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Inverness - the City of today

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New viewpoint at Inverness Castle


The North Tower of historic Inverness Castle is to be opened as a tourist attraction by Easter, Highland Council has said.

The local authority owns the tower at the 19th Century criminal and civil courts complex.

A new viewing platform has been created on the tower.

The rest of the castle is to be turned into a visitor centre once new a courts building is constructed on another site in Inverness.

Highland Council, Inverness Common Good Fund and Highlands and Islands Enterprise have all contributed to the cost of the North Tower project, which includes new access, a shop and a stairway to the roof and viewing platform

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Two stone dogs thought to have been lost for decades after being removed from a town house have been found in unmarked crates.

It was believed the sculptures had disappeared for good, so two new carved stones were commissioned as part of a refurbishment of Inverness Town Hall.

The dogs were found after the crates were moved from a council depot.

See the link below for full story, I wonder what other treasures are in old crates stored by the council :amazed:



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9 hours ago, IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER said:

IBM is closer in a crazy sense !!

I have it now it's the BMX track beside the crazy golf and skateboard park.  The building is the east end of the Ice Rink.

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12 hours ago, IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER said:

A new swing bridge - WTF ?

Excellent picture! 

The idea is that when a boat is going through, only one bridge will be open at any time.  In other words, road traffic will always be able to cross the canal.

I was told by a former councillor that the ground there is not at all suitable for a tunnel, and a bridge high enough to allow boats with masts to pass would have been wildly expensive.

Spent Xmas at the Premier Inn on the left of the picture, and on the first night we realised that there was machinery running continuously, somewhere outside. 

"But there's no-one round here except deid people!".  (I've just been reading a book of Billy Connolly's stories, so I hear his voice all the time now :lol:)

Was only when we went out for a walk along the canal that we found that they are constantly pumping water downstream, around the dammed-off area.  You can see the pipes to the right of the canal, going through the underpass at the new roundabout, and then back in opposite the new control house.

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