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  1. Buster

    4G Pitch?

    Now we've got ICTFC players hiding behind nicknames on here.
  2. According to one of his sidekicks, Mr Rae had to put a hand in his own pocket to cover wages and has said he will walk away once he gets that money back from the semi final income.
  3. Buster

    CEO Stands Down

    I'm assuming that the other board members can't just invite them back if they are voted off? Are you able to say how the Supporters Trust intend voting?
  4. Buster

    CEO Stands Down

    Were shareholders, specifically the Supporters Trust, given the opportunity to nominate someone for election to the club board at the AGM?
  5. Buster

    CEO Stands Down

    Very interesting Doofers Dad. I looked up the Marketing company named and it says it was dissolved by compulsory strike-off in 2015.
  6. Buster

    CEO Stands Down

    Crappy photo as I can't find this article online.
  7. 5 - Doran 3 - Chalmers 1 - Everyone else (or Donaldson if that's not allowed)
  8. Someone might want their flag back.
  9. Slow start to each half. We had only one foray into the opposition half after that dreaded defensive sub near the end. Great to get the points and team did ok considering they played 120+ minutes on Tuesday, but when will our manager stop making the same mistake and inviting unnecessary pressure on the team, we were just lucky it didn't cost us today.
  10. AGM on 18th March. Losses of £809k, but would/should have been £600k more (£1.4 Million in total) if not for some creative accounting; allocating the rent savings and other associated write-offs to last years accounts. Was nice to speak to the elusive Mr Bannerman in the Boardroom today and making full use of the free bar.
  11. So do we not have an SLO for these things anymore, or have you taken over as the SLO?