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  1. Well I may not have found the Newspaper article I was looking for when I first came upon this site but I have found one with my father in it. This is him on the right and possibly his brother Victor beside him. He is 85 now and in a retirement home...I am going to see if I can have my niece...who lives close to where they are...if she can get him to confirm Victor and possibly who was playing and who won. His memory is not too good these days. Have added their wedding photo. Much thanks to 'The Immortal One' for posting this. Regards, ~E~
  2. Thanks IBM. This shows that they did not live at the address I have where my aunt was born. Either a mistake on the part of the person that gave me the info or they were visiting. Perhaps they were still living in Aultnacardoch, Kirkhill where my father was born and my Grandmother went to town...she would have been 45 when she had my aunt. The record at Scotlands People only states Inverness.
  3. Thanks Scotty...that's the road. Great tool. Will update that info. I have this branch going back to the early 17th. century so far and am hoping to find more recent info on the relatives from the last century. Thanks to all...much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the reply & the info IBM...much appreciated. Had an Uncle James Duncan Mackay...he would have been 61 in 1980. No idea on his profession but believe he lived out his life in Inverness after the war. ---------------------------- Charles - My mistake, it was South Drive...about eleven years ago I had a woman research the National Records...she provide me with that address as the birth place for my Aunt. I later tried to find the location on google street view with no joy. Found an Inverness forum and inquired there. Was informed the name of the street had changed...I made note of the new name and located the street and did a walk about. I failed to update the tree with that info...just spent the last hour trying to locate the note and the forum. [thanks for that ] Forum is gone...note probably is as well. Checked the old postal directories by street name...not there either. Although Crown does sound familiar. Thanks for the info. Onward through the fog ->-> Regards, ~E~ Forgot to add - I did check the Crowns..street, drive, ave. - none fit.
  5. Hi Scarlet, Thanks for the welcome/reply. I've gone through a few quakes here...am getting quite used to them. It's like being in one of those fun houses where the floor moves side to side. Live on the inside of the island...in a rather sheltered bay. The water has never risen more than a couple inches during the major ones. They have been predicting the big one for years...I will more than likely be gone by the time that happens. Now you be careful stepping outside your door....mind none of those speeding cars or buses in the city run you over. Slàinte, ~E~
  6. Hi, As the members here seem to be well versed in the history of Inverness I wonder if any of you might be able to steer me in the right direction. I am trying to locate an article/photo from an Inverness Newspaper. I have not been able to locate any archives. The article would date to the second world war. It depicts my fathers family, who apparently were the largest serving family from Inverness at the time. My father himself being the second youngest and not of an age to serve at the time. These were the children of James and Jessie Mackay. James was a Telegraph Linesman. Jessie was a mid-wife that also worked as a cook in one of the hospitals in Inverness. They passed in the 60's. In all they had thirteen children. Born in various place in the highlands. Kiltearn, Dingwall, Sandside farm/Reay, Lochinver/Assynt, Muir of Ord, Aultnacardoch/Kirkhill with the youngest born South Side Drive Inverness. The oldest son John Murdo Mackay enlisted in the Royal Scots Greys in 1934 moving up the ranks to Major/MBE. He passed in Edinburgh in 1998. I located his and his wife's obits online and have only came across a mention of him in a guest book for a Scottish Military site from a Mary who stated he was her Uncle. No contact info. My father was a Sergeant in the RSG's then we moved to Coventry where he worked for Jaguar for a few years before moving the family to Canada in the early 60's. So here I am...living on Northern Vancouver Island working on the family tree with no relative contacts or photo's from that side of the family thus I would love to locate the article. Any input would be very much appreciated. Kind Regards, Eirene