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  1. To be honest I think Storey is better as a centre forward. I think he will have a good season whenever it starts. I think Storey and Todorov would be a good combination up front. Both are better footballers in my opinion than White. Given finances, I would like to see Daniel McKay come back and take Walsh's place.
  2. Ricky Foster - Older than Tremarco. So no thanks. Going to have to Google others as I'm not even sure what positions they play. Right, now I know. Sean Kelly - Defender. Declan McManus - Forward. Lewis Spence - Midfielder. Not sure I like the thought of us picking up County fodder TBH.
  3. Ricky Foster, Sean Kelly, Lewis Spence and Declan McManus. Any of them coming to ICT I wonder.
  4. We have enough up front. Need some new midfielders / attacking wide players or some of the youngsters stepping up. It's a golden opportunity for the youth. Daniel McKay - Time for him to make a dent. Maybe take Walsh's place? Walsh - Probably will head back to central belt. I like him, but he is inconsistent and injury prone. Sometimes winder about his attitude also. Machado - Think he is offski and heading abroad. Trafford - Probably done his stint here and will hit the road and head back to North America. He has us on his CV and will have options there I would think. Doran - Might decide it's time to try a new adventure I think. Shame as he
  5. Thanks folks, I understand what it is and now where it originates from. Maybe time for a rebrand and still think '2015 Club' or an ICT label would be better?
  6. Ok. How about a name change? '2015 Club'? Make it related solely to ICT?
  7. We are almost 26 years old. Why do we have a Centenary Club?
  8. Alan. I wish to send you some of these ............... Good grammar is vitally important my good man. Storey will shine next season.