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  1. I stopped watching 20 mins into first half. The streaming is absolutely dreadful. Gives me a sore head and is not fit for purpose. Please switch to West stand for camera siting for starters. Glad to have helped the club with paying for my season ticket though. I'll stick to watching the highlights on YouTube the next day.
  2. No improvement in the quality of product from last Saturday. It is very difficult to watch and feels like I am getting a sore head. I think I will wait for the highlights on youtube tomorrow and bin the streaming.
  3. Take this man away and lock him in the Global Stadium cleaners cupboard for his insolence. I have a throne, not a seat.
  4. Even as The Supreme Leader, I am willing to sit elsewhere other than my throne at the stadium, if this allows us back in to watch games. I am a man of the people after all. Hopefully there will be catering so I can have my pie and bovril as well.
  5. Excellent news. On the other hand, I have received a Betamax video tape as an apology for making a complaint about the Ayr match streaming. 🙊
  6. I think we all shouted at the screen a few times 🥳
  7. The youtube footage is excellent. Some decent football from us yesterday that I hadn't seen or wasn't captured on the stream. Night and day difference tbh. Please use that set up next Saturday.
  8. I agree that facing east is always best and especially in these circumstances. Nothing ever to be gained by facing west. Nothing but Donald Trump to the west and that old (er) chap Biden. 😷
  9. No. Free country with no crime. Don't believe the fake news. No Ross C***ty fans present or allowed either.
  10. Very true. My thoughts exactly. Glad you are now on the same wavelength. Welcome to a higher level. 👏
  11. Well spotted. Could do with a hawkeye like yourself in my security detail. Fancy a trip to North Korea? 🤠
  12. Todorov is indispensable. He's the only one who can put the ball in the back of the net.
  13. My mind is made up my dear. We should give today's match commentator the number 9 shirt? He would then at least know the name of one ICT player.
  14. So in summary, we need Assistant Referee's (Linesman is so last century lol) with a Mullett to officiate our home matches so we can actually see the game?
  15. 1 - 1 is a fair reflection. I'll take that. Usual Championship where every team is pretty much and such.
  16. Joking aside, I will be emailing the club to say I think the footage quality is not good enough. I just hope Dick Campbell wears a hat next Saturday or we will spend 90 minutes of watching his baldie head.
  17. Very young team indeed. If we are to remain so injury riddled I can see us being mid table.
  18. This camera footage is like the world through the eyes of Spud from Trainspotting on a bad day (I would imagine)
  19. Score and time slotted into top left hand corner now. Hilarious. This is so amateurish it's not true. What's this going to be like when it's dark. Don't like moaning but this is woeful quality.
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