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Found 2 results

  1. CTO Player of the Year 2018/19 - COLL DONALDSON Players of the Month Month Player August R.Calder / Tom Walsh September Mark Ridgers October Coll Donaldson November C.Donaldson / M.Ridgers December Tom Walsh January Tom Walsh February Coll Donaldson March Aaron Doran April Jamie McCart May Charlie Trafford The player of the year awards started back in season 2000-2001, and is one of only two external supporter awards recognised by the club and also recorded in Ian Broadfoot's official club stats. We take great pride in that and continue to seek to ensure the voting process is handled with fairness and integrity. The results over the last 18 years have usually been a pretty good indicator of the season that had just passed and this season's votes seem no different than previous years in that respect. From reading the forums and the supporter assessments of the players on a weekly basis, I would hazard a guess that most fans would easily be able to rhyme off the top 5 or 6 names quite easily. This year however was the first time we had the little wrinkle that is the playoffs to add some spice to the run-in. With a 7 point lead going into the last official league game of the season, last year's runner-up Coll Donaldson was in pole position to take the plaudits. Could he maintain that or could someone catch him? There were a total of 2981 votes cast this season which was an 22% increase on last year. These votes were cast for a total of 23 different players over the course of the season. The season covered 10 months and two players each won 'Player of the Month' three times (Donaldson & Walsh), one player (Ridgers) earned it twice, and 4 other players took it for a single month (Calder, Doran, McCart and Trafford). If you are thinking that that adds up to 12 you are right !!! In August, the Player of the Month plaudits were shared between Walsh and Calder and in November it was shared between Donaldson and Ridgers ! The graphic below shows the number of votes cast each month regardless of 5/3/1 point value. We use this total number of votes cast to determine the player of the month standings. Over the course of the season the player with the highest number of votes cast for them (regardless of the value of the votes 5/3/1) was Coll Donaldson with 390 votes. Last year he finished in second spot with 338 votes so a very consistent young man in his Caley Thistle career so far. Second spot this year goes to Tom Walsh with 282 votes with the next three spots being taken up by Doran, Polworth and Ridgers who are all over the 250 vote mark. We noted last year that Iain Vigurs had been very dominant in pickling up POY points every month and that this wasnt a regular occurence .... Well, as if to prove us wrong, it happened again this year ! Of course it is easy to guess who did it, yup, Coll Donaldson picked up POY points every month and has equalled the Vigurs achievement of last year. A special mention has to go to Jamie McCart though .... Having amassed a grand total of 11 POY points through the first 8 months of the season he earned 26 in the months of April and May to shoot up the rankings and finish fifth. If the season had lasted a month longer he might have even caught up with the leaders. The final total for the year has Coll Donaldson retaining the lead he has held all season and finishing with 62 points. In second place is Aaron Doran with 52 and the next three are Liam Polworth and Tom Walsh in 3rd equal spot and Jamie McCart as mentioned pushing Mark Ridgers out of 5th spot to claim it for himself. Well done Coll, and to all the boys for a season where we almost got there on two fronts ... onwards and upwards and hopefully one step further next year.
  2. Trying to keep up to date with the Player of the Year standings this year !!! I have updated my magic spreadsheet where i enter the poll results and let it spit out the numbers .... so it should not be a huge task if I do it each month and stay up to date ..... so without further adieu, here are the details for July 2017 4 Matches this month in the League Cup : Brechin, Stirling, Falkirk and Forfar A total of 237 votes cast for 13 different players A total of 42 POY points awarded One player received 5 points in 3 of the 4 games, another received 5 points in 2 of the games (there was a joint winner in the Stirling game). These are the early leaders Player of the month for July with a massive 70 votes is Collin Seedorf with Iain Vigurs way behind in second (38 votes) and George Oakley third (26 votes) Leader in the POY standings is of course the aforementioned Collin Seedorf who has more points than all the other players combined except Iain Vigurs who is close behind him. Player of the Year Standings Player Brechin Stirling Falkirk Forfar POY Pts Collin Seedorf 5 5 5 15 Iain Vigurs 5 3 5 13 Riccardo Calder 3 1 4 Ross Draper 3 3 Gary Warren 3 3 John Baird 1 1 Jake Mulraney 1 1 George Oakley 1 1 Liam Polworth 1 1 Votes Cast & Player of the Month Awards Player JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY John Baird 10 Connor Bell 0 Riccardo Calder 6 Joe Chalmers 1 Alex Cooper 4 Aaron Doran 0 Ross Draper 19 Zak Elbouzedi 0 Matthew Elsdon 3 Ryan Esson 0 Owain Fon-Williams 0 Cammy Mackay 0 Brad Mckay 11 Jake Mulraney 24 George Oakley 26 Liam Polworth 3 David Raven 0 Mark Ridgers 0 Collin Seedorf 70 Carl Tremarco 0 Iain Vigurs 38 Gary Warren 22 Felitciano Zschusschen 0 A little note as to how we work out the points and standings For every game people can give out their top 3 votes (5,3,1) to three players At the end of the voting period for each game we calculate not only the total votes cast (regardless of value) but also total combined points value of the 5/3/1 point votes The player with the highest combined points value in each game gets 5 POY points, second gets 3 and third gets 1. If there is a tie then we just issue both players with the relevant number of points At the end of the month we tally up both the number of votes cast and the POY points earned that month The player with the highest vote quantity - regardless of points value - is the Player of the Month. The POY points total does not affect Player of the Month award. This gives players who might amass a large number of 2nd or 3rd place votes an equal chance at being POM despite not sitting on top of the overall rankings.
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