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France versus Albania--The referee!!!

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The time is 7 p.m in Western Canada  on 15th June 2016 and I am watching the Euro Soccer Finals in Marseille.

The first half has just finished at 0-0 and I  am convinced the the referee is known to me and is a Scottish referee who is, well, controversial.

So I'm on the computer now to find out who the referee is and I  am right .

it'sssssssssss  .......... WILLIE COLLUM. :clapoverhead:

So far this has been a good game with Albania not only holding off the French but outplaying them.....excellent defence, great passing and cool play from Albania. Not only that,  they have had more chances to score than France and could very well win this game as the French players are now falling back.

As for Willie C.  -- well, he has had a very good game. Non-controversial and quiet. No histrionics, crisp decisions  and kept things very much under control.

Looks like his performance ratings by International standards are adequately earned. Are we  giving Mr Collum a bum rap perhaps -- at least instead of encouragement?:cheer01:


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Looks very much like all refs have been told to be less whistle happy and to let the game flow in this comp. Also good to see diving is being watched. So far I haven't seen any outstandingly bad referee decisions

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