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  1. No jabs here yet. Good that old codgers are feeling safer though. Albeit I fell out with an old wifie whilst queuing in a shop the other day. I asked her to keep 2 metres away. Reply 'It's alright son, I've had both vaccines'. I said, 'Lucky you, I've had none. Now get 2 metres away' Shopping queue rage, worse than road rage!!
  2. Big hurdle in St Mirren. But if achieved excellent draw in Kilmarnock or Montrose. Bet every one of the 4 teams is happy with those draws lol.
  3. St. Mirren, both us and them will be happy with that. Let battle commence. I'll take Cove Rangers if we make it to the quarter final. Lol.
  4. The 5th round/quarter final matches are 1 week after the 4th round.
  5. Morton going to extra time today and us playing the night before will hopefully benefit us on Tuesday night.
  6. Aberdeen. They were garbage today and only score every 8 weeks. 不
  7. Come on Hearts. Do us a favour and get 3 points today.
  8. Were you worried you'd turned into Pam Ewing?
  9. We were hungry, up for it and wanted it, and by f**k we got it and deserved it!! Well done to all involved!! It just feels good tonight and has blown away the cobwebs of a year or so of crap. 90 minutes of escaping the real world which is the joy football and our club gives you every so often. Great night to be an ICT fan. Must admit that C**nty seem like a team on a downward spiral. For all their extra money, resources and our ex-players who thought the grass was greener on the other side, all I have to say is GIRUY!!!!! Last words before I keel over as I am absolutely knackered aft
  10. As Renton said in Trainspotting, 'I haven't felt this good since Archie Gemmill scored against Holland' 不不不
  11. I'd let the clippers slip and castrate him 不不不
  12. No more games against Dunfermline and Raith. If we can maintain a good run the home game against Dundee in 4 weeks could be the biggee! Potential banana skins in next few weeks though.
  13. Excellent. Now this is the standard me must maintain. Clean sheets first and foremost. Just have to do this against those below us now.
  14. Closest we could get to that would be sticking Billy Urquhart for last 5 minutes
  15. Keatings can jump on the Raith bus tonight as far as I am concerned. Don't need him.
  16. Far better effort, performance and mentality. Also far better to actually see what is happening with decent TV coverage.
  17. In all honesty, not sure if I will renew mine. Playing squad offers us utter drivel on the pitch week in week out. The lack of backing from the club with the garbage quality of the streaming is poor customer service. Where else would you pay your hard earned money to a rubbish performing non customer engaging organisation.
  18. Scottish Cup - We wouldn't even win the old Inverness Cup now
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