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  1. Score and time slotted into top left hand corner now. Hilarious. This is so amateurish it's not true. What's this going to be like when it's dark. Don't like moaning but this is woeful quality.
  2. Looking forward to the 15 minutes of banter and his wisdom at half time.
  3. This is like watching one of the Stanley Matthews games from the 1930s or whatever his era was.
  4. I have a mental image of the commentator looking like one of the two 'Suits you sir' guys on the Fast Show (complete with measuring tape around his shoulders)
  5. And about 6 others of ours!! Unreal all these injuries. None of them would get in my military!!
  6. No Tom Walsh for Ayr. Not like him to be injured lol
  7. Was the Dunfermline match this shaky last week?
  8. Anyone else feel sea sick already? Absolute pish quality!!
  9. That looked in. Like watching a match after 6 pints or is it just me? Sky Sports have nothing to worry about. I have muted the commentator lol.
  10. I see Kai Kennedy is number 19. The search goes on.
  11. Yes. One code for each season ticket holder.
  12. Same issue here. Wasn't sure if it was my North Korean firewalls or 4 foot thick walls in my Palace causing an issue.
  13. No number 9 in the number plate. Makes it look incomplete.
  14. My cousin - Aaron Brian Doran Cogan
  15. Thank you for the offer dear subject, but I will stick with being 'Supreme Leader of North Korea' and doing whatever I like, whenever I like. 🤴
  16. CaleyTennis and RiG please kiss and make up. Failing that, I invite you both to Pyongyang for a Rocky 4 style way off settling things on Christmas Day. 👊
  17. Why are we the 'sick notes' of the Championship?
  18. Nice one. Firing a blank a bit though as my surname is shogun (with a small s) x
  19. Boyce was doing his job, pity our defence didn't do theirs.
  20. Streaming seems sorted now. Can I get a job with your company since you are allowed to watch football when working? 🤭
  21. First two paragraphs - Correct Third paragraph - Incorrect
  22. Maybe Kai Kennedy will be number 9. He was not listed in the squad in the Cowdenbeath programme. Albeit I don't think a loan signing should get such a prestigious number.
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