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  1. Is anyone really surprised at Robbo's tactical naivety? He was only ever a success with Donald Park by his side.
  2. Who's going to sack Robbo? His best mate the CEO?
  3. I was being a bit naughty as I doubt Robbo will even be in their top 20 to be manager. For other positions being talked about, however??? If we're talking about the state of clubs, I'd rather we were in Hearts position than ours right now. Or have people forgotten that we still have the begging bowls out to try to find the cash to see us to the end of the season?
  4. No he hasn't. He has just said that he is here untill told otherwise and that could mean clubs are discussing compensation.
  5. Credit to Jordan White's brother who scored for Lazio this evening.
  6. Everyone wanted to believe, but now reality is hitting home.
  7. Need the handbags to take in your own pie these days.
  8. Grim...right on theme for Halloween, I guess.
  9. Buster


    Can understand changing the thread title as I maybe went a bit far calling our very own Boris a Pr*ck, but I was making a statement and not asking a question.
  10. Buster


    Well, if it's not my favourite stalker back to say hello. You and Charles must be about level on the comeback count. Wonder who will be #1 at Christmas?
  11. Buster


    He's felt the need to close down his FB page, so must be an innocent misinterpreted comment after all.
  12. Buster


    Guess those who chose to go support the team At Morton yesterday and couldn't make the Hall of Fame can be under no illusion as to what they're thought of at the club. Here's to the "True Supporters" who lined the pockets of the Drummossie Hotel 🍺 P.S. JO has always claimed to be a die hard Clacher. Seems like his loyalties are cheaply bought.
  13. Too many unforced changes with no apparent tactical reason and too much loyalty being shown to some players who have consistently underperformed. No need to panic but Robbo needs to get back on top of things, and soon.
  14. Will have to join the queue as we're still waiting on the big game for the 25th Anniversary and I think Esson is also due a testimonial match.
  15. If each development player is costing us about £25,000, then surely the fact we signed so many is the reason those costs have increased and not just Project Brave? That's more than some first team squad players will be costing us.