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Older version of Dry January

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The joys of the English language.  Someone can be awfully pretty or pretty awful yet the meaning is so different.  There are so many words with so many different meanings. I've no idea how folk who ha

That is more like it - the Howden End champagne

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Yes it was a good old pub in it's day and before the lockdown was very popular as the Waterfont and reputed to serve good meals although I have not been it since about 40 years.

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I've eaten and drunk in it as the Waterfront, and would very happily go again.

When it was the Black Bull, it had a bit of a rough reputation.  We had a family friend - my Mum's best friend since they were young - and she lived in one of the small flats in Huntly Court, directly behind the pub.  She went to one of the Free churches every Sunday, and then had to sneak unseen into the newsagents because buying Sunday papers was a big no-no. She never married, but had a wicked sense of humour, and was basically the epitome of a maiden aunt or spinster aunt (although she wasn't actually a relative).

Anyway, we - especially my Mum - were gobsmacked one day when we discovered that she was in the habit of going alone into the Black Bull of an evening, having a port-and-lemon or two, and passing the time with the regulars.

"Don't you know about its reputation?"

"Rubbish! They are always very nice to me, and I've never seen any trouble."

Happy days  :drinking05:

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