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Low crowd today


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After 45 minutes? Absolutely. Putting ourselves under pressure, playing horrible lifeless football, yet a style we've waited for for years! :laugh:

The fact we're third and playing in a match against our closest rivals and a bottom of the league actually makes it even worse! The fans who booed were absolutely right to show their frustration after watching 45 minutes of that garbage and thankfully the players and coaches got the message.

Maybe these happy clappers who think that we should have given them a rapturous applause and skipped around merrily at half time, while thinking that those who were rightly frustrated should go and watch the Old Firm, should ask themselves whether or not football is for them. Maybe they'd be more suited to watching Cbeebies.

I'm not a happy clapper. When did I suggest we should've applauded them off? After that first half showing, I certainly wasn't going to be applauding them off.

At the risk of sounding like Yogi, we've got a good, honest group of professionals and they themselves know that first half showing wasn't good enough. Do you honestly think they need a chorus of boos to tell them that? Booing them off the park can't do their confidence any good and I personally can't see what can be gained from it?



Exactly, they're professionals not wee boys - I'm sure they'll get over it.  Spectators always see more of the game and had every right to boo that, because simply it was a disgrace and the players deserved to know it.  The booing can't have been that demoralising though considering the turn around in the second half! 

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The pull of the EPL is hitting clubs in all countries, including England and Scotland.  The closest league side to me is Plymouth Argyle and I have never once seen a kid in an Argyle shirt, its all Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal.  In Scotland, traditionally it was Celtic and Rangers who would suck up all the support from the towns around the country but moving forward they will suffer from it aswell, their perceived 'big club' status doesnt hold up today with people of all ages having instant access not just to the games but to fans of other clubs via social media.  Historically people would only ever interact with other football fans at work or in the pub, it made sense to support the Old Firm with their universal printed media coverage or your local side who you will have greater access to.  3 years ago when we last had an Old Firm derby, there were bugger all armchair fans out in the pubs for it, yet when Manchester United play Arsenal or any other SUPERSUNDAY event takes place, theyre packed out.


The printed medium is dead to an entire generation, in favour of a globalised news network and communications, where finding something to talk about or somebody to wind up over a football game is just a button click away.  You can watch any top level game at home for free and talk about it online, nowadays you can go to any pub and find folk to talk football with, in my eyes these people are supporting a TV program rather than a sport but it has proved to be the peoples choice.


It wouldnt shock me to see more football shirts for EPL clubs sold in kids sizes around Scotland than all Scottish clubs, its the same globalisation people accept happily when they talk about their favourite music, tv or films.  Nobody expects people to only listen to Scottish bands, irrespective of their quality but purely because they are Scottish, so why should we be expected to bother with Scottish football just because its local?


This has been a running thing for me for 4 years now but the only hope for Scottish Football is Summer football pretty much immediatley, we need to be playing the 3 months a year without the English Premier League on TV and we have to start now before we turn into the Irish league.  There is no way for us to compete with the billions in marketting the EPL as a brand offers, so we need to re-align ourselves to the best 2nd tier position possible, which to me is summer football.

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Fully agree with everything you've written in the post above Clacher_holiday2. I couldn't make it up for the match yesterday and had to go to my local to watch it on Sky. Every screen in the pub (bar one showing our match) was on the Man U v Everton match and the commentary was on the English match too. Sad state of affairs. What's the way forward?

Summer football

Restructure the league set-up

Clubs to work collaboratively to bring through youth players

If no steps are taken, I imagine we'll see more clubs returning to being part time.

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I took 6 non season ticket holders to game yesterday, 2 left at half time to watch arsenal match, as were disappointed at football on display! I try and get people to come with me but up against Arsenal v Chelsea and our first half performance. There was no convincing them to stay. Granted second half was better but damage had been done. Now I need to try and get them to return, a hard job on my hands for that one.

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