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Absentees v Current First Team

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Assuming the rumours about injuries to Lopez and Tansey are correct, we have now lost a full team's worth of regulars (including subs) since this time last season! The current v absentee teams would line up something like this:


Fon Williams

Raven Devine Draper Tremarco

Horner Polworth Vigurs Williams



subs:Sutherland, Brown, Ferguson, Wedderburn


Mckay Watkins

Doran Vincent Roberts

Ross Tansey

Shinnie Warren Meekings


subs: Mackay (goalie), Lopez, Foran

Who would your money be on???

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I don't understand why you are listing players who have left the club here.
Players who we have out injured v those who are not I can understand the comparison.
But what's the point in listing those who have left?  Why not just put Dennis Wyness in there too?

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... only an illustration of the contrast between the start of this season and the start of last. The point is that in the space of 12 months we have lost our entire first team for one reason or another. you could just as easily put forward a team of current crocks vs fit players, which tells a slightly different story centred on misfortune.

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Maybe "Absentees" is the wrong word then perhaps?

Saying that we "have lost our entire first team" is distorting the situation in a very negative way I feel.
We have lost 4 players who are very hard to replace, 5 if you include Ofere.  However the club/management did what they could to retain these players.
These players have gone.  They are no longer concerned with ICT.  Our current squad, injuries and weaknesses (ie: scoring goals, not conceding) are our concern.
Again, players out injured v those who are not then I can see a point to your comparison.  Otherwise I just feel it's negativity for the sake of negativity at a time when it's really not needed.

Apologies if I am reading your post wrong.

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Certainly not intended to be negative - actually just trying to point the very reason that we find ourselves where we are. 5 departures + 10 injuries = a whole new team - that's all this was about. There is not a club in the country (including Celtic) that would cope with that kind of upheaval. I didn't really expect this to be a year of transition - the spine of the team is still there - but the injuries have put paid to any chance of stability. I still think Meekings will make a big difference when he returns and I believe Roberts showed promise pre-season (not even seen him feature yet!)

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