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  1. It's very simple. Without a number 9 to spearhead the attack we are all confused, players, fans and even the management. It's football, not the numbers game on Countdown where you can get by without a number 9.
  2. Still no number 9. As Alan Hansen once said, 'You won't win anything with no number 9'
  3. Stop gurning. We won the penalty shootout.
  4. He was number 17 against Hearts.
  5. 7 ICT Academy graduates in tonight's squad. Doing something right then.
  6. Bayern? Probably predictive text when Brechin was meant lol.
  7. I haven't posted dozens of contributions yet, either positive or otherwise. But thanks for your admiration. Much appreciated.
  8. Kai Kennedy is in England with Scotland Under 19s
  9. Pubs are not allowed to broadcast football or music etc. You can watch the news though. Don't get angry like Moray Jaggie about it all lol 😆
  10. Do you ever post anything positive about ICT? Just wondering.
  11. Toshney injured again? Not a big surprise unfortunately. As someone asked on Twitter, where are Doran, Carson and Vincent?
  12. Robbie Deas appears to be a sound bit of business. 2 or 3 others needed in my opinion. Wondering if Daniel MacKay can fill Walsh's boots? Was he played as a winger at Elgin?
  13. Come the the Highlands, where supporters are tough, battle hardened and handle sub zero temperatures in a wind swept stadium. Where their club has an away strip that's pink!!!! PS - Maybe we aren't seeing down below as it's a kilt and not shorts 🤔
  14. I wish Tremarco well and I'm sure he will do well. Bottom line is we couldn't afford to keep him and we couldn't 'make' a job for him either to reward loyalty and have him develop his coaching knowledge. That's the financial reality. Let's look forward as to who is and will be here next season. Doran for Captain. Ridgers as Vice Captain. Agree?
  15. Player / Coach at Elgin. Heard it's 99% done deal.
  16. To be honest I think Storey is better as a centre forward. I think he will have a good season whenever it starts. I think Storey and Todorov would be a good combination up front. Both are better footballers in my opinion than White. Given finances, I would like to see Daniel McKay come back and take Walsh's place.
  17. Ricky Foster - Older than Tremarco. So no thanks. Going to have to Google others as I'm not even sure what positions they play. Right, now I know. Sean Kelly - Defender. Declan McManus - Forward. Lewis Spence - Midfielder. Not sure I like the thought of us picking up County fodder TBH.
  18. Ricky Foster, Sean Kelly, Lewis Spence and Declan McManus. Any of them coming to ICT I wonder.
  19. We have enough up front. Need some new midfielders / attacking wide players or some of the youngsters stepping up. It's a golden opportunity for the youth. Daniel McKay - Time for him to make a dent. Maybe take Walsh's place? Walsh - Probably will head back to central belt. I like him, but he is inconsistent and injury prone. Sometimes winder about his attitude also. Machado - Think he is offski and heading abroad. Trafford - Probably done his stint here and will hit the road and head back to North America. He has us on his CV and will have options there I would th
  20. Thanks folks, I understand what it is and now where it originates from. Maybe time for a rebrand and still think '2015 Club' or an ICT label would be better?
  21. Ok. How about a name change? '2015 Club'? Make it related solely to ICT?
  22. We are almost 26 years old. Why do we have a Centenary Club?
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