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Famous Figures in Sneck ?

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CB on the way home from the Caley Club:lol:

:laugh::laugh: Not quite IBM. On a Saturday night the I'm usually driven home in the Batmobile with The Boy Wonder.... aka a taxi ordered by my good friend Jud! 

Hey, it's great that your nickname rhymes with your pal's. :smile:

Dougie... at your age I fear that we must now accept that your powers of expression and debate will never rise beyond unimaginative and gratuitous abuse.

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My mammy used to work in the castle before I was born. My uncle Robert MacBean was the deputy Burgh surveyor of the period. But he was a single, retiring gentleman so never really wanted further promotion.



The stonework is vey impressive indeed. Just meticulous to a fault IMHO .

Pity the monument in the foreground underwent radical changes in appearance for the purposes of camouflage to hoodwink the Jerries  But now she is back in New Yoick and happy about it on account of the Scottish climate being too perky for her to bear-- or bare, a depending on  your propensity for predilection.:wink:

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Och youse are awful-- buut I like you.  If I could only find a way to stop my text going Italic...

Anyway I just know that your haverings are going to result in your telling me the answers tae yer ane questions. Much anticipated . Actually my memory is altering but wasn't it me, Homer, who wrote the Iliad. Beats anything you wrote, eh,  Charlie ? :laugh:



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20 hours ago, IBM said:

I will be getting that one so I will know if any photos are from it!  Morris Minor going away and Sunbeam Talbot facing :smile:

Got it today the Sunbeam Talbot is a 1949 although the picture is 1955.

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Hollywood hellraiser Charlie Sheen has hit the Scottish Highlands in a madcap bid to find the Loch Ness Monster.

The 47-year-old actor flew over from the States on his private jet and based his hunt from a fairytale castle on the southern shores of the loch.

The Two and a Half Men star has made the headlines in recent months for his increasingly eccentric outbursts and wild antics but was on his best behaviour during last week’s four-day trip.

The only time Charlie got close to misbehaving was when he climbed a Nessie sculpture on a roundabout, near Inverness.

Gobsmacked onlookers watched in disbelief as he posed for pictures on top of the wooden structure before visiting the city’s Debenhams store for some retail therapy.

Charlie revealed his madcap Nessie mission on Twitter, posing for a snap in what he called his “hunting gear”, a bronze battle helmet, along with actor friend, Brian Peck.

Referring to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - a $2 billion non-profit corporation – the caption said: “Once again MIT grant sanctioned archeologists Pekk & Sheen, rig battle gear for tonight’s sortie on the Loch Ness.”

And he was soon bombarded with messages from fans all over the world wishing him the best of luck with the mission.

Marilyn Halley wrote: “its about time Nessie was found!! Thanks Charlie.”

While Susie Sunshine added: “u are two great archeologists. let’s get ready for #lochness and take me with u!! :)”

Charlie and his pals stayed at the historic Aldourie Castle on the southern shores of Loch Ness, close to Inverness.

Its website says: “With its turrets, towers and setting Aldourie offers all the fairytale grandeur and glamour you need for a truly magical experience. Enjoy the adventure of the Highland’s or simply lose yourself in the mystery and folklore of Loch Ness.”

The castle’s general manager, Lavinia Turner, confirmed the group went out on the loch during their brief stay.

She said last night: “All I can say is that Mr Sheen and his party were perfect guests and thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Scotland and Loch Ness.

"They had a wonderful and relaxing time but unfortunately didn’t see any sign of Nessie although I’m sure they’ll be back in the future to try again.”


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