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BOOKING NUMBER - 07951 309 504
versus MOTHERWELL - WEDNESDAY 7th MAY 2014 (KO 7:45PM)
opposition Departure   3.15 PM - ICT Social Club (Greig St)

3.30 PM - Stadium

Bus Cost   £15 per person
Match Ticket Info   Adults £22

Concessions (O60s / FT Students) £15

Juveniles (U16) £12

Family (1 Adult & 1 Juv) £28

Additional Details   TBC
Comments    Please call or text the travel line number ASAP if you wish to travel, transport will run only if there is sufficient demand.
Additional Pick Ups and Drop Offs We are happy to pick up and drop off fans who are on the route to games. Unfortunately due to the tight margins which we operate on travel costs we are unable to provide discounts for shorter/one way travel.
IMPORTANT: Can those who book seats and subsequently change their minds about travelling please ensure they call to cancel their booking. We have unfortunately not been able to take bookings for people intending to travel as we believed we were full and then had no shows on the day of travel. Not only does this cost us money, but it is also denying fellow fans the opportunity to use the services we provide. Thank You.
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Final two away games of the season are now up and open for booking, please contact the travel line ASAP if you want to go as buses will only be run if there is sufficient demand. Cheers.

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I see that Celtic have reduced the prices for our game. http://celticfc.net/newsstory?item=5689

Adults: £20

Concession: £10

Under 13s: £5

Link also goes on to say they have limited student tickets for a fiver but looks like for the home end.

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It now looks like Celtic have kindly extended their students for a fiver offer to the away fans too.

Yeah they have, I emailed Celtic yesterday and also ICT on the ticket information on web confirmed this. Great initiative that should hopefully see more people attending the game. The reduction in prices as well is welcoming too! If Celtic had them prices all season for all teams in the premiership, I'm pretty sure they'd have more people attending for the away teams. I had a look at their prices for their game with Aberdeen and their adults prices are £29!

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I do hope that the awayday travel is advertised fully, over the loudspeakers on Friday evening, umpteen times, to encourage fans to book to go to the Celtic game.

Advertising the bus, the reduced cost of entry, surely should encourage enough fans to fill at least one bus. Come on you ICT fans, show the team your encouragement.

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Celtic park,  :amazed:

concession and over 65  £10,

under 16  £5,

students £5

Adults £20


If I had the free time available, I think I would go to all of the remaining games.

Fingers crossed I will be working in the central belt for the Motherwell game, ironically I was down there when we played them at home so had to make do with listening to the game on the radio in the hotel room.

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Delighted that there is a bus to Celtic. Many thanks CJT. Now for a bus to Motherwell - a midweek game may be a problem but I know quite a few want to go, especially to cheer on ICT in the last away game of the season.

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Good news about bus to Celtic game. Agree with Lizi that supporters transport to Motherwell for last away game of the season would be fantastic. Again - come on people book your seats. The boys deserve a good turnout to thank them for a fantastic season with a few bumps along the way.

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I doth my cap to anyone heading south tonight, and no finger pointing at anyone who chooses to stay put --- can't say I blame you. Midweek fixture scheduling is brutal on supporters, so too is this Sunday's ---- I mean to say 12:15 kick-off FFS. 


Game is on Alba tonight, 10pm. No offence, but hope most of you choose to hit the sack rather than view ---- for obvious reasons, sorry. 

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