Robbo has frozen Machado out due to some fall out with him and his family over circumstances surrounding an offer we had from some European team.
  14. I think you've mistaken me for someone else.
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