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  1. Did these guys not get given the reins because they were going to invest? Appears we've been duped.
  2. So much for all the cuts.
  3. You just have to look at how Fort William have improved. First league win in 882 days, not bottom of the league, not losing to double digits every other week.
  4. Fon Williams, Tudur Jones, Watkins and Sean. That's a pretty decent start for a Welsh team.
  5. Those weren't passes he was spraying wide, they were shots. They were so bad that they weren't even recorded as such.
  6. In fairness to Danny Devine, he was always good for a goal. It's just that it was always for the opposition.
  7. Reports today that football is, on average, more expensive now than it was 2 years ago. I wonder if clubs have seen the improvement in feeling from fans and seen it as room to squeeze prices up a bit more?
  8. If Charles Bannerman makes anymore comebacks I think the site admin should change his username to Rocky.
  9. I've gone and done some reading and I'm not sure holding up value/affordability as a victory in the wake of 8 years of declining attendances is a credible argument for the success of the survey. I'm not against the principles of the survey as it's an effective way to get the views of fans. However, what's the good in having that collective view if nobody is using it as a tool to push for change? If they are, then why are we not hearing about it? As an aside, do clubs or trusts get specific feedback on their own fans views from the survey? That would make for interesting reading and might get more people engaged.
  10. What changes have resulted from previous surveys? This is a genuine question. I feel like I've been filling in this annual survey for a good number of years (and already had again this year before posting on here), yet football continues to become more and more disconnected from the fans. It's almost as if it's designed to make fans feel like they are being listened to when they aren't really. If there was some kind of quantifiable benefit that could be shown, then perhaps more people would be encouraged to fill it in?
  11. What is the point of these surveys? We have one every year but nothing ever changes.
  12. Buster

    New ICT Podcast

    You should get Alan Simpson and Gregor on together.
  13. According to Gordy Fyfe the club have earned £100k from Ryan Christie now having made 40 starts for Celtic. When asked why the club hadn't put out anything about it, he said that it was because the Chairman has been away working in America.
  14. What ever happened to the foundation that was being set up to help fund the academy and increase opportunity for our youngsters? Surely the aim of that foundation isn't to ship them all out en masse for others to look after?
  15. The announcer doesn't seem to know who our current players are half the time so I'm not surprised he couldn't name the legends.