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One has to be grateful to the town planners of the 60's for tearing down that hideous monstrosity and replacing it with the elegant and stunningly beautiful building that graces the water front now.

You mean that you could choose brides from Dalneigh ?!

Sixpence??  She must have been a professional!  You could get into a football match for sixpence in those days.  Ninety minutes of pleasure (if it was a Caley match) instead of ninety seconds.  A no b

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Goodness gracious! The guy on the left is either wearing a pair of nylons -- or spats. Which must have been very avant-guarde at that time on a bandie person.


Does anyone know the origin of spats?  Truly, I don't know but they probably had a  military origin. I'm sure I saw a picture of Napoleon's troops wearing them.


I'll bet Charles Bannerman knows?  Now he will have to answer ..... :lol:  :notworthy:

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And who went down here and never surfaced ?

The Yes campaign?


I have to admit that, for a laugh, I went into the Gelluns on the Friday after the referendum result and asked the barmaid for a pint of Schadenfreude. She said they didn't have any so I asked for a pint of Scottish Bitter instead. When it emerged that they didn't serve that either, I settled for a half of Tennents. :smile:

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Or are you mentioned in here ?

ONLY the Inverneess Courier could have published an account like that of a 70s music festival! :lol:  I sense the hand of the legendary Miss Barron herself in the somewhat reactionary first part of the report although not obviously the second.

Note the liberal use of inverted commas - and also, almost unprecedented in the Courier in these days, a wrong spelling.... "canabis" (sic).

I actually wonder if the report on the event itself might have been Gordy Fyfe's although July 1970 might have been slightly too early for Gordy at the Courier?

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Charles I don't think you would fit in too well here in Canada. Why?

Cos the CBC,(Canadian Broadcasting Corp) , who preen their feathers regularly by calling  themselves the premier broadcasting unit in the country, feel it is necessary to put cute phraseology on the English language just to make it spound what used to be called "mod" but now probably just modern cute..


Like "Take a listen " or "Have a listen": when listen in this context (according to the oxford English Dictionary) is an adverb not a noun. Other manipulations for effect are now ignored by yours truly in honour of Mr C.B. because I know darn well that if I send them an e.mail they will ignore it completely. Or they might send me a nasty email advising that I take a powder, a hot shower , Horlicks or Viagra  to get mah jollies. :laugh:

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And if you needed to take a taxi :

Where does IHE get these? Wonderful stuff. I'm just wondering what the date roughly might be and whether these are horse drawn or motorised conveyances?

There's maybe a hint that it's not recent and not ancient either since the figure of two bob an hour is quoted which instinctively seems to eliminate the extremes of time. I in addition note that the "taxi rank" seems to be in the High Street and I'm not sure whether this was its location before or after it was on Bank street at the back of the Caley Hotel. Also the term "Lunatic Asylum", a fairly old title for The Craig, is used

One interesting Inverness taxi anecdote relates to a Mrs Playne-Smith of Drummond Park (which later became a Royal Academy Hostel). Every Christmas in days gone by Mrs Playne-Smith used to treat the town's cabbies to a Festive dram and they would queue up in their conveyances at her front door to get it. It's an intriguing contrast with modern day dring drive purges.

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Stated to be early 1900's. Charles you keep on forgetting that I have been around for centuries.

As early as that! In that case, taxis were one HELL of an expensive back in the early 1900s. The price quoted is a bob a mile (1s/5p) so a typical 3 mile journey would cost 3 bob (15p).

Taking the "early 1900s" base year as 1905, the RPI has risen something of the order of a factor of 108 as at 2014. Multiplying 15p by 108 and you get a pretty whacking £16.20.

On the other hand a 3 mile journey nowadays at Inverness's current standard Tarriff 1 will cost £6.00, so in relative terms a taxi was almost 3 times as expensive in 1905 as it is now.


(Not that taxis are what you could call cheap! On that subject, I seem to remember the taxi drivers relatively recently lobbying for and getting a fare increase because fuel costs had increased. Does that now mean that there will be a reduction in the fares?)

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Sadly another one of Inverness' old cinemas no longer with us but used to enjoy the Palace and saw my first X rated movie there at age 16. Why was it that the Palace was the one for showing the X rated films I wonder?

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Because they were ahead of their times and there was money in it, of course. :lol:


Not to mention the fact that wee Scarlet got in for free "cos Mammy and Daddy were good friends with Mr Frank Taylor the owner and a real gentleman. And we all knew the very nice lady who was I/C the ticket kiosk who also just happened to live at the top of Dunain Road where we lived too. 

These mere co-incidences do happen in life don't you know? :smile:


And Mr. Frank had a sophisticated desire to educate the young boy, which was very laudatory but this philanthropic attitude was regularly bypassed by an over-zealous mother who stymied all these attempts to achieve his goal.  So my stunted development had to continue unabated until I was drafted into the RAF when a rare weekend visit to Hamburg in North Germany  opened  young Scarlet's eyes to the world of delicious reality. Or more accurately perhaps, to the reality of deliciousness.


And thereby hangs a tale and it wasn't off the end of a donkey either. :crazy:

And I know that  Bughtmaster will relish this Tale of Two Cities--Inverness and Hamburg.

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Not to mention the fact that wee Scarlet got in for free

You mean into the X films? :crazy:  You dirty little $&££^% :lol:  :lol:


Well, I suppose I would have to admit having seen a film about child abuse in the Palace when I was around six.


It was Jimmy Edwards in Whacko :laugh:

Edited by Charles Bannerman
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Never in my life did I see anything like that at so young and innocent an age,. Charlie.


Inverness was upright  and proper in these days I can assure you and maybe that was why I turned out all right mate. :wink: Well, half decent, like.

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