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Scarlet Pimple

Helicopter Skiing close by Whistler/Blackcomb, B.C. Canada

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There are at least two or three consecutive videos on this reel.

The snow on these ski runs is all powder and stated to be 10 metres deep (say 30 feet). So the runs are not groomed as on the ski mountains open to the public themselves. Grooming simply means that all obstacles, including growing bushes, under the snow are completely removed which removes the great danger of a skier digging his/her tips into the snow and getting snagged on one of them. This can be catastrophic and severe injury can result, as I know to my great cost.  With powder snow there is resistance  and a tendency to sink into the snow a little  so the skier tends to lean back and almost floats on the snow whereas in groomed runs the topography has been studiously mapped out and engineered and the surface is generally free from all obstacles and is graded to facilitate runs.

Heli-skiing is very expensive but it looks to me to be an absolute blast with incredible scenery thrown in and the thrill of very long runs  and soft powder as assets thrown in. One skier turns to another before they started out and remarked ..."two feet of fresh snow fell last night so it'll be good today." 


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