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  1. Simply wish to say thank you to Neil McCann and Billy Dodds for their effort, input and positive contribution. 

    You have knocked Terry McCann off the top of my list of favourite people with the surname McCann. 🙂 

    Also, Billy Dodds, you are more handsome than your relative Davie Dodds. 🙂 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Jack Waddington said:

    Not sure if I would put my money on Yogi or not (assuming Robbo leaves and Neil doesn't want the job)...on one hand he's a legend at the club and has shown he's can do things that nobody could have foreseen, but on the other he's had (just about) back to back relegations with two different clubs...

    Yogi?  Where did that come from? 

    Thought I'd jumped into a Delorean and woke up in 2015 😆

  3. Should he stay or should he go?

    His stock will be higher now given what he has done here. 

    Would he want to stay though, with all the considerations, stepping on Robbo's toes, cash, location, lack of budget, easier life as TV pundit? 

    Interesting one.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Jack Waddington said:

    I hope Christie is sensational at the Euros, for Scotland.

    Firstly, a hat trick at Wembley against Engurland to hump them. No more needs said.

    Hopefully, that will get him a new and improved Celtic contract. 

    Then when Frank Lampard leaves Celtic after 2 seasons as manager, he takes him to West Ham with him for £20 million. 

    Simples 😀👍

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  5. 40 minutes ago, Robert said:

    I have updated the above for Carson.

    We have 10 players under contract for next season, who will form a pretty decent nucleus for us.

    Of those out of contract, I’d imagine we will offer extensions to Cammy and the youngsters who can hopefully develop into regular squad members and, in time, be the next products of the academy to enhance the squad. I don’t see MacKinnon and Hastings on the list: not sure if their contracts expire this summer too.

    Toddy must be the priority to get signed up, based on the last couple of months. (Agreed)

    I’d be quite happy if Mckay and Sutherland get extensions. (Agreed)

    Doran, if we are guaranteed fitness, would be an asset. (Too injury prone, could probably get 2 players for his wages).

    If may be worth taking a punt on McDonald, as he looked useful in his loan spell. (Injury prone both times. Too risky). 

    I anticipate we will release McHattie, Vincent and Storey, but may be proved wrong! (Only Storey made any contribution this season. Can't afford the other two as injury prone and it would appear too risky to keep). 


  6. 16 minutes ago, Robert said:

    Hearts are playing the best football I’ve seen this season, and much better than the previous games we’ve had against them. We’ve not been that bad but they are a class above us so far. 

    Probably what life would be like on a weekly basis if we got into the Premiership. 

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  7. 8 hours ago, caleyboy said:

    David Carson is the kind of player you want about the place. He wanted to stay and I wouldn't be surprised if he was offered more money from others. Great bit of business by the club and loyalty from the player. Others please take note and hang yer hat in the Highlands!


    More have gone downhill and ended up at lesser clubs than ours after leaving. 

    I.e. Draper, Mckay, Tremarco, White, Vigurs etc 😃

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  8. Stupid topic.

    We can't be in the playoff now, unless Morton and Alloa win all of their remaining games (unlikely) and we lose all our remaining games (hopefully not).

  9. 3 hours ago, IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER said:

    Dont you love this forum - a bit like real life itself - a short while ago we were preparing to meet our maker and now after two jabs in the arm we are world beaters again - Its a funny old game :groovy:

    No jabs here yet. Good that old codgers are feeling safer though. 

    Albeit I fell out with an old wifie whilst queuing in a shop the other day. I asked her to keep 2 metres away. Reply 'It's alright son, I've had both vaccines'. I said, 'Lucky you, I've had none. Now get 2 metres away'

    Shopping queue rage, worse than road rage!!

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