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  1. Venomous as he branded Brad Mckay a coward in the media. Direct attack on Brad that was uncalled for. That was vidence of being 'Venomous'
  2. My thoughts exactly. My heart is positive about his return, but my head is worried about his fitness. A bit of a gamble. Hope it pays off for us and for him.
  3. No it does not!! Number 9 is the Holy Grail of any football team.
  4. Patience is needed. No need for knee jerk reactions. No player is more important than our club. More about wanting to play for us, than us being desperate to have them.
  5. Falkirk - A club very close to my heart. Especially for not being good enough on 30th May 2015 🤣🤣
  6. Or is George Weah's cousin still playing? Never hear Graeme Sounness mention him these days. 🤣🤣
  7. No number 9 = No success. You wouldn't play with no goalie would you? No number 9 was the main problem for us last season.
  8. Hope this is lost in translation, but Vigurs and Gardyne being approached to join us. Please no!!!
  9. Happy with that. Safe appointment for both parties who know what each other is about. Let's get behind him and look forward to 21/22 season. Start singing - Billy Dodds, Billy Dodds, Billy Billy Dodds, he gets the ball and he scores a goal, Billy Billy Dodds 😀
  10. Scandalous fake news from the west all that stuff. Heard that Billy Mckay is coming home. Or did my interpreter get his wires crossed?
  11. He's currently on a Megabus from Aviemore to visit me in Pyongyang. I expect here on 10th June. I'll do my best to convince him to stay with the biggest team in the Highlands. I hope he takes me a couple of Harry Gow's dream rings. I also want to know if it's true that Miles Storey takes his hairstyle from yours truly.
  12. 4 teams with plastic pitches might have an impact on him.
  13. Should the ICT legend, and my cousin, that is Aaron Brian Doran Cogan stay or go? Thoughts?
  14. League Cup = pre season warm up this year. Get it out the way and on with the Championship. It's just ahead of the Challenge Cup but not by much in my book.
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