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  1. Yep. But we'll take 2-0. Someone tell 'Archie McPherson' that Welsh, is the captain, Doran vice-captain lol
  2. Yep, Lee Harvey Oswald rigged it up. Then he escaped in a UFO.
  3. What's worse, 90 minutes of watching a bald headed linesman or 'error generic' non stop. This streaming lark is utterly s##t!!
  4. This streaming sucks. Ain't working for me either.
  5. Thought there was 100+ cases in MOO. My source of info will be demoted and matched around Pyongyang in full C##nty strip. That will shame him enough.
  6. Make the most of it folks. Heading for Level 2 thanks to Muir of Ord. Probably all C##nty fans!!
  7. Pretty shocked to see that Fon Williams was on the bench for Wales tonight!!
  8. 2nd in viewer rating between 'Strictly' and 'I'm Celebrity' last weekend. Not too bad.
  9. Aye fair play to the commentator who is doing his best. I loved his or####ic explosion at the penalty save!!!!
  10. It is buffering/crashed for me. Just me or same for everyone?
  11. Lovely lovely book. The paper looks quality as well. I did not touch it so cannot be certain. My Footman advised me it had a lovely texture to it. Now has pride of place in the football section of my Palace library. 👌
  12. It's to fit in with my Saturday morning routine. I am the boss after all 💋
  13. Just picturing you reading your paper IBM and deciding whether to listen to your Sony Walkman or watch a VHS video tape of your favourite Jim'll Fix it episode 😆😆
  14. an unfair psychological advantage to the Highland teams over the rest of the league. That will be a first then!!
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