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merger with C#unty?

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I remember about 5 years ago (2007/08) on this forum this exact question was asked. The general consensus then was that we had gone as far as we could, as had County, and a merger would be the only way both clubs could compete for the top positions.

With ICT riding high atm after such an amazinng season last term and Ross County also playing in the top flight now, how do we feel about the question now?

Personally my position hasn't wavered since the question was first asked. NO FECKIN WAY! If a merger was ever considered I would form a break away club called AFC Inverness or something

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Looked at totally clinically and objectively there is actually a strong case for this. But it's a completely nonsensical non-starter which virtually no one would want.

The case for the notion is that I do wonder if the population base of the inner Moray Firth is capable of sustaining two top six Premiership sides? Things have changed massively since two teams came into the Third Division in 1994. A single team would be a significantly more formidable entity.

But here's the top and bottom line - there is absolutely no desire for any merger to happen and there are one or two other massive factors against it as well.

Apart from what I said in the first sentence of the second paragraph, there are no factors in operation which would make a (further) merger desirable or feasible.

* Unlike what happened in 1993/94, Dingwall and Inverness are two completely distinct communities. The earlier case offered huge progress for the single entity of Inverness.

* There is also not the well defined carrot, such as Inverness at last getting into national league football after decades of rejection, that there was 20 years ago.

* The question of location alone would kill the whole thing stone dead.

* Mergers tend to take place when both parties' fortunes are at a low ebb - as was the case in Inverness in 1993. This is most definitely not the case at the momernt - quite the opposite.

* A merger now would be rather different from selling the notion simply  to season ticket holders. Voting power in both camps now lies with shareholders and the personalities involved, I am certain, would want none of it.


So... I actually agree with Davie here. Let's not go there or there will be exploded brains all over the place!

In fact, looking at the OP, why did FC start this thread in the first place?

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This post is not made in reference to either ICTFC or Ross County.

Hypothetically, there's a financial case to be made for Scottish teams merging. However, I think our game will implode before we see any radical changes (or mergers). It's interesting looking at the fortunes of merged clubs from Scandinavia though - Danish club FC Nordsjælland playing in the Champions League springs to mind.

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