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  1. Wow. Just wow. Who's going to be his Assistant? Rolf Harris?
  2. Shelley Kerr about to be announced.
  3. Her? I did see Shelley Kerr in Inverness today.
  4. Scott Allan was our Charlie Adam equivalent. Oh to have him back. 🙏
  5. Since he is not coming, is his Mum available - Sam?
  6. He's not on the dole. He's employed by QPR. 🤓
  7. Exactly, albeit with a South Korean twang which is not as refined as we speak in the North. A bit like the difference between well spoken Invernesian folk and the rougher less educated sounding accent of those from Dingwall 😀
  8. What he said is double dutch to me. Can someone translate what it actually means? 🥺
  9. Yes, must be true that McCann will be the new manager. Plus we have signed Lyndon Dykes to replace Toddy. 100% believable both scenarios. Looking forward to 21/22 season now for sure plus I'll buy 10 season tickets.
  10. Never agreed with club banners or flags at Scotland games. Leave club stuff at home for the Euros and get behind our nation. Come on Scotland!!!
  11. I'm hoping it's Kilmarnock and Airdrie next season. Be good and refreshing to face 4 different teams next season. Wouldn't fear anybody really, especially if we have a real number 9. 🤠
  12. I did say, 'Whilst not always for players returning' So I don't routinely follow the vibe you are highlighting. Fisher was committed and did well enough for us in the Premiership. 4 years later we are a mid table Championship team, who repeatedly haven't been able to escape that league up until now. Alex Fisher is the standard/calibre of player we are likely to attract, at best.
  13. Good that the camera(s) will be in the West 'Stand' as opposed to the Main Stand. Andy Bannerman unlikely to be there as he has been signed up by the Match of the Day team. Hopefully we added a 20% sell on clause for when Sky Sports or BT Sport snap him up down the line.
  14. I see Alex Fisher is a free agent. Whilst not always for players returning, I would like to see him back. All round positive guy and was a fans favourite. Thoughts?
  15. Oops. Thought he had been found guilty. We don't do trials in Pyongyang. So forgive my mix up. 🤡
  16. He would need an extra big sock for the electronic tag on his ankle. Cheat and criminal - don't want him at our club.
  17. What I would like is, Ayr: Off the top of my head they never seem to get much from us. Don't think we have lost to them since we got relegated. Raith & Dunfermline: Less cash than Dundee & C**nty. Both beatable. Hamilton: About time they got relegated.
  18. Good luck Daniel. Thanks for the goals. Especially the one against C##nty lol.
  19. Simply wish to say thank you to Neil McCann and Billy Dodds for their effort, input and positive contribution. You have knocked Terry McCann off the top of my list of favourite people with the surname McCann. 🙂 Also, Billy Dodds, you are more handsome than your relative Davie Dodds. 🙂
  20. Yogi? Where did that come from? Thought I'd jumped into a Delorean and woke up in 2015 😆
  21. Should he stay or should he go? His stock will be higher now given what he has done here. Would he want to stay though, with all the considerations, stepping on Robbo's toes, cash, location, lack of budget, easier life as TV pundit? Interesting one.
  22. Won't be watching that a second time. Christmas came early for them indeed. Shocker!!!
  23. Agreed. Just get this out of the road and look forwards.
  24. I hope Christie is sensational at the Euros, for Scotland. Firstly, a hat trick at Wembley against Engurland to hump them. No more needs said. Hopefully, that will get him a new and improved Celtic contract. Then when Frank Lampard leaves Celtic after 2 seasons as manager, he takes him to West Ham with him for £20 million. Simples 😀👍
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