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  1. Buster

    New Kit

    It's ok, but after the disappointment of the third kit being a rip off of the Sampdoria away kit I was hoping for something a bit more unique and standout.
  2. Buster

    New Kit

    The third kit's ok, but it comes across as a half-assed/lazy to rip-off of Sampdoria's away kit from last season. Too much to expect something original for a kit marking 25 years? Also think the silver badge looks naff. Are we getting a new home and/or away kit as well?
  3. Always a worry when players held in high regard make a return as they seldom live up to the inflated hype. Hope Vincent bucks the trend.
  4. Email said individuals could do it also, but that it needed to be a business or charity name that goes on the shorts.
  5. I got an email from the club saying that by entering the raffle for shorts sponsorship, which costs £200, they will give me 20 tickets (10 pairs). That's a bargain and much cheaper than a season ticket.
  6. If I'd said that then King Louis would have had my head removed. I wonder if it's you or me getting special treatment? Maybe both?
  7. Unless you can produce a copy of his contract then how lucrative his contract was is, at best, speculation. Threads have been moved to the rumour mill and users banned for less.
  8. Buster


    Can't find any new links or archives on the new site, so I dunno.
  9. Buster


    3100 for a midweek game against St Johnstone would have been good numbers. Must have been seen as a success by the club as they did it again for a match versus Partick Thistle after that. Does anyone know why the club has deleted all its old stories for the website? A lot of the links for things on google aren't working.
  10. Surely this is pure conjecture, and more suited to the Rumour Mill?
  11. Buster

    Social Club

    He says himself later in the thread. In regards to the second bit, you're not beyond posting 'rumour and speculation' yourself on the main part of the forum. How about you accept you jumped the gun, move it back and stop making yourself look like an even bigger dick than you already do.
  12. Buster

    Social Club

    It has been posted on the social club social media and confirmed on there by Alan himself so you can move it right back to where it was anytime you like, thank you.
  13. Buster

    Social Club

    Alan has been 'let go' from the social club without any proper reason. Also hearing rumours that the football club will not be renewing the lease because they want the place closed and people drinking at the stadium pre and post-match instead.
  14. I believe Riccardo Calder has also been released.