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Our First COLOUR Telly


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Now that the season has finished, despite the fact that there is much to be sorted out down at Tulloch Caledonian Stadium, maybe it is time for a little light hearted chit chat. The introductory comment about dropping TVs reminded me of my old dad wachling in to our house in the 70's carrying a brand new PYE (I think) colour telly straight from radio rentals, and beaming with pride from ear to ear at his latest acquisition. It was one of those ones with a lovely (potentially fake) wooden casing and he set about putting up some shelving on the wall to sit it on. Limited joinery skills meant that when the telly was placed on the shelf, it was flat against the wall and not quite at enough of an angle to face into the room, so it was pulled out on one side and we all settled down to enjoy Crossroads. Our happiness was complete and I remember feeling that we had 'made it' in terms of being up there with 1970's hi-tec. We should have known it couldn't last and a couple of hours later the telly took a kamikaze leap off the shelf with an almighty crash. Our shock was matched only by relief that the blame for the fiasco could only lay with dad, so we were safe from his wrath no matter how mad he got - and that was quite mad. It all turned out alright in the end because the sturdy wooden casing had done it's job and the telly still worked perfectly despite the damaged front top right hand corner of it, a talking point for many years to come. I think we kept that telly for so many years because my dad was scared that Radio Rentals would charge him for the damage if they ever got to know about it. 

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I remember the wooden casing and the push buttons well. Like yourself I can still remember coming home from school the day the Black & White one was taken away to be replaced by a colour set....think ours may have been a Phillips though.... 


....also on the subject of TVs I remember having one of these when I was a student in the late 80s - the radio and tape were ok but you struggled to watch anything on it :blink:


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