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Inverness - the City of today

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Seems I can't suppress  the pedantry today but she has only been shat on since 1896.

As Captain Mainwaring would say "I was waiting for someone to notice that" but I decided to go for a bit of artistic licence since the statue depicts what poor Flora started doing in 1746. I didn't actually know the precise date of the statue but assumed that it originates from some time after the late 1830s which is when the castle was built.

It's predecessor was blown up by the Jacobites in 1746.

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That's an old one IHE!  We now have the Premier Inn and the Kitchen Restaurant where the Palace Bingo was and the building to the left :smile: Good one of the Jacobite Queen.


Restaurants may come and bingo may go... but "Tha Leejun" goes on forever.

(Or at least we hope it does if it can get this money for selling half the club!)

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Scarlet.. going down Huntly Street from the Ness Bridge in #9, the Glenalbyn is on the corner, then there's the kilt shop which is the next white building. The next two brown sections are the Legion (the gap between them is the entrance) before you get to a new restaurant on the other side of the lane that leads to King St. I've forgotten what the fairly small white building after that was, but next along - ther large structure with the sloping roof - is the now demolished former Palace Cinema which has been replaced by a hotel. After that you have STV, Run4It and other shops/offices and then there's a long string of buildings associated with the Catholic Church before the former West Church on the corner of Greig St.

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