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  1. In all honesty, not sure if I will renew mine. Playing squad offers us utter drivel on the pitch week in week out. The lack of backing from the club with the garbage quality of the streaming is poor customer service. Where else would you pay your hard earned money to a rubbish performing non customer engaging organisation.
  2. Scottish Cup - We wouldn't even win the old Inverness Cup now 😤
  3. Not one of them on the pitch tonight deserves any wages. In any other job you would get sacked for being so utterly useless. Shameful performance. Hang your heads in shame everyone of you.
  4. Sad to say, but I think Buckie Thistle knocking us out of Scottish Cup would be better than facing an improving Ross County in the next round. Never been so disillusioned with ICT. Disastrous from the first whistle these days.
  5. Weather and conditions isn't helping, but is that more of an excuse than fact. Watching this match is about exciting as a day in lockdown 😴😴
  6. We'll be playing Cammy Mackay up front next. The new number 9 maybe? 😀
  7. Ed Sheerin please. His music is p##h but he's minted PS - About as likely as Derek McInnes lol
  8. They don't have it in them to do that. Fallen so far from grace. If they gritted their teeth they'd probably get toothache and start crying for their mummy. No guts, no back bone, no skill. Depressing times. I have no faith in them. Everytime I go to check the score best I expect is a draw.
  9. We got cash for Oakley, Donaldson and McCart. Not much granted, but probably compatible with what they were worth.
  10. Shinnie grew up with us and was loyal and an ICT legend. IMO he cannot be compared to a guy who came here for a couple of years and has been inconsistent and now wants something else.
  11. I would say no. But we might not have the choice.
  12. Aye, that will be simple given we have dropped to a mid championship level club, located in the Highlands, with no money. That's how it is I'm afraid.
  13. Disappointed, but he is replaceable. Central belters always seem to want away after a couple of years here. Can't understand it myself 😀😀
  14. Another big game. Seems like virtually every game in this league is a 6 pointer!!
  15. Storey's penalty was deja vu for me. Just like one he took for Partick a while back and Ridgers saved it. Plus like duffer Vi**rs took against Sevco in 16-17 season.
  16. Fergus McCann? Excellent. He knows how to rebuild a stadium!!
  17. Didn't expect that. Mark Kerr must be worried about getting the boot. Hasn't take Ayr anywhere since he has been in the hot seat.
  18. As flat as a pancake. The Sutherland experiment has failed. He isn't good enough. Start Toddy next time.
  19. Im no subject expert or sports scientist but I do wonder about some of our signings in recent history. McNaughton, Toshney, Anthony MacDonald (will he even play this season?), other young injured guy from Hearts a couple of years ago who never even played a game (sorry, can't remember his name) McHattie, to name a few have admittedly been on limited wages, but getting paid nonetheless for no gain for the club. One or two might be understandable and just unlucky, but it seems we are signing / gambling on players who are too high risk and it appears nobody else wants. Not a criti
  20. Time for summer football like the Scandinavians do.
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