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  1. 7 hours ago, snorbens_caleyman said:

    WT* do we do to them in training??

    Im no subject expert or sports scientist but I do wonder about some of our signings in recent history. 

    McNaughton, Toshney, Anthony MacDonald (will he even play this season?), other young injured guy from Hearts a couple of years ago who never even played a game (sorry, can't remember his name) McHattie, to name a few have admittedly been on limited wages, but getting paid nonetheless for no gain for the club.

    One or two might be understandable and just unlucky, but it seems we are signing / gambling on players who are too high risk and it appears nobody else wants.

    Not a criticism, but an observation that is plain to see.

    Rather bring on youngsters than bring in crocks. 

  2. This season really is a disaster what with the obvious issue and number of call offs. 

    The players match fitness and level of sharpness is probably akin to having had two or three pre-season friendlies.

    Given the circumstances draws away to Morton and Arbroath are probably about as good as can be expected. 

    I am not expecting anything from this season and will be glad to see the back of it. 

    Hopefully 21/22 season will be more akin to normality.  

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  3. 12 minutes ago, Robert said:

    Me and my big mouth: 1-0 for Arbroath at half time.

    Quick break after the wind messed up a free kick for us. Good play and finish by Hamilton. We can’t fault the defence for it.

    We came so close to holding out, but as Wyness101 said we switched at the toss to have the wind advantage second half so it is up to us to make use of that.

    We will soon see how much impact the wind had as we should have the bulk of the territory and possession after the break. I still think we can win this, but we need to play quick football and shoot on sight. 

    'We came so close to holding out,' 

    Holding out against Arbroath. That's a sobering thought!!

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  4. On 1/18/2021 at 9:42 AM, RiG said:

    Twitter rumours linking us with Billy Mckay again (snore) if County land Jordan White from Motherwell.

    Cliff Richard scores more often than Jordan White. Zero goals, zero assists this season. C###ty better get in there before Real Madrid snap him up!! 😱

  5. 18 minutes ago, Satan said:

    Judging by the opening 11 minutes, those odds will be huge. More likely to get an own goal as they sit deeper and deeper...

    Gonna be double figures I think. Sorry Mr Raven 😔 

  6. Arsenal have joined a host of Premier League clubs taking an interest in Celtic's Scotland midfielder Ryan Christie, 25, and hope their former Bhoys left-back Kieran Tierney, 23, can persuade him to move to Emirates Stadium. (90 Min)

    Now that the green branch of the ugly sisters have blown it could be time for Ryan Christie to exit stage left. Here's hoping a bidding war starts!!


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  7. Good to see that others also appreciate Brad. 

    As for White and Trafford, they may be playing at a higher level but don't think they have set the heather alight.

    Toddy and Allardice/Carson are better players imo. 

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  8. Pretty pathetic the slagging our no.22 takes tbh.

    Brad is a decent spud having chatted with him.

    Brad is not Van Dijk, if he was he wouldn't be with us.

    He has twice signed new contracts, so he wants to be here and play for us which deserves credit.

    His long throw ins can be a handful for defenders, as in Storey's goal this week, Scottish Cup QF against Dundee Utd last year to name but two.

    So let's have more positive comments towards Brad in 2021 and leave the slagging for c**nty players lol. 

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  9. Better 2nd half. Point about right. Hearts will win this league easily.

    Rest of the teams can mug each other, f**k things up, be as good or as bad as each other equally on any given day. 

    Gonna be a slog, just hope we can hang on in there.

    This season more than any other the team who are 11th in the Premiership will be there for the taking at play off time. 

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