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Subsidised Coach Travel for School Kids

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I have secured two coaches for Cup Final day and am looking to fill them with schoolkids and their parents. I will subsidise these coaches so that the return cost is just £10 for kids and £15 for adults that accompany them. This is about a third of the cost of public transport so hopefully we can get 100 people to the match that would otherwise not have gone. Departure points will be finalised in the next 48 hours.


It would be great if other businesses or individuals would chip in some money so that we can organise more coaches and I would appreciate it if you can pass this request on to any charitable contacts you have. £750 would subsidise another coach but any amount is welcome. Please contact me if you can help or if you have access to more coaches (which are thin on the ground).


We will be promoting this via the schools in the next two days and it will only be available for bookings where children are accompanied by adults. 

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One of these coaches is leaving from Millburn Academy at 9.30am. The other departure point is still to be decided. £10 for kids and £40 for adults - covers return coach travel to Hampden and match tickets. Anyone interested should call 01383 829976 (during office hours) or email [email protected] with contact details to book.

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