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a statement from celtic supporters

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What does it actually say? I've not been able to 'find' it word-for-word on the internet.

I understand it's a 'cheap' dig at Rangers being a new club and this is their first ever meeting. Which is true.

Although, not cheap in a financial sense as that 'advert' would have cost a grand, I'm sure!


I had a look on the Bears Den forum and the thread was locked as 'there's no point discussing it' as 'it's been proven that we're the same club'!!!

Let them get on with it. Despicable pair of clubs. However, in saying that, I used to dislike (stronger words available) both of them equally, but more recently, I've actually found myself more averse to the Ibrox lot.

Glad I won't be out in Glasgow over the weekend!

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Its a baffling one for me personally. Lets pay 3 grand in winding up fans we dont have a rivalry with? I okay then.

Its like saying, i'm gona drive 100 mph to my friends house, just to tell him i have no intention of visiting.


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