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Inverness - the City of today

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Another gorgeous piccy ?

You have been on a train travelling in to town fro the top of Craig Phadrig. RESPECT - must have been some fine LSD stamps going around in your heyday.

No it's not just you.  Either the Ness is flowing uphill to the sea or that couple are about to get engulfed by a tsunami.

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17 minutes ago, IBM said:


It's OK, I have got it.  My first hunch was quite close - used to go, many years ago, to a farm shop not far from there.

I see it's for sale for an awful lot of money.  Have you had any interest? :lol:

As to where you were, I'm not sure where you'd have to be to have a clear view.  Maybe near the sea end of the Muirtown Basin?

Oh wait... how long is your lens?  You were in the main stand at Caledonian Stadium?

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Your right with the first bit and I used to go to the same shop. It was a bit scary coming back down with a 56lb bag of tatties on the rack behind the seat of the bike and bags on the handlebars 😳 I will put another clue on later 

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So that's on Kessock Road, on the way to the ferry.  And these two boats are in the Google Streetview image from September 2015.

You're possibly at the light at the mouth of the river, but without knowing how much of the foreground you have cut out, it's difficult to say.

The house on the hill was Scorguie House and Lodge - yours for £910,000 :crazy:


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It is Scorguie House, I didn't know it was for sale but it is way out of my price range :slapme: 'weeman' will have a view from his house over the water.

The second one is the old Coastguard houses on Kessock Road and the photos were taken from the mouth of the river at Carnac Point on a beautiful Sunday morning.  We often park at the old ferry terminal and go for a walk through the Merkinch Nature Reserve where you see a lot of birdlife.

Here is Tangle Tower from the same place which is the old Coastguard lookout post and now a holiday let.  http://www.tangletower.co.uk/





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Thanks, weeman.  I erroneously thought that it might be further down that side of the loch, and it was only when I was looking at the map that I saw the river and the bridges at Foyers.  I hadn't appreciated how wide the river is downstream from the Falls. The colours are lovely.

Head over to the "out of Sneck" thread for another "where is this?".

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