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Yogi Berra

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Quite a guy, for sure! 

Ultimately became a a team Manager but was sacked.(I suspect due to a disagreement with management rather than stupidity or incompetence). Much later the owner of the team who sacked him and Y. B. came to emotional terms and  an apology was made to him  in public and graciously acknowledged with the words ..."It's Over".


His quoted words.."When you come to a fork in the road, take it ." is so succinct and filled with either promise or dread that it resonates with me. What springs to mind  for me at such a  time would also be the ode..." The tide, if taken at the flood leads on(or can lead on) to greatness.". 


For me I have taken many a fork and had many a challenge, both good and bad, and many a great moment but not greatness itself--depending upon what you use as the yardstick of the latter element, of course.

Truly, my overall sense is that one's road is under the guidance of the spirit world and is already mapped out for you before you are born. Otherwise how can a good medium foretell your future and you subsequently find that it all comes out as stated in the wash as you move right along?

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