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It has been a privilege guys.......my story

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Cheers Mr. Lift! Onwards and Upwards...
See you in Minsk*

As I write this however my thoughts are of Iain and Alison Coia...............how they would have loved all this

If I'd seen Iain after the final whistle I reckon I'd have broken a rib he'd have squeezed me so hard!

And I'm sure Caley Ally would've had a wee tear in her eye.

*or wherever the EUROPA LEAGUE may take us!

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  She remains  the only person to ever enter the Celtic supporters Club at Parkhead wearing an ocelot coat.





More to the point, she managed to leave with it too!

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Hard to believe our adventure started 21 years ago and during that time we have met, made friends with, and even fallen out with a good few folk along the way. I showed my wife some of the videos from last week of fans with big s***-eating grins, of Dave the Rave and the lads at the NMP, the crowds lining the streets, all sorts of random stuff and she made the comment that "ICT really is something special, isnt it". Dont tell her I said this, but she was right! ICT really is something special and I am proud to be a part of that in some small way. 

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Reading that post was like being back on the old Sportnetwork and Rivals sites :laugh:


Good read Naelifts. We often get hammered for our small crowds but what I do like about our normally low numbers, especially at away games, is you can turn up without anyone alongside you but easily find plenty of friendly faces in the crowd that you know. Saturday tends to be the highlight of my week seeing the folk mentioned above at the football and of course getting the pre and post match 'banter' as well.


The summer sucks without football.

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Lets have a reunion next month, destination TBC :)

From Paris to Berlin.

Great post naelifts. Pleasure to know you and I enjoy getting the the chat with you.

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Tremendous stuff Roddy.  I think it's all the sweeter for us given the amazing journey we've been on over the past 21 years - unique, inspiring and never to be beaten.  Gutted I missed yourself and Mantis on Saturday, we did manage to bump into Yngwie and squeeze a quick pint in before heading back up the road.  Myself and the little fella will hopefully see you somewhere in Europe in July for a medicinal libation - thirsty work European football.  Onwards and ever upwards....

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