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Contract Situation

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I do hope Devine's decision to consider other options is not driven by comments from fans on this forum.  A small number of folk have been pretty harsh on him.  And in defending Raven against the appa

It seems to me that this is a tipping point for the club.  We are where we are (which is punching above our weight), but do we continue to develop and grow as a team and as a club or do we drop back t

Not sure Hughes encourages crossing, tbh. From what I've seen this season, he's much keener to play narrow and for the wider players to cut-in and retain possession rather than go on the outside and h

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Let's all face it...we'll be lucky to see one or two sign contracts. Only Devine has said he'll likely sign. Watkins, doran, ross and ofere are almost certainly gonna leave. constantly building this team is part of the club now an we're lucky that we don't have to strengthen gk, 3 defensive positions and both midfield positions.

Doran is still under contract for another year and Ofere has also said he'd like to stay, although it's now down to his agent. Watkins and Ross look like they'll be off but they're certainly replaceable.

I'd like to keep Watkins please.

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Ofere is improving every game - hope we can hang on to him.

He wasn't great today though. Helped hold up play well at points but gave the ball away and wasn't too clever at trapping the ball in 2nd half (probably tired) ... BUT, all that, said he is a valuable member of our legends team

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Yogi said in post match interview that he is probably off.

Ofere that is, not Yogi!!!!

IMO that would be a shame. He won some good ball today and worked his socks off. If he could just release the ball quicker, he's be the real deal.

If he goes it's with my best wishes because his goals quite simply turned the foundation before Jan into reality.

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I'd like to keep Watkins please.


Yogi said today that Watkins will be leaving.

I'd like to keep Watkins please.


Yogi said today that Watkins will be leaving.

A shame, but what a way to sign off! Thanks for the memories and good luck for the future!

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If Watkins and Ofere are to leave then fair enough after what they have given to the club and good luck for the future. Personally I feel like another year or two under Yogi would probably make them into technically better players but it's really up to what they want.

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To be frank this was the first time I had a chance to study Edward O'Fere and I wind up not too impressed. He did get some high balls and kept them under control but today I was left with the impression that  he is a bit of lumbering and slow giant lacking in dynamism and speed.

Since ICT has speed throughout the team he doesn't seem to just fit in any niche. I was in doubt today just what position he was playing in and what his role was supposed to be. He is a pretty calm guy though and that probably is the source o f his success.


Wish  the very best though to this nice, educated man, if he does leave.


What we do need in his place is a powerful, bustler with skill who can burn through defences putting the fear of death into them at the same time. And that's IMHO .

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If we lose both our strikers we have a problem for our first European tie.What a pity vital members of this brilliant squad are moving on.

Incredible to think that we'll be lining-up for our first Euro adventure in just 45 days time!

Everybody at ICT deserves and needs a break now, but there are still contract negotiations outstanding for a number of players.

As for the European game, I imagine the squad would have to be in for 'pre-season' at least 10-14 days before that - no idea if we'll have any 'bounce' games or friendlies - it's very much new territory! But, it's a very short break for the players.


And for Graeme Shinnie, it's only 31 days before Aberdeen's first competitive game!! He may be 'excused' the dons' opening Euro tie - but, I guess, that's not our concern.

Let's hope we can get some of the out-of-contract guys to stay.

Ironically, winning the cup may be the 'catalyst' for some to bow-out-on-a-high, but the lure of European football may also be a reason to commit to staying longer!

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Signed until the end of next season (2016-17):

• Gary Warren

• Richie Foran

• Greg Tansey

• Josh Meekings


Signed until the end of this season (2015-16):

• John Hughes - Manager

• Russell Latapy - Assistant Manager


• Dean Brill

• Aaron Doran

• Danny Williams

• Ryan Esson

• Ryan Christie

• Carl Tremarco

• Ross Draper

• James Vincent

• David Raven

• Daniel Devine

• Ali Sutherland


• Jason Brown (Development Squad) 


Out of contract:

• Nick Ross

• Marley Watkins

• Liam Polworth

• Lewis Horner 

• Edward Ofere

• Calum Ferguson

• Tarmo Kink

• Cammy Mackay


• Jaime Wilson (Development Squad) 

• Kane Hull (Development Squad) 

• Struan McArthur (Development Squad) 

• Blair MacLennan (Development Squad) 

• Calum Howarth (Development Squad)

• Chris Brown (Development Squad) 

• Stephen Rennie (Development Squad) 

• Chris Blackett (Development Squad) 

• Daniel Hoban (goalkeeper) (Development Squad) 

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Great to see Devine staying. Thought he was outstanding on Sat, and has been whenever I've seen him.

On the whole he performed very well (even having a decent attempt on goal) but seemed quite easily bossed out of it by Peter Grant for the Falkirk goal. Fine to get him signed up though agreed.

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For those who don't know, seemingly no-one at the club was sad to see the back of Marsella.  On top of that, as has been reiterated on here a few times, we need to forget the whole romantic fantasy that was Marsella's scouting, as a fantasy was exactly what it was.  This whole fairytale scene of Marsella going to Dover Athletic reserve matches and finding these unknown gems who played football on a Saturday and worked in a cornershop the rest of the week was a load of nonsense.  A fair chunk of the English contingent brought up by Butcher seemingly have the same agent.  Said agent (who I think still has some sort of connection with ICT) would offer players to the club and Marsella would go down and watch them.  As I said, I believe ICT still have the link with the agency network down south and presumably Hughes and Latapy will have added to it.


If any of these 'gems' that Butcher and Marsella used to take credit for in the echelons of English football become available, ICT will still be one of the clubs who'll be offered them.

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Interesting, I did wonder why he hadn't been picked up again - I'm just impressed at the hit rate of our recent signings, but if that is more about the club as a a whole than one man,

then I'm delighted!

Somebody certainly did very well to look at players like Draper who were in the conference, and see just how much they could improve - I thought he was pretty rough when he arrived, but his mentality and awareness now is excellent.

Credit to everyone involved in seeing the potential in this group of players and getting it out of them.




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I would imagine that with the Scottish cup over, the club will let the fans know who's staying and who's being let go. Would I be right in saying that some of the contracts of players would be until the 30th of June?

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